The New York directory for 1786

(New York :  H.J. Sachs & Co.,  [1905])



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(    44    )

THERE will be five Eclipfes this year, three of
the Sun and two of the Moon.

The ift is of the Moon, January 14th, the
former part vifible, and the latter invifible.
Beginning, 14th Day, at 6h.  58m.
Middle,        -        -       - 7     49
End,              -     _       ^  g       o

Duration,             -       -   2      22      ^

Digits eclipfed near 5, on the Moon's fouth limb.
N. B. This eclipfe begins but 38 minutes before
the fun rifes;  fo only the beginning is vifible.

The 2d is of the fun, January 29th, at 40 minutes
paft 6 o'clock in the evening, invfible.

The 3d is of the Moon, July nth, vifible in part,
and calculated as follows:

Beginning of vifibility,            4h. im.

Beginning of total darknefs,   5    29
Middle,     -           -                5   55

End of total darknefs,             6      7

End of the Eclipfe,                  7    30

Digits Eclipfed near 13
N. B.   This eclipfe begins but 31 minutes before
the Sun rifes; fo only the beginning is vifible.

The 4th is of the Sun, July 25th, at 53 minutes
paft 3 o'clock in the morning, invisible.

The 5th is of the Sun, December 20th, at 52 mi¬
nutes paft II o'clock in the morning, invifible.
Moon's Latitude, 1° 22' South.

Common Notes and Moveable Feafts, for 1786.

(   2.

Golden Number        i

Epaoe                         o

Dominical Letter     A

Cycle of the Sun       3

Shrove Sunday, Feb. 26.
Ea4er Sunday, April 16.
Afcention Day, May 25.
Whitfunday, June 4.
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