The New York clipper annual (1890)

(New York :  Frank Queen Pub. Co.,  1883-)



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Feb. 27—Skating match, 3 miles; C. Gordon beat C. Pat¬
terson ; 10m. 25s.—Montreal, Can.

Feb. 28—Curling, Quebec Challenge Cup; Montreal (52)
beat Quebec (35)—Montreal, Can.

Feb. 28—New England Skating Association organized-
Boston, Mass.

March 1—Hockey match, amateur championship; Mont¬
real (4) beat Crystal (0)—Montreal, Can.

March 4—Hockey match, junior championship; Victoria
(3) beat Crystal (1)—Montreal, Can.

March 7—Hockey match; Montreal (3) beat Quebec (2)—
Montreal, Can.

March 9—Curling bonspiel, 8 rinks; Canadian players
(206) beat Old Country (164)—Montreal, Can.

March 11—Hockey match, championship; Montreal (6)
heat Victoria (1)—Montreal, Can.


Nov. 28, 1888—Roller skating match, championship of
Australia; R. J. Aginton beat F. A. Wyman—Melbourne,

BiC. 14, 1888—James Selby, driver of the "Old Times"
CO ich, and a noted "whip," died--London, Eng.

Dec. 22, 1888—James P. Sweet, The Clipper's checker
■editor, died, aged 70 years—East New York, L. I.

Dec. 22, 188B—Horse clipping match, $50, rotary ma-
■chines, two helpers allowed; A. J. Berry beat Hial Stod¬
dard ; 26m.—Buffalo, N. Y.

January, 1889—International checker match, $600; C. F.
Barker, champion of America (won 6 games) beat James
;Smith, champion of England (1); 29 drawn—London, Eng.

Feb. 22—Waterloo coursing meeting concluded; Man¬
ners : Waterloo Cup, Fullerton and Troughend divided;
Plate, Glenogle; Purse, Highness—Altcar, Eng.

Feb. 27—Checker match closed; W. Forsyth (33 games)
heat Larkin (8), 9 drawn—Halifax, N. S,

March 18—Lawn tennis tournament, tropical champion¬
ship, closed; winners: Singles—0, S. Campbell beat
Trevor in final, 6—2, 6—3, 6—4; doubles—Campbell and A.
:E. Wright beat Trevor and Thompson, 6—3, 6-2, 6—1; all
comers—Campbell beat Wright, the latter taking second
prize—St. Augustine, Fla.

March 19—Francis S. Pinckney, noted as a writer on
angling subjects,  journalist, etc., died, aged 48 years—
. Jacksonville, Fla.

March 22—Thomas Shillingford, veteran all round sport¬
ing man, died—Irvington, N. J.

April 6—E, W. Lewis again won the challenge cup and
the covered court tennis championship of England, beat¬
ing J. H. Crispe—London, Eng.

April 13—Court tennis match; H. Boakes (received odds
of 30 and bar the dedan) beat T. Pettitt, 6—3, 6—2, 6—8,
7—5—Boston, Mass.

April 21—(Jortenus Van Sicklen died, aged 76 years—
■Coney Island, N. Y.

April 24—Philetus E. Dorlon, founder of the Dorlon
oyster business in Fulton Market, N. Y. City, died, aged 64
years—Dorlon's Point, Ct.

April 28—Travers Van Buren died, pneumonia—N. Y.

May 22, 23—National Rod and Reel Association annual
competitive tournament: winners: Single handed fiy
casting. Class A, amateur, P. C. Hewitt, 100 points; sal¬
mon Ay casting, R. C. Leonard, 12ft. 6in.; minnow cast¬
ing for black bass, R. C. Leonard, 171.07; single handed
fly casting, experts, P, C. Hewitt, 83; single handed fly
casting, open to all, P. C. Hewitt, 96ft.; single handed fly
casting, light rods, R. C. Leonard, 90ft.; heavy bass cast¬
ing, 188 8-lOft.; fly casting for black bass, J. L. Breese,
90ft.—Central Park, N. Y. City.

June 15—Tennis tournament, singles, championship of
Middle States, won by T. A. Howard, beating C. Hobart in
final contest, 5-7, 6—2, 6-2, 4—6, 6—1—Hoboken, N. J.

June 15—Lawn tennis tournament, ladies' champion¬
ship of the United States; winners: Ladies' singles—Miss
Bertha L. Townsend took championship cup. Miss Lida
Voorhees first prize, and Mrs. Alan H, Harris second;
ladies' doubles—Misses Bertha L. Townsend and Margaret
L. Ballard first, Mrs. Alan H. Harris and Miss Lida L.
Voorhees second; mixed doubles—Miss Grace V. Roose-
Telt and A. E. Wright first. Miss Lida L. Voorhees and G.
Eemak Jr. second; gentlemen's doubles—A. E. Wright
.»nd D. Miller first, R. W. Steel and C. T. Lee second—Wis-
■sahickon, Pa.

June 16—James Keenan, sporting man and backer of
professional pugilists, oarsmen, etc., died—West Somer¬
ville, Mass.
^ June 21—Tennis tournament, championship New Eng-
^ land States, concluded; winners: Championship Cup—
H. W. Slocum Jr.; first prize for singles—R. P. Hunting¬
ton; doubles—R, P. Huntington and F. G. Beach—New
Haven, Ct.

June 29—Tennis match, T. A. Howard beat E. P. McMul-
len, 6-^, 6—2, 7—9, 6—4—Hoboken, N. J.

July 6—W. Renshaw won the All Comers Prize, cham-

niship lawn tennis tournament, beating H, S. Barlow,
, 5—7, 8—6, 10--8, 8—6—Wimbledon, Eng.
July 11—Tennis   tournament, doubles, championship;
yfon by Slocum and Taylor, beating Hall and Campbell,
14—12, 10—8, 6—4—Livingston, S. I.

July 13—Annual tennis tournament; winners: Singles
—F. 8. Mansfield firat, T, H, Hovey second; doubles—A, L.

Williston and H. Tallant first, Hovey and Wildes second—
Wellesley, Mass.

July 13—Renshaw Brothers beat E. W. Lewis and G. W.
Hillyard, tennis chamnionship in doubles—Wimbledon,

July 17—J. Hunsberger's carrier pigeon Saranac flew
from Charlotte, N. C, to Philadelphia, Pa., 4473^ miles;
average speed per minute, 1,002.6yds.

July 19—Tennis match, Waterbury Cup; Taylor beat H.
W. Slocum Jr.—Cedarhurst, L. I.

July 27—Tennis tournament for the championship of
Long Island concluded; winners: Singles—J. S. Clark;
gentlemen's doubles—F. Keene and H. A. Taylor; singles,
championship trophy—H. A. Taylor; mixed doubles—Mis«
G. Roosevelt and R. V. Beach—Southampton.

Aug. 15—George Slater, sporting journalist, died, ftom
heart failure, aged 49 years—N. Y. City.

Aug 28—Lawn tennis tournament, amateur champion¬
ship, closed; winners: Singles—final round, Q. A. Shaw
beat W. P. Knapp; championship game—H. W. Slocum
beat Q. A. Shaw, 6—3, 6—1, 4—6, 6—2; second prize—0. S.
Campbell beat Knapp, 8—6, 6—4, 7—6; consolation—R. P.
Huntington beat M. Fielding, 6--4, 7—5—Newport, R. I.

Aug. 29—First contest in international tennis match,
chanipionship, between George Kerr and Thomas Pettit;
Kerr won, 6—3, 6—1, 6—1—Newport, R. I. Sept. 21, second
contest; Pettit won, 6—4, 2—6, 6—3, 6—4—Springfield,
Mass. Sept. 25, third contest; Kerr won, 6—3, 3—6, 6—4—
Lonarwood, Boston, Mass.

Se'pt. 7—Dog race, 200yds., $200; Peanuts beat Rover;
123^8.—Clifton, N. J.

Sept. 21—Tennis tournament, championship of Southern
States; winners: Singles—Fred S. Mansfield beat C. J.
Post, 4—6, 6—3, 3—6,6—1, 6—0; doubles—Post and Pros.ser
beat Mansfield and Miller, 9—7, 7—5,6—4-T-Highlands, Md.

Oct. 2—G. Kerr beat T. Pettitt, tennis match; 6—0, 3—6,
6—2, 6—3—Boston, Mass.

Oct. 4—^W^iiliam J, Melfont, sporting journalist, died—
New York.

■ Oct. 8-12—National Coursing Association annual com¬
petitive meeting; winners: National Derby—D. C. Luse's
Dick's Darling and G. A. Hay's Barmaid tied twice and
divided first and second money, $300; Luse's Lady Barton
third, $50; D, W. Ileizcr's Trales lourth, $25—Hutchinson,

Oct. 10—Inter-collegiate lawn tennis tournament closed:
winners: Singles—R. P, Huntington Jr., Yale, first;
Hovey, Brown, second. Doubles—Campbell and Wright,
Columbia, beat the Huntington Brothers, Yale, in final
set—New Haven, Ct.

Oct. 24-29—American Coursing Club annual competitive
meeting; winners: American Field Cup Stake, all age
dogs—D. C. Luse's Trales first. White Lips second. Lord
Neversettle third, and Lavinia fourth; Great Bend
Derby, greyhounds—Lady Barton and Lady in Black
divided first and second. Melodrama third, Reno Red¬
wood fourth. Little Thought Of fifth, Dublin Paddy sixth.
Spring seventh, and War Cloud eighth—Great Bend, Kan.

Nov, 6-14—Indiana Field Trials Club annual trials;
winners: All Age Setter Stake—Dashing Dixie first.
King's Mark second, Maud third, Blue Mark and Dan
Gladstone divided fourth; All Age Pointer Stake—Ossian
first. Lord Graphic second, Bann'erman third, and Tamar¬
ack fourth—

Nov. 7—William Cleaver, all 'round sporting man, died,
aged 54 year.s—Brooklyn, N. Y.

Nov. 9—(cigarette smoking match, 100 each, $20; Tony
Howard (100) beat Henry Nelson (90); 6h. 36m.—Louis¬
ville, Ky.

Nov. 11-14—Canadian Kennel Club's annual field trials;
winners: All Age Stake, for setters and pointers—Pitti
Sing first, Dinah C. second, and Ightfield Bleithe third;
Derby Stake, setter and pointer puppies—Ightfield Bleithe
first, Brighton Pride second, and Breezo third—Chatham,

Nov. 11-14—Philadelphia Kennel Club's annual field
trials; winners: All Age Stake—Clipper W. first, Katie
Noble second, and Perseverence third; Members' Stake—
Clipper W. first. Perseverance second, and Katie Noble
third; Derby Stake—Ezra Noble first, Ben Harrison sec¬
ond, and Bryn Mawr Mona third—Richland, Va.

Nov. 14—Eastern Field Trials Club's annual field trials
commenced; Avinners: Members' Stake—J. L. Breese's
Bob Gates first, Gloster second, Nora third; Derby Stakes
—Memphis and Avent Kennel's Rowdy Rod first. Rip Rap
second, Nannie B. third, Harry C. fourth; All Age Setter
Stake—Memphis and Avent Kennel's Chance first, Toledo
Blade second, Cassio third; Nora and Cincinnatus divided
fourth; All Age Pointer Stake—E. Dexter's Rip Rap first,
Lebanon second. Count Fauster third. Woolton Game
fourth; Champion Stake—Memphis and Avent Kennel's
Chance, unopposed, won—High Point, N. C.

Dec. 2—Baptiste Peynaud died from injuries received in
jumping from a tower 160ft. high, Nov. 29, having fallen in
the net on his neck and side, suffering concussion of the
spine—New Orleans, La.

Dec. 11—Fencing match, championship of Ontario; Ser¬
geant Major Morgan defeated Professor Reid; 16 points to
12—Toronto, Can.

Dec. 11—Eastern Coursing Club's annual field meeting;
American Field Cup won by Glenboig, Forest Queen sec¬
ond. Harmony and Hazelhurst dividing third and fourth
prizes—HicksvJUe, L, I.
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