LibraryWeb Style Guidelines


  1. LWEB "Indiv Pages"

    1. Body Section

      • Page Size.  Page size should generally be "one screen," i.e., ca. 440 pixels for the body area (i.e., starting below the navbar); at 12 px per line, this is about 31 lines. (There are about 2 pixels between lines.) See:


      • Graphics.  Pages should generally have a departmental logo or other graphic no larger than 150 x 150 pixels

      • Subheads.  Narrative text should have a caption at the beginning of each paragraph; these may be either in-line or on a separate line from the text.

      • Bullets.   Bullets should be the standard LWEB graphical bullet, e.g.,

         Standard LWEB 'body' bullet

        The default ul/li bullet should be avoided because of the extra space it inserts by default in most browsers.

      • "More ..." Resources.  When only a partial list of resources can be included on a main page, generally give a link to the more extensive list using the "More ..." technique. [Should we have a standard graphical version of "More ..."?]

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