Columbia University: MedRen Collection

Rough Draft Collection Implementation Project Timeline



Project Timeline based on Estimated Dates of image/data delivery: June 25, 2003



1.0   Project Startup


Columbia task – Delivery of data/images

Quantity = 1400 data records via ftp/web download / ~5000 images via PCD

Date of delivery:  June 25th 2003


2.0 Image Processing completed by July 11th 2003


Processing approx 5000 jpegs (2000x3000) from PCD format


3.0: Database development and collection building completed by July 18th 2003


Build and test database

Will include testing and development of db to address searching requirements for multi-level compound searches


4.0:  Insight Configuration, Settings and Background creation completed by July 31st 2003


Configuring collection based on specified settings and preferences, creation of background image and “look” of Insight

Internal testing of collection


5.0: Collection Review period August 1 – 6th 2003


Set period of time in which Columbia reviews collection and can make adjustments to configuration issues – usually 1 week


6.0: Collection Tuning and creation of Browser version completed by August 13th 2003


Refine and address any outstanding issues defined against specifications and feedback from Columbia

Also create browser version of collection


7.0: Collection Complete


Install remotely at Columbia: second - third week in August




Engineer travels to Columbia for collection building, administrator and end-user Training: third - forth week in August