Abbreviationes (File in Electronic Text Service).  Dictionary of Latin manuscript abbreviations.

Bibliotheque des Ducs de Bourgogne (CD-ROM in ETS). Catalog with extensive manuscript images from the 15th century library of the Dukes of Burgundy.

Digital Scriptorium ( Database of medieval manuscript images produced by Columbia and Berkeley libraries.

In Principio (CD-ROM in ETS). Database of  medieval manuscript incipits.

Iter Italicum (CD-ROM in ETS). Database of Renaissance Humanist manuscripts in Italy and elsewhere.

Kanones (CD-ROM in ETS). Database of medieval canon law manuscript citations.

Medieval and Early Modern Databank (CD-ROM in ETS).  Database of currency exchange rate and price data.

Orbis Latinus (  Electronic version of dictionary of Latin-vernacular placenames (1909 edition).  Produced at the ETS by Karen Green.

Pamet Sveta (CD-ROM in ETS). Catalog of selected rare books at the Czech National library in Prague (with facsimiles).

Thesaurus Formarum Totius Latinitatis: CETEDOC Index of Latin Forms (CD-ROM in ETS)



Acta Sanctorum (

Anselm.  Opera Omnia (  Part of the Past Masters Collection.

Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature (CD-ROM in ETS). Nearly 1300 Latin texts from Celtic-speaking regions of Europe from 5th to  12th centuries.

Augustine.  Corpus Augustinianum Gissense  (  Critical edition of his works.  Part of the Past Masters Collection.

-----. The Works of Augustine: a Translation for the 21st Century ( Part of the Past Masters Collection.

La Bibbia Amiatina   (CD-ROM in ETS).  Facsimile of a key early Bible manuscript.


Bibliotheca Iuris Antiqui (CD-ROM in ETS).  Texts of the major collections of ancient and late-antique law, including bibliographic database and glossary.  Of potential interest to medieval canon law.

CETEDOC Library of Christian Latin Texts (CD-ROM in ETS). Full text, without the apparaturs, of Corpus Christianorum (Series Latin and Continuatio Medievalia). Selected works from the Patrologia Latina & other collections.  Includes material up to the 14th century

Indices zur Lateinischen Literatur der Renaissance (CD-ROM in ETS).  Currently consists of the epistolary corpus of Collucio Salutati and related material.

Jacob de Voragine.  Legenda Aurea su CD-Rom (CD-ROM in ETS).

Master Christian Library (CD-ROM in ETS).  Searchable English translations of Ante-Nicene and Nicene Fathers, as well as a number

Late Medieval Liturgical Offices (File in ETS).  Liturgical texts of the late Middle Ages.

Monumenta Germaniae Historica (CD-ROM in ETS).  Ongoing electronic issue of contents of this core collection of documents relating to the history of medieval Germany and the medieval Western Empire.  Currently contains mostly Merovingian and Carolingian material.

Patrologia Latina (  Collection of patristic and medieval Latin ecclesiastical authors, based on the 221-volume Migne collection.

Registra Vaticana (CD-ROM in ETS).  Growing collection of facsimiles of papal registers.  Currently hold those for Gregory VII, Innocent III, Honorius III, and Gregory IX.

Thesaurus Diplomaticus (CD-ROM in ETS).  Collection of medieval charters from the Low Countries, dating largely to the end of the 12th century.

Thomas Aquinas. Collected Works of Thomas Aquinas (  English translation.  Part of the Past Masters collection.

----- Thomae Aquinatis Opera Omnia (CD-ROM in ETS). The complete works in Latin.

The Utrecht Psalter: Picturing the Psalms of David (CD-ROM in ETS).  Manuscript facsimile.

William of Ockham.  The Work of Ninety Days (   English translation only.  Part of the Past Masters collection.


ITALIAN RESOURCES (many include Latin texts as well)

Archivio della Tradizione Lirica da Petrarca a Marino (CD-ROM in ETS). 

Art Theorists of the Italian Renaissance (CD-ROM in ETS).

Bruno, Giordano.  Opere Complete (CD-ROM in ETS).

I Commenti Danteschi dei Secoli XIV e XVI (CD-ROM in ETS).

Galileo.  Sidereus Nuncius (CD-ROM in ETS).  Searchable facsimile of the 1610 edition.

LIZ: Letteratura Italiana Zanichelli (CD-ROM in ETS). 362 works of Italian literature, including a number of medieval and Renaissance texts.

Petrarch.  Francesco Petrarca Opera Omnia (CD-ROM in ETS).

Pico della Mirandola, Giovanni.  Opere Complete (CD-ROM in ETS).




ARTFL: American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language ( Broad collection of approximately 2000 French literary, religious, philosophical, political and scientific works that includes a small number of medieval and Renaissance texts.




ADMYTE (CD-ROM in ETS). Digital archive of medieval and early modern Spanish manuscripts and early books.

Early Celestina Electronic Texts and Commentaries (CD-ROM in ETS).       

Textos Clasicos para la Historia de Castilla y Leon (CD-ROM in ETS).  Sources for history of medieval (and modern) Spain.



Chaucer, Geoffrey. The Cambridge Chaucer  (CD-ROM in ETS). Ongoing project to produce a full hypertext edition of all 58 pre-1500 manuscripts and printed editions, with transcriptions, collations and digitized images.

-----.  Chaucer: Life and Times (CD-ROM in ETS).  Searchable texts by Chaucer with many supplementary materials.

Dictionary of Old English Corpus (

Early English Books Online (

Electronic Beowulf (CD-ROM in ETS)

LION: Literature on Line (

Middle English Compendium (




Thesaurus Linguae Graecae ( and CD-ROM in ETS).  Now includes many Byzantine authors.




ALIM (CD-ROM in ETS). Searchable translation of Quran with supplementary texts.


The Holy Qur’an (CD-ROM in ETS).  Searchable Arabic text with translations and related material.


Hadith Encyclopedia (CD-ROM in ETS).  Searchable collection of Hadith (statements attributed to the Prophet) with related material.



Responsa Project (Bar-Ilan University) Database of Jewish Studies (CD-ROM ). Tanach, Midrashim, Talmudic literature and responsa.

Soncino Talmud, Midrash Rabbah, Zohar (CD-ROM in ETS). English and Hebrew texts.