CNet Terminals and Library Netstations
Localization Options

Location ColumbiaNet1 Library Netstation2
Biology localized localized
Business no CNet terminals localized
Butler Reserves not localized localized
Chemistry localized localized
East Asian no CNet terminals localized
Geology localized localized
Geoscience no CNet terminals localized
Music localized not localized
Physics localized localized
LSO 2M05 Butler localized not localized
LSO 833 Butler localized not localized

1For ColumbiaNet Terminals, localized means an additional button appears in the ColumbiaNet "dock," which, when selected, goes to a pre-defined Web page just for that terminal. The intent of this feature is to provide a "you are here" type functionality.

2For Library Netstations, localized means the default homepage is the indiv homepage corresponding to the location of that particular Library Netstation.

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