The New York directory for 1786

(New York :  H.J. Sachs & Co.,  [1905])



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Grand     Departments     of     the     United


His Excellency John Jay, Efq. Secretary
for foreign affairs, 8, Broadway

Henry Remfen, jun, Efqr. Secretary to do.

The Hon. Henry Knox, Efqr. Secretary
at war, 15, Smith ftreet

The Hon. Walter Livingfton, Samuel
Ofgood, and Arthur Lee, Efqrs. Com-
miffioners of the Treafury.

James Milligan, Efqr, Comptroller Gen.

Jofeph Nourfe, Efqr. Regifter General.

John Dier Mercier, Efqr.     Auditor Gen.

John Pierce, Efqr. Pay-mafter General,
and Comiffioner of Army Accounts,
14, Dock-ftreet

Edward Fox, Efqr. General-Hofpital De¬
partment, 7, Cherry-ftreet

William Denning, Efqr. Quarter-Mafter
General, 18, Wall-ftreet

Jonathan Burral, Efq. Commiffary Ge¬
neral, 22, Broadftreet

Jofeph Bindon, Efqr. Clother-General,
66, William-ftreet

Jofeph Pennel, Efqr. Marine Department.
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