Ergonomics Exercises
from the "VDT Comfort" Videos

I. The Torso

   A. The Neck -- Sit in an upright position with head looking forward
      1. Slowly tilt head as far to the left as possible, then to
         the right...repeat 3 times.
      2. Slowly tilt head forward until the chin rests on the
         chest...hold for 5 seconds...repeat 3 times.
      3. Slowly tilt head as far back as possible...hold for 5
         seconds...repeat 3 times.

      4. Slowly turn head as far left as possible...then forward,
         then to the right...repeat 3 times.

   B. The Shoulders

      1. Roll shoulders forward in a circle, the bigger the circle,
         the better the result...do 5 rotations...then do 5 backward

      2. Extend both arms out wide, slowly stretch them toward your
         back, squeezing the shoulder blades together...then slowly
         bring your arms forward and touch the back of your hands
         together in front of you...repeat 3 times.

   C. The Back Muscles

      Sit upright, place both hands behind your head, slowly
      stretch your torso backwards and hold for three counts...then
      bend all the way forwards stretching your arms toward the
      floor in front of you...repeat three times.

   D. The Lower Back

      1. Sit upright, rotate your pelvis forward and hold for 5
         counts, then rotate the pelvis backwards, pressing against
         your chair and hold for 5 counts.

      2. While seated, grab your left shin with both hands and slowly
         pull your leg to the body and hold for 5 counts...repeat 3
         times then repeat with right leg.

   E. The Legs and Feet

      1. Slowly rotate your left ankle 3 times to the left, then 3
         times to the right...repeat with right ankle.

      2. Slowly stretch left foot upwards as far as possible...hold for
         3 counts...then downwards for 3 counts...repeat 3 times...then
         repeat with right foot.

II. The Hands

    A. The Elbows

       Place your elbows at your sides, with your forearms out in
       front of you with your palms up...without moving your elbows,
       bring your hands up to your shoulders...then slowly down again
       until forearms are extended...repeat 5 times...then repeat
       with palms down.

    B. The Wrists

       Stretch your arms out in front of you, parallel to the floor;
       bend your hands backwards at the wrist slowly as far as
       possible and hold...repeat 5 times...then 5 times downwards.

    C. The Fingers and Wrists

       1. Make tight fists with your hands, slowly open and stretch the
          hand as wide as you can and hold for 3 counts...repeat 3

       2. Grip object (tennis ball, arm of your chair, desk edge, etc.)
          tightly...then relax...repeat 3 times.

       3. Give hands a good "shake" after exercises and periodically
          while working them hard.

       4. Place right thumb in left hand and use middle finger to
          massage the spots behind and between the knuckles on the left
          hand...(3 places for 4 fingers)...then use right thumb to
          massage the base of the left thumb...switch hands and repeat.

       5. Massage each finger slowly working from the knuckle towards
          the finger tip.

III. The Eyes

     A. Palming

	1. Place both elbows on a flat surface (i.e. desk) in front of
           you...rest the heel of your palms on your cheekbones and
           cup your hands over your eyes so that no light gets
           through...do not apply any pressure on the eyes
           themselves...inhale slowly through your nose...exhale
           slowly through the mouth...repeat several times...

     	2. Bring hands down and slowly open your eyes.

     B. Deep Blinking

	Close eyes tightly for 5 seconds...open them as wide as you
        can...hold for 5 seconds...repeat 3 times.

     C. Focal Distance

        Hold your index finger 6 inches from your eyes and focus on
        it...slowly move your finger to arms length maintaining
        focus...move your finger off to the side and focus on
        something as far away as possible...then back to the
        finger...and slowly bring the finger back to 6 inches
        away...all the time maintaining focus...repeat 3 times.

     D. Eye movement

        Keeping your eyes closed and your head still, slowly look
        upward...then straight ahead...then upward again...do this
        3 times...then 3 times downwards...then as far left as
        possible...straight ahead...far right...straight...repeat 3
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