Governor Herbert H. Lehman

Spring 2013 Lectures and Seminars

February 2013

Chosen Capital: The Jewish Encounter with American Capitalism
February, 5 - Lehman Center, 12:00 noon
Rebecca Kobrin, Russell and Bettina Knapp Assistant Professor of American Jewish History, Columbia University
Andrew Dolkart, Associate Professor, Columbia University

Racecraft: The Soul of Inequality in American Life
February, 20 - Lehman Center, 12:00 noon
Barbara Fields, Professor, Columbia University

Design After Decline: How America Rebuilds Shrinking Cities
February, 27 - Lehman Center, 12:00 noon
Brent D. Ryan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

March 2013

The Land Was Ours: African American Beaches from Jim Crow to the Sunbelt South
March, 7 - Lehman Center, 12:00 noon
Andrew W. Kahrl, Assistant Professor, Marquette University

Race, Riots and Roller Coasters: The Struggle over Segregated Recreation in America
March, 12 - Lehman Center, 12:00 noon
Victoria W. Wolcott, Professor, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

April 2013

Go West, Young Women! The Rise of Early Hollywood
April, 2 - Lehman Center, 12:00 noon
Hilary Hallett, Assistant Professor, Columbia University

Tower and Slab: Histories of Global Mass Housing
April, 16 - Lehman Center, 12:00 noon
Florian Urban, Professor and Head of Architectural History and Urban Studies, Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art

Freedomís Gardner: James F. Brown, Horticulture, and the Hudson Valley in Antebellum America
April, 24 - Lehman Center, 12:00 noon
Myra Beth Young Armstead, Professor of History, Bard College

May 2013

Segregation: A Global History of Divided Cities
May, 2 - Lehman Center, 12:00 noon
Carl Husemoller Nightingale, Associate Professor of Transnational Studies and American Studies, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York



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