The New York directory for 1786

(New York :  H.J. Sachs & Co.,  [1905])



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)HIS city flands on the South-weft
point of an ifland, at the con¬
fluence of the Hudfon and Eaft-
River. The principal part of the
City lies on the Eaft fide of the
ifland; altho the buildings extend
from one river to the other. The
length of the City, on the Eaft
River is about two miles; but falls much ftiort
of that diftance on the banks of the Hudfon.
Its breadth, on an average, is nearly three-quarters of
a mile; and its circumference may be four miles.

The plan of the city is not perfectly regular, but
is laid out with reference to the fituation of the ground.
The principal ftreets run nearly parallel with the
rivers. Thefe are interfered, tho not at right
angles, by ftreets running from river to river. In
the width of the ftreets, there is a great diverfity.
Water-ftreet and Queen-ftreet, which occupy the
banks of the Eaft-River, are very conveniently fitu-
ated for bufinefs, but they are low and too narrow;
not admitting, in some places, of walks on the fides
for foot-paflTengers. Broad-ftreet, extending from
the Exchange to City-hall, is fujBSciently wide. This
was originally built on each fide of a creek, which
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