The New York clipper annual (1893)

(New York :  Frank Queen Pub. Co.,  1883-)



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Sept. 21—Miss Marie Finney, 17 years, dove from parapet
of London Bridge into the Thames—England.

Sept. 26—Match race, yacht Fredona beat pilot boat
Hcsper No 5, 40 miles, $6,000; 5h. 10m. 37s.—Boston Bay,

Oct. 12—Sculling sweepstakes regatta; winners: W. G.
East first J Corcoran second; G. W. Lee beaten by latter
in second heat—Thames, Eng.

Oct. 14—Neil Matterson beat George Bubear, scullers'
match, $2,000, 4J^ miles, straightaway'; 22m. 2s—Putney to
Mortlake, Eng.

Oct. 8—Race between oyster steamers, $600, about 23
miles; J. Howard Loundes beat Albert J. Hoyt—Long
Island Sound.

Nov 9—Henry E. Searle, champion sculler of the world,
died, 23—Melbourne, Aus,


Jan. 3—Joseph Sadler, ex-champion sculler, died, 49—
London, Eng,

Jan. 4—William Voorhis, prominent yachtsman and ex-
commodore of Atlantic Yacht Club, died, 70—Nyack, N, Y.

Jan, —Capt. Alexander Cuthbert, yacht builder, died
—Belleville, Ont

February—Albert Sundstrom, professional swimmer,
died—San Francisco, Cal.

March 24—Homer Woodin, veteran oarsman, died, about
63—Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

March 28—J. McLean beat Neil Matterson, scullers'
match, $2,000, 3 miles 330yds.; 22m. 18s.—Sydney, N. S. W.

March 28—John Taylor, veteran oarsman, died—New¬
castle, Eng,

April 5—George J. Perkins beat George Norvell, match,
$1,000; 23m, 23s.—Tyne River, Eng.'

April 22—Michael J. Mahoney, retired professional oars¬
man, died—Boston, Mass.

April 23—George Bubear beat R. J, Brown, $1,000, foul-
Sydney, N, S, W,

April 25—Peter Kemp beat Neil Matterson, $2,000, 3
miles 330yds.; 21m. 13s.—Sydney, N. S. W.

May 15—Peter Kemp beat John McLean, $2,000, 3 miles
330yds.; 21m, 46%s.—Sydney, N. S. W.

May 24—Yale College beat Atalanta Boat Club, match, 8
oared shells, less than 4 miles; 20m. 17s.—New Haven, Ct,

May 30—Bowdoin College B, C, beat Boston A, A.,
match, 8 oars, IJ^miles; 10m. 4.33^s.—Boston, Mass.

May 30—J. A. Ten Eyck beat W. F. Conley, match, $250,
3 miles; 2im, 13s,—Lake Quinsigamond, Mass.

May 30—J. J. Joyce beat J, Casey, match, $500, 3 miles;
20m: 40s.—Springfield, Mass.

June 6—R. .1. Brown beat George Bubear, foul—Sydney,
N. S. W.

June 22—Eugene Mercedier swam across the East River,
Navy Yard, Brooklyn, to Old Slip, New York, with arms
and legs bound, and carrying a 21b iron dumbbell in each

June 23—James Stansbury beatWm. O'Connor, scullers'
race, $.5,000 and championship of the world, 3 miles 330yds.;
20m. 28^s. Foul claimed and race rowed over 30, Stans¬
bury winning again; 22m. 59s.—Parramatta River, Syd¬
ney, N. S. W.

June 21—Cornell University beat Yale and Columbia,
Freshmen eight oared crews, 2 miles, straightaway; 11m.
163^s.—New London, Ct.

June 26—Cornell University beat University of Penn¬
sylvania, eight oars, 'varsity crews, 3 miles, straightaway;
14ni. 43s.—New London, Ct.

July 8—Steam yacht Alva arrived at Newport, R. I,,
havine left Havre, France, June 27, stopping at Fayal 24
hours'; 3,409'.6-10 miles in lid. 9h. 53m.

July 8—C. G. Psotta, American amateur sculler, beaten
by G. E. B. Kennedy in trial heat of race for Diamond
Sculls—Henley, Eng,

July 8—George Perkins beat George Norvell, $1,000,
Tyne championship course; 23m. 17s—Newcastle, Eng.

July 18—J, C. Gardner beat Guy Nickalls, Wingfield
Sculls and amateur championship; 26m. 20s.—Thames
River, Eng.

July 21—Michael Enright, oarsman, accidentally drown¬
ed—Toronto, Can.

July 21-26—Amateur and professional rowing regatta;
Professional single scull race, 3 miles, won by J. G. Gau¬
daur, in 19m. 31s.; J. Teemer second, G. H. Hosmer third.
Professional fours—A. Hamm, J. G. Gaudaur, J. McKay
and J. A, Ten Eyck won; 18m, 6s,—Duluth, Minn,

July 31—George Lee Schuyler, the only surviving mem¬
ber oithe syndicate who built the famous yacht America,
died on board the N, Y. Y, C, fiagship Electra—New Lon¬
don, Ct

Aug. 1—Doggett's Coat and Badge won by J, T, Sansom,
A, W. Bates second; 47m, 8s,—Thames River, Eng,

Aug, 1—Annual yacht races for the Goelet Cups; win¬
ners: Sloops—Volunteer first, in 4h. 55m. 49s.; Katrina
second, 5h. 27m. 2s. Schooners—Merlin first, 5h. 56m. 21s.;
Mayflower second, 6h, 14m. 25s.—Newport, R. I.

Aug. 2—Yacht race f^r the Iselin Cup, 40ft. class, 24
miles, with turn; cutter Minerva first, in 4h. 24ra. 59s.;
sloop Gossoon second, 4h. 25in. 48s.—Newport, R. I.

Aug, 3—Five members of the Breslau Swimming Club
swam 29,280 metres (about 183^ miles) in 7h,—Ohlau to
Neubaus, Silesia.

Aug. 8--Neil Matterson beatR. J. Brown, scullers' match,
3 miles 330yds,, $1,000; 20m, 38s.-Sydney, N. S. W.

Aug. 10—W. C. Johnson, amateur, swam a 100yds. trial
in Im. 53^s.—Bensonhurst, L. I.

Aug. 17.—Davis Dalton (Hahn) alleged to have swum
across the English Channel from Boulogne, France, to
Folkestone, Eng.

Aug. 18—C. Benedict, amateur, swam 1,000yds. in 16m.
173^s.; lowering the record—Montreal, Can.

Aug. 18—Neil Matterson defeated C. Stephenson, scull¬
ers' race, 3 miles 330yds.; 20m. 57s.—Sydney, N. S. W.

Sept. 1—Two 8 oared crews from the Crescent B. C.
rowed from Point Indian to Philadelphia, 21 miles, in 3h.

Sept, 6, 8—Cutter Gossoon beat cutter Ventura in two
races, each 10 miles to windward and return, by 16m„ and
49s., corrected time, respectively—off Marblehead, Mass.

Sept. 9—Match yacht race, 20 miles, $400; sloop Milicete
beat sloop Gossoon (disabled); 4h. 59m. 40s.—off Marble¬
head, Mass.

Sept. 10—Match yacht race, 20 miles; cutter Minerva
beat sloop Liris (disabled)—Long Island Sound.

Sept 11—Match yacht race, 20 miles; cutter Minerva
beat sloop Liris; 4h. 19m. 42s.—Long Island Sound.

Sept 12—Davis Dalton (Hahn) swam 20 miles on his
back in the Thames, with the tide; 6h. 16m. 56s.—Black-
wall to Gravesend, Eng.

Sept. 15—Rufus T. Bush, yachtsman, was accidentally
poisoned fatally—Brooklyn, N. Y.

Sept 15—Jules Gautier, professional swimmer, with
hands and feet fettered, dove trom London Bridge into
the Thames River.

Sept. 20—Match race, 8 oared barges, 1 mile, straight¬
away ; Hudson B. C, beat Palisade B, C.; 7m. 26s.—Yon¬
kers, N. Y.

Sept 22—Neil Matterson beat C= Neilsen, $2,000; 19m.
19s.—Sydney, N. S. W.

Oct. 16—Swimming race, 1,000yds., championship of
England; J. Nuttall first, in 13m. 543^s., his time for all
distances over 400yds. being the best on record—Lambeth
Baths, London.

Oct. 25—Match race, four oars, $1,000, 3 miles; St. John
beat Halifax; 18m. 43s.—Halifax Harbor, N. S.

Oct. 26—Dennis Leary, veteran oarsman and stroke of
the old champion crew, died, 50—New York.

Nov. 17—Scullers' match, $2,000, 3 miles 330yds.; John
McLean beat James Stansbury; 23m, 433^s,—Sydney, N.
S. W,

Nov. 27—Scullers' match, $1,000, 3 miles 330yds.; George
Bubear beat Neil Matterson—Sydney, N, S. W.

Dec. 5—"Honest" John Phelps, waterman and sculler,
died, 85—near London, Eng.

Dec. 15—John McLean beat Peter Kemp, scullers' match,
$2,000, 3 miles, 330yds,; 22m, 13s.—Parramatta River, N.
S. W.

Dec. 27—Davis Dalton swam 12h. on his back without a
rest, covering 13 miles 375yds.—Battersea Public Baths,
London, Eng,


Jan, 24—Ernie Cavill, amateur champion, swimming in
costume, covered 100yds. in Im, 63^s.—South Melbourne
(Aus.) Baths.

Feb. 4—W. C. Johnson, trials against time, swam 100ft.
in 203^8. and 20s., beating amateur record—N. Y, City.

Feb. 23—William Hickey, ex-champion sculler of Aus¬
tralia, died—Balmain, N, S. W.

March 6—Capt. Andrew Manning, "The Father of Yacht¬
ing," died, 88—Clinton, Mass.

March 27—Scullers' race, $1,000, 3 miles 330yds.; C.
Stephenson beat Neil Matterson; 22m. 593^s.—Sydney, N.
S. W.

April 28—James Stansbury beat John McLean, scullers'
match, championship of the world and $2,000, 3 miles
330yds.; 22m. 153^s—Sydney, N. S. W.

May 8—Davis Dalton, professional swimmer, swam 16
consecutive hours in the English Channel.

May 28—Match race, eight oared shells, 1% miles; Bow¬
doin College beat Crescent B. C.; 10m. .S5s.—Boston, Mass.

May 29—Match race, eight oared shells, 1% miles; Har¬
vard beat Bowdoin College; 10m. 44s.—Boston, Mass.

June 4—Stephen Roberts, veteran professional oarsman
and boat builder, died, 68—N. Y. City.

June 10—White Star Steamer Majestic arrived at Sandy
Hook, having covered 2,850 miles in 5d, 22h, 20m., an aver¬
age speed of 20.23 knots per hour.

June 20—Match race, eight oared shells, 2 miles, straight¬
away; Cornell beat Columbia Freshman; 10m. 38s.—New
London, Ct.

June 22—Albert Hamm, sculler, died—Sambro, N, S.

June 24—Eight oared race, 2 miles, straightaway; Col¬
umbia College Freshmen beat Yale and Harvard; 9m. 41s.
—New London, Ct.

June 25—Eight oared race, 3 miles, straightaway; Cor¬
nell University oarsmen beat University of Pennsylvania
and Columbia; 14m. 273^s.—New London, Ct

June 27—J. F. Corbet beat Dennis Donohue, single
sculls, 3 miles, turn, $1,000; 21m, 6s.—Hamilton, Ont.

June 29—T. Sullivan beat C. Dutch, scullers' match,
$1,000, 3 miles 330yds.; 18m. 53s., breaking record—near
Sydney, N. S. W.

July 2—Steamship El Sol arrived at New York, having
made the run from New Orleans, dock to dock, in 4d. 12h.
35m., and from bar to bar in 4d. 4h. 45m.

July 7—Scullers' race, $2,000 and the championship of
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