Tips for Staff Who Do Large Amounts
of Shelving and Shelf-Reading

  1. Switch back and forth between using your left and right arms for shelving. This will lessen the weight and strain on your dominant (usually right) arm, hand and wrist.

  2. Use two hands to lift heavy books, such as bound volumes of serials.

  3. Sit on a low stool rather than bending down when working on bottom shelves. It's easier on the back.

  4. Try to avoid twisting your back when you move books on and off booktrucks. Face the booktruck squarely when you take books from it and face the shelves squarely when you put books on them.

  5. Maintain good posture, preserving the normal curves in your spine.

  6. Take periodic stretch breaks.

Ask your Ergonomics Committee representative for the Ergonomics Literature Notebook. It includes articles on caring for your back.
Last revision: 02/27/99
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