The New York clipper annual (1892)

(New York :  Frank Queen Pub. Co.,  1883-)



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Leonard Street, Nev? York, 1833.

delphia......Edward R. Mawson and Jeanne Trevell-

yan (Caldwell) married, Jersey City.

-----Rose Roclielle made American debut, Lyceum, Phila¬
9—"Miss Prue," by Martha Morton, originally acted at

Proctor's Opera House,  Hartford, Ct......Minna   K.

Gale made metropolitan stellar debut, Ilammerstein's

Opera House, N. Y.......Wilmington, Del., Museum,

opened......Jos. Tennyson and Maud Leach married,

Hoxton, En."-.

10—Stuart Rpbson and Ma.y Waldron married, N. Y......

Fashion Theatre, San Antonio, Tex., burned.

11—"Anna   Lisle,''   b.y   Herman   Ilensch, acted  first in

in America, Amberg Theatre, N. Y......."1 Love, Thou, He Loves," byE. H. Sothern, originally acted.
Lyceum Theatre, N. Y.

12—Billy Adams.and Louise Havens, married, St. Louis;
Lillian Barr and Wm. F. Doerr married; Col. George
R. Kerse.y and Anna Lewis married, Stacktown, N. J.

11—Apollo Opera House, Cayuga Falls, N. Y., dedicated.

1.5—Turner Hall, Dubuque, la., burned.

16—"Lady Bountiful,"' by A. W. Pinero, simultaneously
acted first in America, Boston, Mass., .Museum, and
Lyceum Theatre,  N.  Y.;   originally acted   (xarrick,

London, March 7, 1891......."Superba''acted first in

New York, Columbus......Barney Baldwin and Phoebe

I. Juneau (non-professional) married, (Jrand Rapids,

Mich......Bell's New York Museum, "VVorce.^ter, Mass.,

opened    ___S irah Haskell and Frank Haven married,

Kalamazoo, Mich.

17—Coxsackie,  N. Y., Opera House opened......Burgun-

ther & Hall's Tiieatre, Colfax, Wash., dedicated......

American debuts made b,y following members of Men-
ingen Co. at Thalia Theatre, N. Y.: Emil Hoch, O.scar
Pelz, Gustav Kober, Gustav Rickelt, Carl Sick, Max
Sieger, Mathias Hambock, George Lauer, Willie
Klein, Carl Machold, Hans Gaus, Ferdinand Walles,
Richard Oeser, Josef Weber, Willy Burck, Carl Uhlig,
Hedwig Lilia, Ferdinand Brehm, Otto Lindner, Anna
Haverland, Theresa Gutfeld, Margarethe Damm, Mat¬
thias Claudius, Adolf Lenan, Carl Rhenius, Bernhard
Wenkhaus, Franz Tich, Mathieu Pfel, Julius Strass-
mann, Moritz Haake, Carl Eckelmann, Emil Bruck
mann,  Heinrich Rupprecht,  Helene Strassmann,  V.

Muller Fabricius and Flhrich Gottlieb......Winchester,

Ky., Opera House dedicated.

18—Aimee Du Var made professional, debut, Leland Thea¬
tre, Albany, N. Y., when "The Queen of the Mines,"

by Mrs. Mars, was originally acted.......Thos. Bowne

and   Addie   Thompson    (non-professional)   married.
Freehold, N. J.

19—C. F. Adams and Flossie La Blanche (Carrie Louise
MacFarland) married: Bob Richmond (August) and
Pauline Batcheller (Pauline V. Quirk) married, Wor¬
cester, Mass.; Saul Braning married to non-profes¬
sional, Houston, Tex.

20—Standard Theatre (Shakespeare Hall), Syracuse, N. Y.,
burned......"The Banshee," by Victoria Reckey, orig¬
inally acted, Proctor's Opera House, New Haven, Ct.
.....'.Ed. Fox and Dot Fisher married, Houston, Tex.

21—"Joshua Simpkins" originally acted, Adair's Opera
House, Johnstown, Pa.

22—^Wm. Tull and Dundeenah Johnston married, Wil¬
mington, Del.

-----Geo. 11. Irving and Lillie FuUwood (non-professional),


23—Alice Dunham made professional debut, Macauley's

Theatre,  Loui.sville,  Ky.......Clara   Chester   (Binn,'-)

and   Jacob   Rosenwick   married ....."The   Hustler"

acted first in New York, Bijou Theatre......Harry G.

Allen and  Ella L.  Kenyoh married,  Grand Rapids,

Mich.,___"A Desperate Man," by Anson Pond, acted

first in America, .Miner's Theatre, Newark, N.J.....

Odd Fellows' Hall, Salt Lake City, U., remodeled and
opened as Lyceum Theatre.

25—W. A. Leavitt and Georgietta Oakle.v married, Detroit.

26—Dan J. Joy and Mary VVing married, Cincinnati......

"Lieber Franz," by J. A. Fra.ser Jr., originally acted,
Clinton, la.

27—"The Ballet Dancer," by Ullie Akerstrom, originally

acted, Adair's Opera House, Johnstown, Pa......"Der

Neue Ilerr," by E. Von Wildenbruch, acted first in
America, Amberg Theatre, N. Y.

28—"For Mone.y," by Augustus Thomas and Clay M.
Greene, originally acted, Euclid Avenue Opera House,
Cleveland, O......Mary J. Welsh divorced from Fran¬
cis P. ("Fatty") Welsh, Brooklyn.

29—"A Gay Deceiver," Chas. T. Vincent's adaptation of
"Le Voya'jre d'Agrement," originall.y acted, Hooley's
Theatre, Chicago; English version, '"'Fourteen Days,"
by Chas. Wyndliam, had a long run in London.

."0—"A Sailor's Knot," by Henry Pettitt, acted first in
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