Aitken, William B., Distinguished families in America descended from Wilhelmus Beekman and Jan Thomasse Van Dyke.

(New York and London :  The Knickerbocker Press,  1912.)



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10                    THE BEEKMAN FAMILY

(d) Gilbert Livingston, fourth son of the founder, born
in 1690, received from his father a large tract of land
in Saratoga, N. Y.    He married Cornelia Beekman.

Robert Livingston, nephew of Robert Livings to first
Lord of the Manor, came to America in 1696. He married
Margaretta Schuyler, daughter of Pieter Schuyler and niece
of Alida Schuyler, wife of his uncle. Their daughter Janet
Livingston married Colonel Henry Beekman.

lie. Cornelia Beekman, daughter of Henry Beekman
and granddaughter of Wilhelmus Beekman, was bom in
1696. She was the sister of Colonel Henry Beekman who
married Janet Livingston. She married Gilbert Robert
Livingston, son of Colonel Robert Livingston, bom in An¬
cram, Scotland, December 13, 1654; the son of Rev. John
Livingston, 1603-1672, who was educated at Glasgow
University, Scotland, and was licensed to preach in January,
1625. He was banished for nonconformity at the time of
the Restoration in 1660 and emigrated to Rotterdam,

Colonel Robert Livingston was the first Lord of the Manor
of Livingston and a member of the Provincial Council of
New York. He married, iUida, widow of the Rev. Nicholas
Van Rensselaer ^nd ^t^B*lr of Colonel Peter Schuyler,
1657-1724, the commander of the fort at Albany in 1689;

tenhorst his wife, daughter of Brant Arentse Van Slichten¬
horst, Director and Chief Magistrate of the colony of

Gilbert Robert Livingston and Cornelia Beekman his
wife had children:

I. Margaret Livingston, bom June, 1738, married Petrus
Stuyvesant, bom 1727; died August 31, 1805; son of
Gerardus Stuyvesant and Judith Bayard, his wife,
daughter of Balthazar Bayard and Maria Loockermans;
and grandson of Nicholas William Stuyvesant, the son
of Governor Petrus Stuyvesant and Elizabeth Van
Slichtenhorst his wife, daughter of Brant Van Slichten-
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