The New York clipper annual (1890)

(New York :  Frank Queen Pub. Co.,  1883-)



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12—Bessie Bouriier and Walter Elrod married at Louis¬
ville, Ky.; Tiny (Florence) Arnold and John Leahy
(non-professional) married at Minneapolis, Minn.

1.3—Burtis Opera House, Auburn, N. Y., dedicated.

14—Edward Hanlan made professional debut at Scranton,
Pa., in "A Dark Secret;" New York debut 18, at Grand

Opera House......."The Weaker Sex," by Arthur W.

Pinero, acted fof first time in America at Chestnut
Street Theatre, Philadelphia, Pa.; was originally
acted at Theatre Royal, Manchester, Eng., Sept. 28,
1888; done at Court Theatre, London, Eng., March 16,

16—J. H. Copp and Lillian Mortimer married at Apollo,

Pa......Poole's Eighth Street Theatre reopened as the

New Comedy Theatre.... .Margaret Graham made
professional debut at Proctor's, Bridgeport, Ct., Opera

18—^Capitol Theatre, Dallas, Tex., dedicated......Morrissey

and Rich made metropolitan debuts at London Thea¬
tre.......M. Brunin made American debut at Four¬
teenth Street Theatre.....Kirkwood, 111., Opera House

dedicated......Cort's New Standard Theatre, Seattle,

Wash., dedicated.....Capitol Theatre, Olympia,Wash.,


U<—"The Charity Ball," by David Belasco and Henry C.

De Mille, originally acted at Lyceum Theatre    ___

Moke's Opera House, Argentine, Kas., dedicated .....

21—Walter Dean and Annie Fink (non-professional) mar¬
ried at Minneapolis, Minn.

23—Edward and Frank Witmark made professional de¬
buts at Dockstader's Theatre......."Love, Law and

Crime," by Geo. A. Hill, originally acted at Ellen-
ville, N. Y.

25—"A Royal Pass" acted for first time in New York at
Theatre Comique; was originally done as "The Exiles

of Siberia.".......W. B. Mortimer (Cooper) and Hattie

Miller married at Portland, Ore.

26—Hurlej', Wis., Opera dedicated.

27—S. H. Friedlander married at Chicago, 111.

28—East End Opera House, Cincinnati, O., dedicated.

29—"A White Lie," by Sydney Grundy, acted for first
time in America at Ford's Opera House, Baltimore,
Md.; originally acted Feb. 8, at Theatre Royal, Not¬
tingham, Eng......."An Austrian Crime," by Chas.

Kevins, originally acted at Port Huron,   Mich.......

Francois De Blanche and wife made American de¬
buts at Fourteenth Street Theatre.

30—David I. Towers and Ida A. Lewis (non-professional)
married at Wa.shington, D. C.


2—"Kleptomania," by Mark Melford, acted for first time
in America at Bush Street Theatre, San Francisco,
Cal.; originally acted April 30, 1888, at Portland Hall,
Southsea, Eng.; afterwards done at London......Madi¬
son Hall, Bridgeport, Ct., opened.......Ross and Fen-
ton made metropolitan debuts in drama at New Park

Theatre......Katie Woodson (Earle) and M, J. Shanley

married at Newark, N. J.

' 4—Ottumwa, la.. Opera House, dedicated.
6—LouLse Dillon and Henry W. Chapman (non-profes¬
sional) married in this city.
8—"Schmetterlinge" acted for first time in America at
Stadt Theatre, Milwaukee, Wis.

9—Clinton Street Theatre, Trenton. N. J., dedicated......

"The Headless Man," by F. C. Burnand, acted for first
time in America at Palmer's Theatre; originally acted

July 27, 1889, at Criterion Theatre, London. Eng......

"The Mashers" originally acted at Wild & Collyer's
Comedy Theatre.......Rawson made metropolitan de¬
but at London Theatre......Arthur West made Ameri¬
can debut at Tony Pastor's Theatre........Capital City

Mu.seum and Theatre, Topeka, Kas., dedicated......

Wm. S. Barnes divorced from Hattie Delaro........

"Young Don Juan," by Frederic Solomon, originally

acted  at Koster & Bial's.......La Salle, 111., Opera

House dedicated.

10—John Rice and Sallie Cohen married at Baltimore,

Md......"Faust up to Date," by G. R. Sims and Henry

Pettitt (originally acted at Gaiety Theatre, London,
Eng., Oct. 30, 1888), seen for first time in America at
Broadway Theatre, when American debuts were made
by E. J. Lonnen, Maria Jones, Ada Conyers, E. Vas-
cotti, E. H. Haslem, Elsie Everett, Katie Barry, Nel¬
lie Langton, Edith Rayner, Florence Levey, Lillian
Price, Maude Wilmot and others, and Grace Pedley
and Chas. Danby made their American reappearance.

11—"Nowadays," by Wilson Barrett, acted for first time
in America at Fifth Avenue Theatre; originally acted
Feb. 28,1889, at Princess' Theatre, London, Eng.

16—Marie Wainwright made her first New York appear¬
ance as Viola ("Twelfth Night") at Fifth Avenue.
.... "The Indian Mail Carrier" seen for first time in
New York City at Jacobs' Third Avenue Theatre, when
Gowongo Mohawk made metropolitan stellar debut.

23—"Prince and Pauper," dramatized by Abby Sage Rich¬
ardson from Mark Twain's story, originally acted at
New Park Theatre, Philadelphia, Pa., with Elsie Leslie

as star..___"My Jack," oy Benj. Landeck, acted first

time in America, at Grand Opera House; originally
done Sept. 9, at Loudon Surrey.



7—Bettina Girard (Mrs. Padelford) made professional
debut at Columbia Theatre, Chicago, 111.; metropoli¬
tan debut, Dec. 16, at Standard, in "The Seven Ages."

22—"A Royal Tramp," by Chas. Puerner and Wm. Gill,
originally sung at Albaugh's Lyceum Theatre, Balti¬
more, Md.

23—Edgar Strakosch and Henrietta Avery married at
Windsor, Ct.

28—Sadie Martinet made German debut at Amberg Thea¬

30—Paris version of Wagner's "Tannhauser" sung for
first time in America at Metropolitan Opera House.


2—Lottie Oilman and Wallace Macready married at De

Land, Fla.
8—Pastor, Cantelis & Co.'s Madrid Spanish Opera Co.
made  American  debut  at  Orpheum Theatre,   San
Francisco, Cal.

11—"The Nightingale," a translation of M. Messager's
French opera of same name, sung for first time in
America at Tivoli Theatre, San Francisco, Cal.

12—Lucie F. Dawson and Fred L. Hill married in this city

23—"Mrs. Speaker, or Lady Legislators," by James Work
man, music by Albert W. Borst, sung for the first time
in America by amateurs at Drawing Room Theatre,
Philadelphia, Pa.

25—"Yetiva," by Tom Arnold and George Moran, origin¬
ally sung at Tivoli Theatre, San Francisco, Cal.......

"Said Pasha" sung for first time in New York at Star.


2—F. G Roe divorced from Marie Roe at Chicago, 111,

3—"Pinafore" given at Lincoln Institute, Philadelphia,
Pa., with Iroquois, Chippawa, Mohawk and Sioux In¬
dian children in the cast.

4—Marguerite Clone  made professional debut at West

End Hall, Harlem......Madge Wickham and Thos. H.

Watson married in this city.

9—Pauline Hall divorced from,Edmund R. White.
20—"Castle Montfort," Rheinberger's cantata, sung for
first time in America at Hennepin Avenue Theatre,
Minneapolis, Minn.
21—Kittle L.Thompson and Ewaldus L. Berry (non pro¬
fessional) married at Washington, D. C.
26—Thessa Klinkhammer made American debut at Am¬
berg Theati'e—Jessie Foster made professional debut
at Grand Music Hall, St. Louis, Mo.


1—"The May Queen," an adaptation, by Henry B. Smith,
of Alphons Czibulka's "Der Glucksritter"-(German
libretto by Richard Genee, W. Mannstadt and Bruno
Zuppert), sung for first time in America at Palmer's
6—Mae St. John (Alice Laws) and A. Dudley Bramhall
(non-professional) married in this city.

la—Prof. T. D. Carll married at Bridgeton, N. J.

14—The Venezolana Estudiantina made first American
appearance at Fifth Avenue Theatre.

-----Nellie Wilmot  and Chas. Turrain (non-professional)

married at Newark, N. J., the lady then retiring from

21—"Das Feuerkretz," by Heinrich Bulthaupt, music by
Max Bruch, originally sung by the German Lieder-

22—"Dovetta," by Mary E. Bancker and Chas. Raynaud,
music by Mrs. Emma Marcy Raymond, originally sung

at Standard Theatre ___William H. Morton and Lilly

Post married at Chicago, 111.

23—"King Cole II," by Woolson Morse, originally sung at
Herrmann's South Broad Street Theatre, Philadelphia,
Pa., when Leonore Snyder made professional debut:
her New York debut was made May 13 in "Paola" at
Fifth Avenue Theatre.

25—Richard Stahl and Leona Sherwood married at Phil¬
adelphia, Pa.


6—"The First Lieutenant," music by N. CliflTord Page,
libretto by Clark Wise, originally sung at Tivoli Thea¬
tre, San Francisco, Cal

8—"Clover," adapted by Henry B. Smith from Franz von
Suppe's "Die Tagdnach dem Gluck" ("The Chase
After Luck," original book by Richard Genee and
Bruno Zuppert), sung for first time in English at Pal¬
mer's Theatre.

9—"The Lion of Peru," by Leonard Wales and Dr. E. A.
Woods, originally sung at Grand Opera House, Pitts¬
burg, Pa.....The Brigands," an adaptation of Jacques

Offenbach's "Les Brigands," by W S. Gilbert, Max
Freeman and others, sung for first time in America
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