The New York directory for 1786

(New York :  H.J. Sachs & Co.,  [1905])



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Further Omiffions.

Lawrence Kortright, Efq; 192, Queen-ft.
Gen. John Maunfell, Efq; upper end of

Bowery lane
The Rev. Andrew Nugent, parifli prieft of

New-York, i. Hunter's Quay,
Richard Harifon, Efq; C.L. 186, Water-ft
Gen. Alex. M^Dougall, Efq; 8, Duke-ft.

Rauld----------, 8, Duke-ftreet

John Walkins, Efq; 8, Broadway,

Carr and----------, merchants, 215, Q.ftreet

Goldfbrow Banyer, Efq. 56, Smith-ftreet
Captain Thomas Bibby, 10, Smith-ftreet
Mr. Mechaux, at Mr. Weir's, Waft ftreet.

To the Inhabitants of the City of New-York.


MR- franks returns his fincere
thanks to his Friends and the Public, for
their kind and liberal encouragement
towards his publication of the New-
York Directory; he humbly requefts
they may indulgently excufe any errors,
inaccuracies, or omiffions, which may ap¬
pear, and impute them only to the local
difadvantages he laboured under, in this
firft attempt; as he intends in the future
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