The New York clipper annual (1893)

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soclation, the respective scores being 4 to 3 and 3 to 2 at
Cleveland, and 4 to 0, 12 to 7 and 8 to 3 at Boston.

Oct. 20—William Wade, manager of the Metropolitan
team, of this city, died-N. Y. City.

Oct 27—A benefit was given the champion Boston team
—Boston, Mass.

Oct. 31—At the annual meeting of the Southern League
it was decided to increase the membership to twelve
clubs, and Augusta, Charleston, Savannah and Nashville
were added to the circuit. The dispute relative to the
championship was settled by awarding the pennant to the
Birmingham Club, which had a better record for the en¬
tire double season than the Chattanooga Club—Atlanta,

Nov. 14—Joseph H. Mack, at one time manager of the
Cleveland Club of the National League, died of heart dis¬
ease—Hewitt, N. J.

Nov. 16—A team, under the management of John P,
Kelly, of Mobile, left that city on a trip to Cuba,

Nov. 16 and 17—The National League and American As¬
sociation held its annual meeting. The Boston Club was
awarded the pennant. The Schedule Committee and the
double championship season were abolished, and Presi¬
dent N. E. Young was intrusted with the making of a
schedule for the season beginning the last Thursday in
April and ending the last Saturday in September, 1893—

Nov. 17—The San Francisco and San Jose teams, of the
California League played ten innings without a run be¬
ing scored, darkness then stopping the contest^-San Jose.

Nov. 19—George Foye, the keeper of the Baltimore ball
grounds during the past ten years, died—Baltimore.

Nov. 21—The Amateur Athletic Union, at its annual
meeting, did away with any allowance of expenses for its
baseball teams, and provided only a banner for its base¬
ball championship—N. Y. City,

Nov, 24—The Los Angeles team won the championship
of the second season of the California League—San Jose,

Dec. 7—The Eastern League held its annual meeting-
Albany, N.Y.


1830—Billiard cues, superseding maces, came into use
in America.

1854:—May 13—First public billiard match for a stake in
this country; Joseph N. White defeated George Smith,
four-ball game—Malcolm Hall, Syracuse, N. Y.

1855—March—Michael Phelan beat Mons. Damon (re¬
ceived odds of 20 in 100, best In 3 games), three-ball bil¬
liards, $500—San Francisco, Cal.

1857—Dec. 30—M. Phelan beat R. Benjamin (received 3
points in 16, best in 17 games), three-ball billiards, $2,000—

1858—April 12—Michael Phelan beat J. Seereiter, bil¬
liard match, $10,000—Detroit, Mich.

1860-61—Claudius Berger, of France, made a tour of
this country, giving billiard exhibitions. Terminated by
the war.

1863 —June 9 — Championship billiard tournament
closed. New York, Dudley Kavanagh winning the cham¬
pionship cue and Louis Fox securing second prize.

1863—Oct. 15—Dudley Kavanagh beat John Seereiter,
billiard match, championship and $1,000—New York,

1864:—April 7—D, Kavanagh beat P. Tieman, billiard
championship and $1,000—New York,

1864:—June 9—D, Kavanagh beat Wm. Goldthwait, bil¬
liards, champion cue and $1,000—New York.

1864r-Aug. 16 to 18—First State billiard championship
tournament held. Gershom B. Hubbell, amateur, victor
—Hartford, Ct.

1864r—Sept 15—D. Kavanagh beat P. Tieman, billiards,
champion cue and $1,000—New York.

1865—Jan. 20—D. Kavanagh beat Wm. Goldthwait bil¬
liards, champion cue and $1,000—New York,

1865—July 19—J, Dion beat M, Foster, four-ball bU-
liards, $2,000 in gold—Montreal, Can,

1865—Sept, 7—John Deery beat Louis Fox (to whom
Kavanagh forfeited championship and $200, May 16), bU-
liards, champion cue and $1,000—Rochester, N, Y.

1866—Jan, 26—John Roberts, billiard champion of Eng¬
land, arrived at New York.

1866—March 13—John Deery beat John McDevitt, bil¬
liards, champion cue and $l,000i—New York.

1866—May 23—Joseph Dion beat John Deery, billiards,
champion cue and $1,000—New York.

1866—Sept. 3-15—State champions' billiard tourna¬
ment. New York; Cyrille Dion won champion cue.

1866—Oct, 5—J, Dion beat J. McDevitt billiards, cham¬
pion cue and $1,000—Montreal, Can,

1867—May 10—Body of Louis Fox, bUliard player,
found in Genesee River—Charlotte, N, Y,

1867—June 10—J, Dion beat J, McDevitt, biUiards,
champion cue and $1,000—Montreal, Can.

1867"-Dec. 11—John McDevitt beat J. Dion, billiards,
champion cue and $1,000—Montreal, Can.

1868—April 8—J. McDevitt beat M. Foster, bUliards,
champion cue and $1,000; game unfinished, Foster with¬
drawing under protest—Cnicago, Dl.

1868—July 9—Beginning of 4,000 point match at three-
ball billiards, in which Francois Ubassy defeated Charles
Burger—Paris, France.

1868—Sept. 16—J. McDevitt beat J. Dion, billiards,.,
champion cue and $1,000—Chicago, 111.

1868—Dec. 22—J. McDevitt beat W, Goldthwait bU¬
liards, champion cue and $1,000—Chicago, 111,

1868—Dec. 28—Melvin Foster beat Jos, Dion, three-ball:
bUUards, $2,000-N. Y. City.

1868—December—John McDevitt resigned the billiard,

1869—Jan. 28—Jos. Dion beat M. Foster, four-ball bil¬
liards, $2,000—Montreal, Can.

1869—April 6—J. Dion beat M. Foster, four-ball bil¬
liards (last game of home and home series of three)—

1869—April 26-May 10—Champion billiard tournament.
John Deery won champion cue—New York.

1869—Aug. 4—M. Foster beat George Stone, four-ball.
blUlards, $400. Game, 1,000 points, run out in one inning-
—Norwich, Ct.

1869—Sept 14—J. Deery beat M. Foster, billiards,,
champion cue and $1,000—New Y'ork,

1870—Jan. 8—J. Deery beat Cyrille Dion, bUliards,.
champion cue and $1,000—San Francisco, Cal.

1870—March 5—A. P. Rudolphe beat J. Deery, bUliards,^
champion cue and $1,000—San Francisco, Cal.

1870—May 31—A. P. Rudolphe beat CyriUe Dion, bil¬
liards, champion cue and $1,000—New York.

1870—Oct. 7—A P. Rudolphe beat J, Dion, bUliards,.
champion cue and $1,000—New York,

IgT'O—Nov. 26—Jos. Dion beat John Deery, biUiards,.
$2,000—San Francisco, Cal.

1871—Jan. 11—F. Parker beat A. P. Rudolphe, billiards,,
champion cue and $1,000—Buffalo, N. Y.

1871—April 26—C. Dion beat F. Parker, billiards, cham¬
pion cue and $1,000—Chicago, 111.

1871—June 19—C. Dion beat M. Foster, bilUards, cham¬
pion cue and $800—New York.

1871—Oct. 7—Michael Phelan, ex-champion billiardisfc
and table manufacturer, died, 53—New York.

1871—Oct. 9—John McDevitt, ex-champion bUliardist,.
burned to death, 28—Chicago fire.

Igij'jj—About Oct. 10—Prof. William Lake, celebrated
mace player, died, aged 80—New York.

187>i-Nov. 29—C. Dion beat John Deery, biUiards,.
championship and $1,000—New York.

1873—Jan, 2—Match for champion cue between C. Dion
and M. Daly, billiards, undecided (score 1,486 to 1,500 irt
favor of Daly). Game played over Jan, 9; Dion won—
New York.

1873—May 16—M, Daly beat C, Dion, billiards, cham¬
pion cue—New York,

1873—June 6—Wm. H. Grifilth, billiard table manufac¬
turer, died—New York.

1873—June 23-30—Billiard tournament for challenge-
cup, three ball game; first prize won by A, Garnier—New

1873—Oct. 2—A. Garnier beat M. Daly, billiards, cham¬
pion cue—New York,

1873—Nov, 10 to 22—Billiard tournament, three ball,
game; first prize won by A. Garnier—Chicago, 111.

1873—Nov. 25-W. A. Tobin, bUliardist, died—Boston»

1873—Dec. 2—A. Garnier beat C. Dion, billiards, for
challenge cup, three ball game—New York.

1874:—Oct. 9—WUliam Cook, champion billiard player
of England, beaten by A, P. Rudolphe, three baU carom,
game, 400 points, EngUsh table, $1,000 a side—N. Y. City.

1874__Dec, 10—A. P, Rudolphe beat A. Garnier, three-
ball game, championship—New York.

1874:—Dec. 30—M. Vignaux beat J, Dion, three-ball,
game, $1,000—N. Y. City.


Jan. 24—James Hewes Sr., bUUard room proprietor,,
died, 72—PhUadelphla.

Jan. 26—Lee W. Langdon, bUliard player and inventor,
died, 40—Jacksonville, Fla.                                          „   .,

Feb. 22—M. Vignaux beat A. P. Rudolphe, three-baU bil¬
liards, championship; 600 to 556—N. Y. City.

Feb. 23—M. Vignaux beat A. P. Rudolphe, three-ball bil¬
liards, championship; 600 to 326—N. Y. City.

March 1—Daniel E. Gavit a writer upon billiards, died,

March 25—M. Vignaux beat C, Dion, three-ball bUliards,.
championship and $1,000; 600 to 643—N. Y, City,

AprU 28—A, Garnier beat M, Vignaux, three-ball bil¬
liards, $1,000; 600 to 258-N, Y. City,_     ^    ^   ^     .....    ^

May 24—John Roberts Jr, beat Wm, Cook Jr,, billiard
match, championship of England: 1,000 to 837—London,

Nov, 15 to 22—Professional billiard tournament three
ball, seven contestants; winners: J. Dion, Cyrille Dion»
A. Garnier, W, Sexton, G. F. Slosson, M, Daly—N, Y, City.

Nov, 23—C. Dion beat M. Daly, three-baU biUiards; 600»
to 557—N. Y, City, ^               ,„.    ,             ^             ,,   ,

Dec, 3—Chris, O'Connor, billiard room keeper, died—
N, Y, City.

Dec, 9—William Burleigh beat Frank Maggioli, three-
ball biUiards, championship of Northwestern and South¬
western States and $1,000; 500 to 365-New Orleans, La,

Dec. 20—John Roberts Jr, beat Wm. Cook, English bil¬
liards, championship; 1,000 to 865 points—London.

Dec, 28—Thos. T. Stone, billiard player and roomkeeper,.
* died-N. Y, City.
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