The New York clipper annual (1893)

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Dec. 7—William Van Tassell, horse auctioneer, fatally
injured by a fall—N. Y. City.

Dec. 12—James Grlmshaw, English jockey, died—Pan-
dubitz, Bohemia.

Dec—Trotting stallion  Startle died, 21—Tarrytown,


Jan.—Capt John B. Wilgus, breeder of trotters, 65
—Lexington, Ky.

Feb.—Milton Young's Ossory, thoroughbred racer,
died at sea on board the steamer The Queen.

Feb. 21—Bell Boy, trotter, sold at auction for $51,000 to
J. H. Clarke and G. H. Hooper—Lexington, Ky.

Feb.—Stamboul, trotting stallion, sold by L. J. Rose
to W. S. Hobart for $50,000—California.

March 18—M. B. Gratz, breeder of racing stock, died—
Woodford County, Ky.

March 19—Samuel S. Sands Jr., amateur rider, fatally
injured in the hunting field—Hempstead, L. L

March 20—John McCarthy, jockey, died, 24—New Or¬
leans, La.

March 21—McCurdy's Hambletonian, trotting stallion,
died—Gallatin, Tenn.

March—Prince Wilkes, trotting stallion, sold by G.
A. Singerly for $30,000, to go to Cuba.

Mai'ch 25—Edwin Thorne, trotting horse breeder died,
63—N. Y. City.

April 3—Elizur Smith, trotting horse breeder died, 77
—Lee, Mass.

Oct. 10—The Cesarewitch Stakes'won by Primrose Day,
Ingram 2, Mercy 3—Newmarket, Eng.

Oct. 11—Stallion Axtell, 2yrs., trotted a mile in 2:21,
accompanied by Father John, runner—Terre Haute, Ind.

Oct. 11—Match trot, $5,000, with $2,500 added; Belle
Hamlin beat Harry Wilkes; 2:16%^ 2:19M—Morrisania.

Oct. 23-29—Linden Park Blood Horse Association's inaug¬
ural meeting—South Elizabeth, N. J.

Oct 24—Cambridgeshire Stakes Avon by Laureate, Clari-
belle 2, Theophilus 3—NeAvmarket Eng.

Oct. 28—F. Gray GrisAVold's Leo, high jumper, died from
lockjaAV-East WiUiston, L. I.

Nov. 4—The broodmare Maggie B. B. died, 22—near

Nov. 6—Lord Falmouth, prominent on the turf, died, 70

Nov. 8-Col. W. C. Goodloe fatally stabbed Col. W. T.
SAVope and Avas shot and mortally Avounded by the latter-
Lexington, Ky.

Nov. 9—High jumping trial, over bars, oft' boards cov¬
ered Avith tanbark; Rosebery cleared a height of Oft.
llMin.—Chicago, 111.

Nov. 9—Senator Sanford's filly, Sunol, 3 years, trotted a
mile In 2:10)4, beating record for age—San Francisco, Cal.

Dec. 30—Maryland Jockey Club voted to disband.

Jan. I—Hiram Howe, veteran trotting driver, died, 54—
Woodlawn, L. I.

Jan. 5—WiUiam Moore, horseman, died—Plainfield, N. J.

Jan. 11—Bell Boy, for Avhom $51,000 was paid, destroyed
by fire—Versailles, Ky.

Jan. 23—Hon. T. J, Megibben, president of Latonla
Jockey Club, died, 59—Cynthiana. Ky.

Jan. 31—Henry BroAvn, colored trainer, died—Lexing¬
ton, Ky.

January—Death sentence of James Stone, colored
jockey, commuted to imprisonment for life.

January—Steel Gray, famous trotting mare, died—Birm¬
ingham, Ene:.

Feb. 12—Nelson Gates, turfman, died, 72—Scarboro, Ont.

February—Albert Snedeker, veteran trainer, died—
New Jersey.

Feb. 16—James Thompson, horseman and trainer, died,
56 -Fordham, N. Y.

Feb. 20—The King, by George Wilkes-Jewell, sold for
$31,000 at auction—Lexington, Ky.

Feb. 28—Captain Boyce, gentleman rider, fatally in¬
jured by a fall—SandoAvn Park, Eng.

March 4—Dreadnaught won the Australian Cup race,
3:59>g—Flemlngton, Victoria.

March 5—Alcazar, trotting stallion, sold for $25,800,
and Voodoo, 2yrs., for $24,100; eighty-seven head sold for
$235,995-N. Y. City.

April 1-8—Washington Jockey Club initial meeting—
Bennings Station, D. C.

April 9—Aristides Welch, retired breeder, died, 78—
Philadelphia, Pa.

AprillS—John Thompson (Solomon), bookmaker and
brother of "The Leviathan," died—Sydney, N. S. W.

April 29—Hermit, thoroughbred stallion, died, 25—
Blankney Stud Farm, Eng.

April 30—Two Thousand Guineas Stakes won by Sure-
foot, Le Nord 2, Bluegreen 3—NeAvmarket, Eng.

May 2—One Thousand Guineas Stakes Won by Semo¬
lina, Memoir 2, Fatuite 3—Newmarket, Eng.

May 17—S. S. Howland's Ontario cleared seven feet in
a high jump—Washington (D. C.) Riding Academy.

June 4—Epsom Derby won by Sainfoin, Le Nord 2, Or¬
well 3—Epsom, Eng.

June 9—Railroad collision at Warrenton, Mo.; J.Keller
and son killed, and Huntress, Little Prince, Mattie
Park, Ben Ridgeley, Egypt, Lize P., Spring Dove, Turner
and another race horse fatally injured.

June 9—Owen Bradley fatally shot Price Jenkins-^
Lexington, Ky.

June 10—Board of StcAvards of the Grand Trotting Cir¬
cuit barred Messrs. F. L. Noble, George Robens and D.
H. Nelson and the horses Nelson and Alcryon from par¬
ticipation in races on the Grand Circuit tracks in 1890—
Buffalo, N. Y.

June 12—Terence J. McCaull, turfman, died, 30—Brook¬
lyn, N. y.

June 30—The stallion Kingfisher died—Kentucky.

July 16—Samuel Emerson horseman and trainer, died
—Boston, Mass.

July 17—Major Thos. W. Doswell, oldest turfman in the
United States, died—Richmond, Va.

Aug. 2—Match trot $10,000, mile heats; G. H. Middle-
ton's Jack beat Senator Sanford's Palo Alto (won the
second heat): 2:15)4, 2:13%, 2:15, 2:16—Detroit Mich.

Aug. 23—Sunol lowered the 4yr. old trotting record to
2:103^—Chicago, lU.

Aug. 27—Prince Regent AvOn the Charter Oak Guaran¬
teed Stake, $10,000, Edith R. 2—Hartford, Ct

Sept. 2—Benj. Sherow, horseman, died, 75—Washington
HoUoAV, N. Y.

Sept 6—Roy Wilkes paced a half mile, against time, in
1:01i4—Independence, la.

Sept. 8—Rosebery cleared a height of 7ft %in., over
bars, trial against record—Elmira, N. Y.

Sept.-----Lee Paul, trainer, died, 79—near Lexington, Ky.

Sept. 10—St. Leger Stakes Avon by Memoir, Blue Green 2,
Gonsalvo 3—Doncaster, Eng.

Sept. 18—Rosebery cleared a height of 7ft lin., over
bars, ground—Toronto, Can.

Sept. 19—John L. Spears committed suicide by shooting
—near Lexington, Ky.

Sept 26—Stallion Nelson trotted a mile in 2:11>^, beat¬
ing Axtell's record—Kankakee, III,

Oct 9—Cesarewitch Stakes Avon by Sheen, Alicante 2,
Judith 3—Newmarket, Eng.

Oct 9 — Stallion Nelson, accompanied by a running
horse, trotted a mile in 2:11)4. Hal Pointer paced a mile
in a race in 2:09%—Terre Haute, Ind.

Oct. 13—Peter Leech's Jessie, for a wager of $1,000,
trotted eighteen miles on half mile track in 59:34; best
in England—Manchester, Eng.

Oct. 22—Cambridgeshire Stakes won by Alicante, Bel¬
mont 2, Totsig 3—NeAvmarket, Eng.

Oct. 23—Dubois Bros.' stallion Superior, valued at
$75,000, accidentally killed—Pueblo, Col.

Oct. 24—C. J. Hamlin's team Belle Hamlin and Jus-
tina, accompanied by runner, trotted a mile, kite track,
in 2:13J^—Independence, la.

Oct. 27—C. J. Hamlin's team Belle Hamlin and Jus-
tina, accompanied by runner, trotted a mile in 2:13—
Independence, la.

Nov. 1—Victoria Derby won by The Admiral, Magic
Circle 2, Catling 3—Melbourne, Aus.

Nov. 4—Melbourne Cup Avon by Carbine, Highborn 2,
Correze 3—Melbourne, Aus.

Nov. 7—High jumping contest over bars; Pilemaker
cleared a height of 7ft. IJ^in. -Chicago, 111.

Nov. 8-High jumping contest, over bars; Rosebery
cleared a height of 7ft. l%ln.—Chicago, 111.

Nov. 10—Wesley P. Balch, prominent turfman, com¬
mitted suicide by shooting—Boston, Mass.

Nov. 22—Filemaker, Avith a run of less than thirty feet,
cleared a height of 7ft. 2J^ln.—Chicago, 111.

Nov. 24—August Belmont, prominent turfman and
sportsman, died, 74—N. Y. City.

Nov. 29-Rinfax, 2yrs., ran a mile and a quarter—in
race—in 2:073^—San Francisco, Cal.

Nov. 30—Gabe CaldAvell, trainer and starter, died, con¬
sumption—Urbana, Ky.

Dec. 3—Leland Stanford's trotting stallion Electioneer
died, 22—Palo Alto Farm, Cal.

Dec. 4—Trotting stallion Electioneer, by Rysdyk's
Hambletonian-Green Mountain Maid, died,'22—Palo Alto
Stock Farm, Cal.

Dec. 6—C. H. Nelson, owner of the trotting stallion
Nelson, expelled from the National Trotting Associa-
tion-N. Y. City.

Dec. 24—John H. Phillips, retired driver and race track
proprietor, died—near Brooklyn, N. Y.

Dec. 27—Part of the racing establishment of the late
August Belmont disposed of at auction. M. F. DAvyer
paid $25,000 for Potomac and $7,000 for Raceland, Hough
Bros, bought La Tosca for $13,000 and Phil Dwyer paid
$5,600 for Prince Royal—Babylon, L, I,


Jan 16—Wm, T. Sydene, breeder of trotters, committed
suicide, 28—North Middleton, Ky.

Jan. 17—Frank Rummell, pool auctioneer and sporting
man, died-N. Y. City.

Jan. 19—Clayton H. Sanford, of New York, died—In¬
dianapolis, Ind.

Jan. 21—Meeting of the National Trotting Union of
Great Britain; rules adopted for holding class and rec¬
ord races—London, Eng.

Jan. 25—Peter Youn^, sporting man, died—N. Y. City,

Jan. 26—Stallion Ossian died at sea on board steamer
Richmond Hill, fnrout<i from England to America.

Feb. 17—Ben All Haggin, turfnian, died, 38—N. Y. City.
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