Graduale Sarisburiense

(London :  B. Quaritch,  1894.)



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GRADUALE   SARISBURIENSE                    xlix

                   NOTE  ON THE  ORDINARIUM MISS/E

    The various  Sarum Graduals agree  in the main in the contents  of the Ordinary.  All

have the same selection of farsed  Kyries, but b  gives the  Kyrie without words after the

farsing line by line,  no doubt  because in early  times  each petition was  sung twice  over,

without the  farsing as well as with  it:  cp. the  method  of singing the  proses  of the

Responds at  Mattins  or processions.

    PI. it— The  first plain Kyrie is known  as  Rex  clemens,  and is  so entitled  in A.

    PI. 8^-b  has no  " Kyrie deus  sempiterne," but has  " Omnipotens" here ;  and  in

other respects this  MS.  and A.N.B.  1: vary in  their selection of plain Kyries;  some

have  more  and  some  less than are  here.

    PI. i r^—b  has a  farsing  to  this Gloria,  viz. " Regnum  tuum  solidum,"  which  is

common in  early Graduals,  but  there is   pitched a fifth  too high (cp. IV. Eth., Cat.

Corp),  but Dub. has it  to the second Gloria  in Excelsis on  pi.  12,  and  at  the right


     The rest of the Ordinary is in the  main the  same : but  He.  gives  only the cues of

Gloria in Excelsis; N. is not so  full  as  this; in  MS. Add. 12,194 au* is wanting except the

Sanctuses and Agnuses;  on the  other  hand A. has  two extra Agnuses  and B. an extra

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