Minutes of the Common Council of the City of New York 1784-1831 (v. 10)

(New York :  City of New York,  1917)



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20 Sept. 1819     Common Council Minutes                     551

that such scales are not legal and they have therefore incurred a
penalty, and praying relief. Whereupon the same was referred to the
Market Committee.

A Complaint from sundry inhabitants in Greenwich Street near
Cedar Street that the owners of lots corner of Greenwich and Cedar
Streets have piled lumber on the side walks to a considerable height to
the great annoyance of the neighbourhood and praying relief, was
referred to the Street Commissioner.

A petition from Jacob Warner & William King was presented,
stating that an Order was issued for a lease for lot No. 265 William
street to said Warner but the lease has not been [14] made out and
praying that the lease may be now made for said lot to William King.
Upon reading said petition the Comptroller reported:

" That the petition of Jacob Warner and William King which has
been read was intended to have been presented at the last meeting of
the Board, and in order to facilitate the object contemplated thereby
he would now represent that a Lease was prepared by the Counsel in
March last to Jacob Warner for the house and lot of ground belonging
to the Corporation, No. 265 William Street, for 7 years from the 1*^
of May 1819 at an annual rent of 320 dollars. In consequence of illness
& other causes Mr. Warner has not executed the lease but paid the
quarterly rent due the 1^^ of August last. It is respectfully recom¬
mended that leave be given to William King to take a similar lease for
the property from the above date 1^^ of May 1819 and that the Counsel
be authorized to prepare the same. The rent which has been paid will
be carried [15] to the credit of Mr. King's account.

respectfully submitted

(signed)        G. N. Bleecker


whereupon it was resolved that the Counsel be directed to prepare
and report a lease for said lot to William King agreeably to the said
report of the Comptroller.

A petition that that part of Sullivan Street which is not paved may
be ordered to be paved was referred to the Street Committee.

A petition of William M^Farland, a Soldier wounded during the
late war at the battle of Chippewa, praying pecuniary aid, was read and
referred to the Committee of Charity.

A petition of John Dennis in behalf of John Patterson, stating that
said Patterson is absent at sea on a voyage to India and is expected
soon to return; that during his absence an Assessment has been laid
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