The New York directory for 1786

(New York :  H.J. Sachs & Co.,  [1905])



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(   99   )

Weft-chefter, and Orange; The latter
including the reft of the State. Thefe
diftridls to hold their meetings in New-
York and Albany, refpedlively, on the
laft Monday in March, and firft Monday
in November, every year.

For the Southern Diftridl.

Marinus Willet, Efquire, Chairman,
Edward Antill, Efq; Dep. Chairman,
Jacob Reed, jun. Efq; Secretary.

The Northern Diftridl has not yet made
their appointment.

A LIST of the offcers and refident Members
of the St. Andrew's Society, of the State
of New-York.

David Johnston, Efq; Prefident,
The   Hon.   Robert   R.   Livingfton,   Efq;

Chancellor of the State, Vice-Prefident.
William. Maxwell,      ]
William Malcom,          |

George Douglas,           Uffiftants.

John Kami ay,               j

James Saidler,               j

James Scott,                j

Reverend John Mafon, Chaplain,
David Currie, Treafurer,
Adam Gilchrift, jun. Secretary:
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