The New York clipper annual (1892)

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THE  HIPPODROME, Madison Square, New York, 1853.

len.gth by 20 in breadth, and communicated Avith the loAA-er
tier by a large and elegant staircase. As to the conA'eni-
ence of the ce)mpany, nothing was neglected. There Avere
fifteen good sized dressing rooms Avilih fire places, which
communicated Avith the stage b.v means of g-alleries. The
stage Avas very large, and afi'oreied every faciUt.y for grand*
spectacles; the dome Avas magnificent beyond descrip¬
tion. The building cost $110,0()0, the .around lot costimr,
hesides, $65,000. Being situated in an inconvenient and
poor neighborhood, it was ncA'er a popular resort, and
Its fortunes Ave re uniformly disastrous. The first season
continued with several cessations until July 21, 1834,
the performances being entirely of Italian' opera. A
supplemental season folloAved, beginning Nov. 10, 1834.
A cessation of the season occurred Dec. 23, and, being af¬
terAvards resumed, continued until May 15, 1835, Avithout

anA^ memorable CA^ent occurrin,?, save the appearance of
Julia Wheatley, in the opera eif "Edwardo and Christina,"
this being, we believe, the first attempt of an American
lad.v to sing in Italian opera. The house was croweied at
each performance and the association expected large re¬
turns. Alas tor human hopes! The house had been liber¬
ally "papered," and AA'hen the accounts were balanced the
gentleman Avho had so freely paid down their money
found that their profits Avere less than the figure 0. In¬
deed, they had to produce even more cash to meet defi¬

At the conclusion of the season, which had proved a
most disa.strous one, the theatre Avas leased by Henry
Willard and Thomas Flynn, Avho opened it as The National
Theatre, Aug. 29, 1836. The inaugural play Avas'The
Merchant of Venice," cast chiefiy as folloAvs:  Shylock,


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