About Us

Columbia University's Korean Students Association, a non-profit student-run organization, promotes cultural and social events on and off campus to celebrate its rich Korean heritage. Through events, programs, and other club functions, we strive to achieve a unified and inclusive community on campus. The diversity in the types of events that KSA sponsors offers various ways of involving all those who are interested in Korean and Korean-American culture. KSA also extends its celebration of Korean culture to all corners of Columbia's campus as well as New York City, by participating in various inter-group activities and off-campus projects. KSA has also been awarded the coveted King's Crown Alma Mater Award for "best embodying the community-building ethnic and the spirit of Columbia." We invite you to join us in our celebration!

Upcoming Events

Freshman Mixer

September 12, 7 PM

Calling all Freshmen! Get to know KSA as a club: what we do and how to get involved. And meet other fellow Korean freshmen, or those interested in Korean culture! There will be snacks.


Executive Officers

Daniel Kim


CC '15

Bou Lee

Vice President - External

CC '16

Bou is a sophomore from Fort Lee, NJ. She is majoring in East Asian Studies, and can speak both Chinese and Korean. She was a freshman rep last year and loved every bit of it. This year as VPE she hopes to create bigger and more events that really spread Korean culture and she loves all things korean (soondubu :) ) She is cuddly.

Justin Hahn

Vice President - Internal

CC '16

Geegee Burapachaisri


SEAS '16

James Kim


CC '16

Programming Officers

Michelle Lee

SEAS '16

Michelle was a Freshmen Rep and is now a Programming Officer for KSA. She is also involved in the Society for Women Engineers, Engineering Student Council, and a member of Columbia's percussion ensemble, Voltage. She loves showing off Korean heritage (especially the food) to her friends and incorporating it with her American origins. In her spare time she likes to think about music, watch Breaking Bad, and play Settlers of Catan.

Grace Kim

CC '16

Michael Yang

SEAS '15

Michael is a junior studying Computer Science with a minor in Economics. He is a Programming Officer of KSA, the author of this website, and a brother of Pi Delta Psi. When he's not busy with school, he works on iPhone and iPad apps, trying to sing, and weightlifting. His hair hasn't been black for over two years.

Jeehyun Wang

SEAS '16

Wendy Choi

CC '16

Sophie Jo

SEAS '16

Dina Chang

CC '16

Senior Advisors

Jieun Lim

CC '14

Freshmen Representatives

Philip Lee

CC '17

Philip is a freshman from Englewood Cliffs, NJ majoring in chemistry. He is an aspiring doctor and when he's not busy studying, he enjoys writing poetry, exercising, and exploring restaurants around the city. Having studied the culinary arts at a vocational high school, as well as in a number of restaurants, Philip has a passion for cooking and food.

Maddy Kim

BC '17

Maddy is a Freshman Rep for KSA from Hong Kong. She is also part of the Columbia Spectator, FeelGood, and the Germanic Cultural Society and serves as an Elephant Ambassador for the Save Elephant Foundation. She has a passion for language and hopes to study abroad and become fluent in Chinese and German. In her spare time she does fashion, beauty, and portrait photography and watches TV shows including Game of Thrones, Suits, and Entourage.

Crystal Tanaka

SEAS '17

Crystal is in SEAS studying electrical engineering with a potential minor in entrepreneurship and innovation. She was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and is terrified for winter. She's Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Hawaiian. Her hobbies include eating Asian food, watching Mad Men, playing volleyball, and dancing hula.

Jamie Song

SEAS '17

Jamie (Jyhyun in Korean) is in SEAS, thinking about majoring in Operations Research. She is interested in entrepreneurship and is part of the Res Inc program this year. Before coming to Columbia, she was in a boarding school in England for 7 years but her family still lives in Seoul. She loves korean food!

James Jang

CC '17

James is a freshman who intends to major in economics-math with a concentration in computer science. Over the years, he has learned five different languages that allow him to connect with people of all backgrounds. Born in Seoul, James has lived all over the globe, including 5 years in Milan and 4 years in Barcelona. In his spare time, he loves to play soccer, tennis, and golf.

Tess Burapachaisri

CC '17

Tess is in CC, intending to major in Economics-Political Science. She's from Bangkok, Thailand and is half Chinese. She has a passion for traveling; She loves exploring new places, learning and experiencing different cultures, food, histories, and languages. Her hobbies include yoga and scuba diving. Whenever She's free she enjoys cooking, baking, and is always on the look out for new restaurants to try!

James Kweon

CC '17

James is a freshman from Boise, ID. He will often be seen wearing a cap backwards and a drawstring bag.