Graduale Sarisburiense

(London :  B. Quaritch,  1894.)



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GRADUALE  SARISBURIENSE                          li

these  occurred on pages  of the  MS. which  are now lost and do not  appear on the  plates

provided  to  fill  these  gaps :   in  their case a  ?  is put in place of a reference  to the page

of the MS.

     In  Votive  Masses  which are  not  in  the  facsimile  only such  elements   have   been

indexed  as  do  not  occur  in any  other  connexion.

     N.B.—*  Denotes  "not Sarum."   f  Denotes "Sarum but not  found in the facsimile."


                                       THE  INDEX


Thom—Thomasius  Opera t. v (ed. Vezzosi  Rome 1750):  cp. his less  complete Antiqui Libri Missarum

           Romance Ecclesia (Rome 1691), published under the pseudonym of  J  M Carus.  This represents

           the following MSS.1

M.    Vallicellian B. viii  Missal.  Xth or XIth cent.  Probably from the Convent of St. Euthicius, Nursia.

O.    Vallicellian C. 52.  Gradual.  XIth or XH,h cent.2

A.    Angelica.  B. 3. 18 formerly D.  3. 6.  Gradual.  XIth cent.'

R.    Vatican Ottobon 2,  Sacramentary. IX"1 cent. Marginal cues.  In  Muratori Liturgia Romana Vetus

           (Venice 1748).

B     Treasury of Monza  Book of the  Graduals.   First half  of the VIIIth  cent.  Also given  in  full

           pp. 257-266.3

Val   Vallicellian D 5  Ordo Romanus XI"1 cent.

V     Some Vatican MSS including F. 22 (formerly 13)  Gradual.  XIth or XIIth cent.

S      Barberini r854  Gradual.  Xth cent. Formerly belonged to Cardinal  Sanctorius.

g      MS  of Cardinal  Gentili Benedictine  Gradual.  Dated  1071   In  Dominicus Georgius  De Liturgia

           Romani Pontifiicis iii 441  (Rome  1731-1744)4

M.iii  Barberini 326   Missal.  XIIth cent.   Marginal cues for the Sundays in Advent only.

M.ii   Vallicellian B.  23.  Benedictine  Missal. XIIth cent.  From Arezzo.

M.iv.  Vatican 4770.   Benedictine Missal with music. XIth cent.

Cas   Monte  Cassino   505  Benedictine Gradual. XIth cent.  Separate collation only  pp. 289-292.

L      Barberini  1863   Lyons  Missal: and with it  the printed  edition of 1510 and the  Monastic  Missal of

          Ainay, printed 1531.

1  See E. Ranke  Das Kirchliche Pericopensystem p. 117 (Berlin 1847).

2  Facsimiles in P.M. ii  pll.  33A, 10.

3  See Morin p. 25 note   Cagin Un mot sur VAntiphonale Missarum p. ii (Solesmes 1890).

4  Very inadequately represented in Thomasius and now collated afresh.  Ranke I.e. p. 122.
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