Governor Herbert H. Lehman

Purpose of the Center

The purpose of the Herbert H. Lehman Center is to provide, in one of the greatest universities and cities in the world, a first-class center devoted exclusively to scholarship in American history. In particular, the principal goals of the Center will be to:

  1. provide a distinctive center of excellence for the study of American history and culture and especially the history of government;
  2. increase the serious use of the Herbert Lehman Archives by drawing to it on a regular basis scholars of distinction and promise;
  3. offer to scholars and writers, as well as to advanced graduate students, an opportunity to attend lectures, symposia, and conferences of high quality;
  4. strengthen the Center's relationship with the Columbia Department of History;
  5. increase the links between the Lehman Archives, its curators, and scholars around the university and the world who use its treasures;
  6. focus on those topics in which Governor Lehman had a special concern, especially the history of government and politics, the history of New York City and State, the history of discrimination and anti-Semitism, and the history of international organization.