Directory of Technical Services Contacts

Library Systems Office


Non-Urgent Problems

Please use the online problem reporting form at:

If you do not have access to a Web browser at the time you need to report a problem, please send email to lso-help@columbia.edu
Urgent Problems

Call the Library Systems Office (LSO) Help Desk at 4-4969.
Please make sure the problem is extremely urgent before calling this number during evenings or weekends, as LSO staff will be paged at home.
Contacting LSO Directly

Normally library staff should not contact LSO staff directly about problems unless follow-up is required after a problem has been reported initially.

For general consulting about systems issues and planning, please feel free to contact Bob Wolven or any of the group heads listed below.


The Library Systems Office is responsible for information technology planning, implementation and support Libraries-wide. Please see the LSO homepage for more detailed information specific services & activities. LSO organization and staff are listed below.

Computer Technical Support Group Rob Castro, Head 4-7617 rdc8@columbia.edu
Joseph Chung 4-3948 jc2167@columbia.edu
Jennifer Chong 4-4969 jlc62@columbia.edu
Terrence Culkin 4-2323 tc2161@columbia.edu
Charles Waugaman 4-3668 cew24@columbia.edu
Douglas Webb 4-4969 dcw20@columbia.edu

CLIO Implementation & Development Group Gary Bertchume, Head 4-8582 bertchum@columbia.edu
Evelyn Ocken 4-8581 eo33@columbia.edu
Breck Witte 4-8583 witte@columbia.edu

Network Support Group Jim Williams 4-8585 jw157@columbia.edu
Jay Hauben 4-2267 jh29@columbia.edu

Director of Library Systems Bob Wolven 4-5585 wolven@columbia.edu

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