Perspectives of Columbia University
Volume XVII Number 2

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Revisiting Sinai
-- Avi Katz Orlow

(April Greenberg)

The Rights to Exclusion
-- Batsheva Halberstam

(April Greenberg)

Blind Faith
-- Jeremy Bob

(April Greenberg)

Jewish Dating (Oh no!)
-- Aaron Dobish

Women and Judaism
Taking down the Wall
-- Rebecca Phillips

(Rachel Abramowitz)

Hitting a Brick Wall
-- Rhoda Seplowitz

(April Greenberg)

The Bible and the Core:
Editor's Intro
Ben Spinner

(April Greenberg)
1. Wisdom and Vexation
-- Joshua Rosenstein

(Ben Schneider)

2. A Formative Religious Experience
-- Julie Yufe

(Ben Schneider)

3. Torah or Bible?
-- Jonathan Nathan

(Ben Schneider)

4. Jacob's Ladder: My Struggle Upward
-- Jonathan Levin

(Ben Schneider)

Somewhere in Leviathan
-- Roselyn Farren

Week 13: the Bible
-- Daniel Kokhba

In the Sweat of they face shalt thou eat bread
-- Maya Bernstein

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