King, Moses, King's views of the New York stock exchange

(New York ; Boston :  M. King,  [1898])



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OME months ago I under¬
took to make a sixteen
page pamphlet, uniform
with "King's Views of Nevi^ York," relating to the
New York Stock Exchange, to consist of a very brief
story, a few views, and perhaps a hundred portraits,
with the expectation of publishing it in a few weeks,
from materials in my possession. While preparing
for its publication, new materials accumulated and
interest increased, so that from time to time it was
enlarged, and it is finally published as a folio volume
with ninety-six pages, comprising 21 financial articles
and 1,061 illustrations.

As the work has been printing all along, seem¬
ingly wrong figures appear as to its contents. The
colored title page, at first intended as the cover, for
instance, announces 400 portraits and 65 views. The
first page of the volume, printed at a later date,
announces 525 portraits and 65 views. These figures,
while right at the time, should now read 93 views and
968 portraits.

The articles comprise various topics relating to
the Stock Exchange, Wall Street, etc.

The views form the most extensive collection
ever issued of the Exchange buildings of the past and
present, the surrounding buildings and street scenes,
and buildings in Wall Street and vicinity. A num¬
ber of these pictures are reproduced from rare and

valuable old prints and photographs, while the cur¬
rent photographs and drawings were made expressly
for my publications.

The portraits form an album of nearly one thou¬
sand men directly or indirectly identified with the
Stock Exchange; for, although there are portraits
of many bankers and others who are not members,
their interests are interwoven with its dealings. In
fact, it would be difficult to find any important finan¬
cial or fiduciary concern, private or corporate, whose
interests are not affected by the fluctuations of prices
on the Exchange. Many financiers and so-called
"operators" in Wall Street who are not or have not
been its members form an essential part of its
activity, as is indicated by the group of portraits on
page 83. Moreover, it often happens that the cap¬
italist, or best-know-n partner of a Stock Exchange
house, is not himself a member of the Stock Exchange
(for example, J. Pierpont Morgan), but the firm's inter¬
est is represented by a junior or more active Exchange
member. Inasmuch as in ordinary business any
firm is responsible for the dealings of all the partners,
it becomes evident that in a way the Stock Exchange
houses, that is, those who have a membership repre¬
sented by a partner in the firm, are virtually respon¬
sible for the dealings of those members. This makes
it proper for the firm's members to be represented in
this work, as being indirectly allied to the Exchange.
Therefore, the collection of portraits for this volume
has been made by following the lists published in the
official New York Stock Exchange Directory.

The Exchange is omnipotent in its dealings from
the fact that the money power of the nation is practi¬
cally at the command of the firms identified with it.
The great downtown banks and trust companies, and
also the life insurance and other fiduciary corpora¬
tions, lend their money on the securities which com¬
prise its dealings, or buy outright these securities, by
means of which a large part of its daily transactions
are made possible. For this reason appear the por¬
traits of the presidents of the banks, trust companies
and great life insurance corporations (pages 84, 85
and 92) that are most closely identified with Wall
Street. They represent the great money power of
New York, and indirectly a large portion of the
money power of the nation.

as the bulk of the dealings
on the Exchange is in railroad
.shares and bonds, the piesi
dents of fifty of the great lail-
road corporations are grouped

on pages 86, 87, 88 and 8g; and likewi.'^e, as the next
important dealings are industrial shares, portraits of
the presidents of what may be called industrial cor¬
porations appear on pages 90 and 91.

It is hoped that this comprehensive collection of
portraits, views and articles will form a volume of
permanent value in the annals of the monetary power
of this nation, for it is the result of many mouths of
laborious, costly, and painstaking labor, in all its
different details.

Very valuable aid has been rendered by many
persons, especially Col. A. B. De Frecc and Henry E.
Wallace.            Moses King, Editor and Publisher.


The asterisk (*) following a name indicates an
actual membership in the New York Stock Exchange.

The dates beneath the names of members state
the time of admission to the Stock Exchange.

After some forms of this book were printed several
errors were found, and they are unavoidable in a work
of this character. As the edition comprises sixty
thousand copies, it is commercially impracticable to
correct an error.

Alexander C. Morgan's portrait in a number of
books should have appeared on page 45 in place of
that of George H. Holt, who also appears on page 46.

John H. Prall, instead of John H. Pratt, should
appear in list of Governing Committee on page 4.

Otto S. Loeb's date of membership on page 43
should be October 27, 18S7.

H. K. Pomeroy, page 4, should be Pomroy.

Henry C. Emmet, page 40, should have one " t."

S. H. Rosenblatt's first name, page 40, is Sigmond.

Rudolph Keppler should appear on page 51 as a
director of the Stock Exchange Vaults, in place of
William B. Sancton.

M. B. Mendham's first name, page 24, is Maurice.

Adams, Charles 65

Adams, Edward D. 12

Adams, Frederick T. 14

Adams, William Newton 63

Adams (Frederick T.) & Co. 14, 45

Adams, Kellogg & Mason 26, 63

Adams, McNeill & Brigham 30, 65

Alexander, Lawrence D. 60

Allen, Henry 48

Allen (Henry) & Co. 48, 61

Alley, WiUiam S. 73

Ailing, Edward P. 25

Ailing, Secor & Co. 25, 62

American Cotton Oil Co. 90

American Deposit and Loan Co. 92

Am. Exchange National Bank 52, 85

American Spirits Mnfg. Co. 91

American Steel Barge Co., Pres. 13

American Sugar Refining Co. 82, 90

Am. Surety Building 11, 55, 57, 72, 75,

American Tobacco Co. 67

American Tract Society 11, 89

Ames, Frederick F. 64

Ames, Oakes 83

Amy, Henry 17

Anderson, Robert S. 40

Andrews, Charles Lee 52

Andrews, James F. 35

Anness, Edward C. 34

Arbitrage Houses 20

Arents, George 67

Armour, Philip D. 80

Armour & Co. 80

Armstrong, George E. 75

Ashwell, Wm. Cawley 74

Ashwell & Co. 74

Asiel & Co. 36

Assay Office 2, 22, 24, 28, 34, 35, 82

Astor Building, 49, 58

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. 87,

Atlantic Mutual Insurance Co. 44

Atlantic Trust Co. 92

Atterbury, J. T. 4

Babcock, Henry D. 18

Babcock, Samuel D. 12

Babcock Brothers & Co. 71

Bache, Jules S. 14

Bache(J. S.)&Co. 14, 21, 41, 79

Bachem, Conrad H. 21

Bacon, Daniel 26

Bacon, Lathrop R. 41

Bacon (Lathrop R.) & Co. 41, 52

Baker, Alfred L. 81

Baker, George F. 85

Baker, James A. 47

Baker, James B. 41

Baker, Stephen 84

Ballard, Frederick E. 36

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad 87
.'       Bangs, Elisha D. 76
P        Bangs (E. D.) & Co. 76

Banking Capital 3, 83, 91

Banking Power of New York 91

Bank of America 20, 35, 56, 61, 67, 85

Bank of New York i, 3, 20, 61, 67, 84,  85

Bank of North America 20, 67, 85

Bank of the Republic 2, 85

Bank of the State of New York 84

Bank of the United States 2, 70

Bank Presidents 84, 85

Banks, Augustine 40

Banks, Theodore H. 17

Bannard, Otto T. 92

Barclay, Robert S. 27

Barge Office, 11

Barlow, George 6g

Barnes, Davis 29

Barnes, Howel H. 29

Barnes, James 56

Barnes, Winthrop Howard 18

Barnes Brothers 29

Barr, Stewart 74
89   Barstow, Rogers L. 76

Bartlett, Frazier & Co. 80

Barton, Charles 35

Baruch, Bernard M. 38

Baruch, Hartwig N. 61

Bass, Walter Alexander 41

Battery 89

Baxter, Nathaniel, Jr. 8g

Bayer, Stephen D. 41

Baylis, Abram B. 4, 6

Bajdis, William 33

Baylis & Co. 33

Beaver Street 63, 64

Beekman, William B. 4, 10

Belches, John W. 77

Belden, Charles D. 54

Bell, Edward 30

Bell, Louis V. 30

Bell & Co. 30

Belmont, August 3
89   Bend, George H. 4

Benedict, Cleland 72

Benedict, E. C. 8

Benedict, Le Grand L. 45

Berwind, Edward J. 86

Bianchi, John 64

Billings, Henry F. 81

Bird's-Eye View of Manhattan Borough i

Bissell (R. H.) & Co. 5

Blackwell, Louis E. 28

Bl-air, John I. 12

Blair, Joseph Allen 51

Blair & Co. 12

Blandy, Graham Furber 50

Bleecker, James W. 6

Block, Henry 64

Blood, Sylvester L. 61

Bloom, Isaac J. 81

Blount, Allen R. 33

Blumenthal, Hugo 2t

Boardman, Lansdale 54

Bolmer, Thomas H. 21

Bond, Edward N. 18

Bond Room of Stock Exchange 7

Bonner, Charles W. 46

Bonner, George T. 68

Boody, David A. 56

Boody, Henry T. 56

Boody, McLellan & Co. 56

Borg (Simon) & Co. 17

Boston & Maine Railroad 88

Bourse (Paris) 74, 75

Bowdoin, George S.  3

Bowling Green 11, 36, 63

Bowling Green Building 11, 36

Boyd, Archibald B. 58

Boyd, James 15

Bradstreet's Mercantile Agency 6

Bragaw, E. T. 14

Branch, John Kerr 75

Branch, John P. 75

Branch (Thos.) & Co. 75

Brandon, Edward 53

Breese, Jacob B. 80

Breese, James L. 71

Breese & Cummings 80

Breese & Smith 10

Brewster, Edward L. 80

Brewster (E. L.) & Co. 80

Brice, Calvin S. 86

Bridgman, Oliver B. 72

Brigham, William S. 30

Britton, Charles P. 31

Broad Street 3, 12, 13, 16, 28, 29, 41, 51, 78

Broadway 22, 36, 37, 44, 55, 59, 63, 64, 72

Brodhead, George H. 5, 6, 71

Bronze Doors Trinity Church 22, 23

Brookman, Henry P. 71

Brooks, James Wilton 75

Brooks, L. Loring 76

Broun, Campbell C. 31

Brown, Albert L. 76

Brown, Frederick T. 33

Brown, George F., Jr. 77

Brown, James N. 17

Brown, John Crosby 2

Brown, Seneca D. 38

Brown, Stephen H. 34

Brown, Waldron P. 66

Brown (James N.) & Co. 17, 28

Brown Brothers & Co. 2, 47, 66, 81, 87

Brown, Bruns & Co. 38

Brown, Riley & Co. 76

Brownell, J. L. 90

Bruns, Edwin G. 38

Bryan, Benjamin B. 80

Bryan, Charles S. 27

Buck, Thomas C. 26

Bucket Shops 6

Buckhout, Edward W. 55

Buckhout, Davis & Co. 55

Buffalo & Susquehanna Railroad 88

Bulkley, Edwin M. 16

Bull, William L. 4, 5, 6, 82

Burdett, Jesse B. 68

Burger, William H. 39

Burns, Edward S. 52

Burras, Howard K. 43

Burrill, Edward L. 45

Burrill & Stiff 45

Burt, Horace G. 87

Bussing, John S. 8

Cahn, Jacob 34

Cahn, Leopold 41

Cahoone, Andrew M. 4, 10

Cahoone, Stephen 69

Cahoone & Wescott 6g

Callaway, Samuel R. 88

Camblos, Henry S. 47

Cammack, Addison 62, 82, 83

Cammann, Charles L. 68

Cammann & Co. 68

Campbell, Henr^- G. 4, 10

Campbell (H. G.) & Co. 10

Cannon, Henry W. 85

Carey, Henry T. 43

Carey (H. T.)& Co. 43

Carley, Stokes & Co. 30

Carlisle, Jay F. 43

Carolin, Wm. V. 54

Carpender, William 48

Carpender, W. & J. N. 48

Carpenter, Edward O. 40

Carryl, Charles E. 50

Carter, Oliver S. 85

Castle Garden, 11, 80

Cattus, Fenelon C. 39

Cauchois, Alfred L. 39

Central Pacific Railroad 82

Central Railroad of New Jersey 87

Central Trust Co. 3, 27, 45, 71

Chace, Henry R. 74

Chace & Butts, 74

Chairman, Gratuity Fund 4

Chairman, Stock Exchange 6

Chambers, Robert 37

Chambers (Robert) & Co. 37

Chandler, Albert B. 91

Chapin, Alfred K. 50

Chapin, Edwin S. 49

Chapman, Elverton R. 14

Chapman, H. G. 6

Character Sketches 82

Chase, Salmon P. g

Chase & Barstow 76

Chase National Bank 3, 84, 85

Chauncey, Daniel, 4

Chemical National Bank 3, 84, 85

Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co. 87

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R. 88

Chicago Great Western Railway 88

Chicago. Indianapolis & Louis. R. R. 86

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R. R. 88

Chicago University 82

Chicago & Erie Railroad Co. 86

Chicago & Grand Trunk Railroad 38

Chicago & Northwestern Railway 88

Chronological Record 70

City Bank 2, 3, 20, 70, 71. 85

City Hall, Old 2, 78.   Site of 73
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