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Executive Producers: Sam Grunblatt, Greg Schwartz
Recorded by Tim Paine at Columbia University
Mastered by Tim Paine
©2011 Kingsmen

Untitled Demo - 2011

  1. Tutti Frutti
  2. Shenandoah
  3. The Star Spangled Banner
  4. Teenager in Love
  5. In the Still of the Night
  6. Sans Souci

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Executive Producer: Josh Silverman 
Engineered by Benjamin J. Eckstein
Recorded at Fox Run, Sudbury, MA
Mastered by Reed Robbins at MacIntyre Music, NYC
Design and Photography by Cresta Cavanaugh
Made by Nova Music, NYC
©2001 Kingsmen

Laydownloner - 2001

  1. Underground
  2. Pink Triangle (mp3)
  3. Debra
  4. Veronica (mp3)
  5. Windmills
  6. Genesis 19:5
  7. God Only Knows (mp3)
  8. Stuck at 8 O'clock
  9. Mary Anne
  10. Take the Skinheads Bowling
  11. Hard to Handle
  12. Fake Plastic Trees (mp3)
  13. The Columbia Drinking Song
  14. Goodbye, Goodbye

Executive Producer: Mark Curtis Filstrup 
Produced by Tom Kitt, Michael Lopresti, and Jeff Coplan
Engineered by Jeff Coplan
Recorded at Smash Studios, N.Y.C.
Design and Photography by Mark Filstrup
Computer Layout by Joe Goldman
Made by RSB Records, Quebec, Canada
©1995 Kingsmen


Lunchbox - 1995

  1. There She Goes (mp3)
  2. Cross Town Traffic
  3. The Rain King (mp3)
  4. Hole
  5. Jack Worships Janey
  6. No Man's Land
  7. Shut You Down
  8. Tighty Whities
  9. Believe
  10. Time to Change
  11. 60 Minute Man (mp3)
  12. Fall on Me
  13. I've Just Seen a Face
  14. Satellite (mp3)
  15. Punk Rock Girl
  16. Stuck at 8 O'Clock
  17. Shop Around
  18. Immortality
  19. Mary Anne '95 (mp3)
  20. The Columbia Drinking Song
  21. Who Owns New York? (mp3)

Produced by Mark Curtis Filstrup & C. Matt Eddy 
Engineered by Jeff Coplan 
Recorded at Smash Studios, N.Y.C. 
Design and Photography by Mark Filstrup 
Mastered by Andy Van Dette at Masterdisk, N.Y.C. 
Printed by Riddle Press 
Made by Cinram 
©1993 Kingsmen

Hat Trick - 1993

  1. Run Around Sue (mp3)
  2. I Want You Back
  3. Cezanne
  4. Wendy
  5. Mayor of Simpleton
  6. Don't Let the Sun Go Down
  7. Take the Skinheads Bowling
  8. What's Goin' On
  9. Mary Anne
  10. City of New Orleans
  11. Tutti Frutti
  12. Flash Gordon
  13. Life in a Northern Town
  14. At the Hop
  15. One
  16. The World's on Fire
  17. Genesis 19:5 (mp3)
  18. College on Broadway

Produced by Bennett Cale and Matthew Park
Engineered by Marcelo Mella at PPI Recording
Made by Music Connection
©1989 Kingsmen






Kingsmen (The White Album) - 1989

  1. So Right, So Wrong
  2. Yeah, a Little
  3. People Get Ready
  4. Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
  5. Mighty Mouse
  6. Many Rivers to Cross
  7. Jack Worships Janey
  8. Maps and Legends
  9. Drip Drop
  10. Crazy Love
  11. Lion Sleeps Tonight (Bumble Bee Tuna)
  12. Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
  13. Naturally
  14. The Sun
  15. Coney Island Baby
  16. I Need You
  17. Tanqueray
  18. Eye of the Tiger
  19. Another Night
  20. Sweet Child o' Mine
  21. Fall on Me
  22. Mary Anne

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