LinkScan Procedures
for LibraryWeb Contributors

About LinkScan Questions? Please send email to libraryweb@columbia.edu

  1. Go to http://www.columbia.edu/cu/libraries/inside/lweb/linkscan.html

  2. Click on the "/cu/lweb/" partition

  3. Login with your Cunix ID and password

  4. On the "LinkScan Login" page,
    - accept the default settings
    - in the "Select LinkScan Project:" drop-down menu, select "LWeb"
    - click on "Login Now"

  5. On the next page, click on "Continue"

  6. On the "LinkScan Main Menu" page
    - select "Detailed Menu" (not Summary/Detail Menu)
    - click on "Produce Report"

  7. On the "Detailed Menu" page
    - accept the default settings
    - in the "Include" box, type the path for your directory*
    - click on "Produce Report"

  8. If your report is too long to deal with at this time
    - return to the "Detailed Menu" page
    - keep "Errors" checked
    - uncheck "Possible Errors" and "Warnings"
    - click on "Produce Report"

  9. To exclude a known category of "false" errors, type the relevant URL(s) in the "Exclude" box (directly under the "Include" box).

  10. Questions? Send email to libraryweb@columbia.edu

* For example, type, cu/lweb/indiv/avery/

Do not input a leading slash when specifying pathnames, i.e., do not type /cu/lweb/indiv/avery/
Last revision: 04/05/02
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