Graduale Sarisburiense

(London :  B. Quaritch,  1894.)



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p. xi     line i.     after " Festivals " add " except in Septuagesima."

p. xii    note i.    for "at the Xth century" read "in  the Xth century."

p. xxiv   line n.   for "Naboris" read "Nabor."

p. xxv    line 22.   after "similarly"  insert "the"

p. xxvii   note 5.    for " MSS." read  " MS."

p. xxx    line 22.   for "adopted " read " adapted."

p. xxxi    line 9.    for "XlVth and XVth centuries " read "XVth century."

p. lxii    For the ps of Vide Domine read " Posuit me."

p. lxvi    Read " Justus non conturbabitur."

p. lxxiii   line 6.    for " pi" in the outer column read " ?"

p. lxxix   The  Alleluia Surgens Jesus is  Hnd mode.

p. lxxx    The  biblical reference of Terribilis should  be " Genesis xxviii."

p. lxxxv   The Offertory Confessio et pulchritudo is IVth mode.

p. lxxxv  The Offertory Diffusa est is VHIth mode.

p. Ixxxvi  The Offertory Exultabunt sancti is IVth mode.

p. lxxxviii The Offertory Miserere mihi  is VIHth mode.

p. lxxxix The Offertory Si ambulavero  is VIHth mode.

p. lxxxix The Offertory Stetit angelus is 1st mode.

*** In the  Index the  symbols Bl  Th and W are  sometimes given  in italic by mistake.
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