Latino Studies Program
Program Director: Prof. Francisco Rivera-Batiz
660 Schermerhorn Extension
Program Curriculum Committee
Douglas Chalmers, Political Science and Institute of Latin American and Iberian Studies
Elizabeth Chamberlain, Spanish and Portuguese
Consuelo Cruz, Political Science and Institute of Latin American and Iberian Studies
Licia Fiol-Matta, Spanish and Latin American Cultures
Herbert S. Klein, History
Manning Marable, History and African American Studies
Zita Cristina Nuñes, English and Comparative Literature
Augustus C. Puleo, Spanish and Portuguese
Francisco Rivera-Batiz, Economics (Chair)
Kathryn Yatrakis, Associate Dean
The Latino Studies Program was established to survey and study the history, culture and social fabric of the Latino populations of the United States. Courses in the program offer students an interdisciplinary perspective on the various Latino communities in the country. The curriculum includes courses placing the Latino experience in the context of U.S., Caribbean and Latin American history, discussing the key socioeconomic and political issues facing Latinos in the U.S., and presenting the Latino expression in literature, music, and art. Students can pursue an undergraduate major or a concentration in Latino Studies. The program also sponsors research projects and academic conferences.
Located in New York City, Columbia University is at the center of one of the most diverse concentrations of Latinos in the United States, including growing populations of Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cuban, Mexican and other Latino groups. Indeed, one out of every four New Yorkers currently identifies himself or herself as Latino/a. The list of distinguished Latinos who have lived in the City is a long and rich one, including many cultural icons, from Jose Martí, Lola Rodriguez de Tió and Pedro Henriquez Ureña to Oscar Hijuelos, Tato Laviera and Nicholasa Mohr, among many others. Building on this intellectual tradition, the Latino Studies Program seeks to pull together teaching and research that connects to the daily life of Latinos and others in New York City and in the rest of the nation. The proximity of El Barrio in East Harlem and Washington Heights in the Upper West Side of Manhattan commit the program to actively pursuing an agenda that deals with the major social, political and economic problems that confront ethnic and race relations not only in New York but also in the nation.
The offices of the Latino Studies Program are located at 660 Schermerhorn Extension Hall at Columbia's Morningside Heights Campus. We  can be reached either by phone at  212-854-0507 or via email at . Our fax number is 854-0700.

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