The New York directory for 1786

(New York :  H.J. Sachs & Co.,  [1905])



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A LIST of Members belonging to the Socie¬
ty of Peruke makers. Hair Dreffers, iffc.
Held at Mr. Ketchum's, No. 22, Ann-ftreet.

David Barclay,            James Rofe,

Michael Tremper,       Jacob Leonard,
Leonard Fiflier,           Francis Leonard,

Thomas Winflow,       Ifaac Jones,
Lorrant Marey,           Anthony Latour,

Richard Penny,           James Bell,

George Cork,               Jonathan Penny,

John Van Dueffen,      Thomas Shepherd,
John Clits,                   John Baldwin,

John Fenton,               Bernard Sohots,

Donald M'Kay, Chairman,
James Stewart, Treafurer,
Charles Ortzen,     Clerk.

Arrivals and Departures of the Mails at the
Poft-office, in New-York.


From New-England and Albany.

From November  ift, to May  ift.

On Wednefday and Saturday, at feven

o'clock, P. M.

From May  ift,  to November  ifi.

On Tuefday, Thurfday, and Saturday,

at eight o'Clock, P. M.
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