The first in a series of monthly briefings by the Library Systems
Office (LSO) was held on February 29, 1996.  The briefing, presented
by Stephen Davis, was entitled "The Future of CLIO: The Crystal Ball
Gets a Little Clearer."  Stephen indicated that it seems likely CUL
will eventually migrate to a client/server-based integrated
information system for UNIX platforms.  Migration from the mainframe
NOTIS system will become necessary sooner or later; when it does
Ameritech's Horizon currently appears most likely to have the tools
necessary to smooth our migration path.  The University of Chicago and
Indiana University are implementing Horizon as development partners
with Ameritech.  Since these libraries are now blazing the transition
trail, the Horizon product will be even more likely to satisfy CUL
needs.  However, no decision or system selection has yet been made.
More information is available in the "Next Generation Library Systems"
area of SWIFT, the Staff Web InFormation Tree.

The NOTIS WebPac product will be implemented within the next several
months.  WebPac will enable linking from CLIO OPAC records to the Web
as well as from the Web to CLIO OPAC records, and to provide Web
access to services such as FirstSearch and RLIN.

Topics for upcoming LSO briefings include: 
	MOSIS '96 enhancements; MOSIS as a "platform" for staff
	SGML projects at CUL (texts, finding aids, cataloging)
	CD-ROM LANs and Novell networking: a non-technical overview
	SWIFT: what is it and why you should use it? 
	Migrating from CLIO Plus to LWEB: why, when and how?
	Connecting to the Web from home: an overview
	What is "X" (as in X-terminal)?: what's the point?
	The design, development, and enhancement of CNet terminals (aka DLTs)

Time will be allocated for discussion and questions.  Although the
information will be targeted toward managers and planners, others are
welcome to attend and to suggest topics for discussion.  The briefings
will be held in 511 Butler on the following dates:

Thursday, March 28, 12:00
Thursday, April 25, 1:00
Thursday, May 30, 12:00

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