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Web Reserves Technical Notes

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Minutes from a meeting on July 8, 1999 regarding Web Reserves publishing:

1.  GDI will be scheduled to update Web Reserves records daily, but if the
publishing run fails it does not necessarily mean that the run needs
to be repeated the same day.  A minimum of two successful runs per
week, with a gap between them of no longer than three days, was agreed
upon as a minimum standard.

1a.  In the absence of a current production run, it is critical that data
From the last successful run remain available.

2. At the next Trackit Steering Committee meeting (to be held in August),
a schedule for switching semesters available for viewing in Web Reserves
will be determined and communicated to all copied on this message.

2a. Also at the same meeting, the group will make a determination of
what level and scope of reporting is necessary for each of the following:

        -one or two day's failure of the publishing run
        -longer term or larger scale GDI publishing problem
        -publicity for the new Web Reserves product
        -help "screens" analogous to those in the CLIO Plus database
        -changes to the look/feel of the pages
        -changes to the publishing process

3.  Breck and Jim will work together to eliminate the second and third
steps in Jim's list of tasks under "Manual Operations" (Copy index
files down to PC when changes are made; periodically delete *.html
files from subdirectories).  There was a detailed discussion about
issues and possible solutions, which I can try to reconstitute
if necessary.