Barrio 2010 is in the middle of planning and details will soon be released! Please stay tuned for further updates!

  • Q: What is Barrio?
    A: Barrio is Liga Filipina's main spring semester event. Each year Liga puts on a full theatrical performance, complete with acting, dancing, singing, etc.

  • Q: Does anything else happen during Barrio?
    A: Before/during the performance, an authentic buffet-style Filipino dinner is served!

  • Q: Who writes the script for Barrio?
    A: The script for Barrio is written entirely by members of Liga itself. We are the only cultural group to create a show from scratch each year, every year.

  • Q: Do I need to be Filipino to be in Barrio? Do I even need to be a member of Liga to be a part of the show?
    A: Absolutely not! Anyone can be a part of Barrio! If you are interested in acting, singing, dancing, or just helping out in any way you can, please email

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