The New York clipper annual (1892)

(New York :  Frank Queen Pub. Co.,  1883-)



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compiled   EXPRESSLY   FOR   THE   NEW  YORK   CLIPPER   ANNUAL   FOR   1892.


1—"Frederic Lemuitre," Vjy W. Clyde Fitch, originally
acted, T'-emont Theatre^ Boston! Mass.; first in New

York, April 22, 1891, Daly's Theatre ....."It Was a

Dream," by "X. L.," produced first time in America,
Fifth Avenue The itre, N.Y.; oriajinally acted, Princ i of

Wales' Theatre, Birmingham, Eng., Sept. 18.......Da-

quesne Theatre, Pittsburg, dedicated.....Gaiety Dime

Museum and Bijou Th(>atre, Kalamazoo, Mich., dedi¬
cated......Feltman's Tivoli, Brooklyn, dedicated.  ...

N. C. McGrane and Nellie Cameron" married, Buffalo.

2—"Barbara," by Jerome K; Jerome, acte.l first in Ameri-
cx (by professionals), Proctor's Twenty-third  Street

-"In Austragsstriebchen," by M. Spindt and H. Neuert,
acted first in America, Amberg Theatre, N. Y......Ed¬
ward McEyilla made professional debut, as Marquis

De Vaux, in "Paul Kauvar," Montreal.......Bel  Ami

Theatre, Huntington, W. Va., dedicated......."A Trip

to Chinatown," by C. H, Hoyt, acted first in New York,
Harlem Opera House ... .'.Plack's Opera House, Al-

toona. Pa., reopened as Lyceum Theatre......"Kate,"

by J. C. Roach, acted first in New York, Grand Opera

House......"Joan of Arc," Wm. Young's adaptation of

JulesBarbier's "Jeanne d'Arc," acted first in America,
P'ifth Avenue Theatre, N. Y.; originally acted, Gaiete,
Paris, in 1874.....Berwick, Pa., Opera House dedicated.


Theatre, N. Y.; had been done by amateurs......Tur¬
ner Opera House, Oshkosh, Wis., dedicated.

-----Kate G. Henley divoiced from E. J. Henley, who later

married Mary Hampton.

3—"The Saracen," Alfred Dudley Hall's translation of
Dumas tragedy, originally acted, Wilkesbarre, Pa.

4—"Der   Pfarrer   von   Kirchfeld," by L. Anzengruber,

acted first in America, Amberg Theatre, N. Y___"The

Open Gate," by C. Iladdon Chambers, acted first in

America,   Broadway  Theatre,   N. Y......"A Boxing

(ilove," by   FrankArnett,  originally acted,  Grand,
Wiieeling, W. Va.

C—Broadway Theatre. Norwich, Ct., dedicated......"The

Boomer," by Dan Packard, originally acted, Chester,
Pa....Rebie Opera Hous >, Bessemer, Ala., dedicated.

7—Basil West and Lulu Harris (non-professional) mar¬
ried, Brooklyn, N Y.; Henry J. Myers and Gertrude
Bosworth married, Vermont.

......Robinson's Theatre-Musee, Toronto, opened.....

"Two of a Kind," by Geo. Foley,   originally acted,
Criterion Theatre, Brooklyn.
9—"Der Prozesshausl,"  by Ludwig Ganghofer and H.
Neuert, acted in America, Amberg Theatre, N. Y.

......Ada   Davenport   and   J. J. McC)arthy married,

Springfield, O.

10—"Das Ilerz auf dem Rechten Fleck" ("The Heart in
the Right Spot") originally acted, Kessler's Hall, Jer¬
sey City.

-----Katherine Crego and Byron Harland married, Car¬
lisle, Pa.

11—"The Haunted Room," "A Woman" and "Grimsby's
Dilemma," by Mrs. Maraquita Hewitt, originally
acted. Star Theatre. N. Y. (author's matinee); as God¬
send, in"A Woman," Jimnie O'Neil Potter made met¬
ropolitan dramatic debut.

15—Johnstown, Pa., Opera House dedicated......Bon Ton
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