Stokes, I. N. Phelps The iconography of Manhattan Island 1498-1909 (v. 3)

(New York :  Robert H. Dodd,  1915-1928.)



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Anabaptist Meeting,                                        76-1

Site: 9-II ChfF St. Erected c. 1724 (Greenleaf's
Hist, of the Churches, 334; unrecorded deed
'^'        s Thong et ux. to John Bowne, dated Apl.


: forth i

abstract made by the

late Peter De Witt, Esq. [copy in possession of
the Title Guarantee & Trust Co.), which locates
the "Anne Baptist Meeting House" as above;
Benedict's Gen. Hist, of the Bapt. Denom.);
congr. removed i76o.^Greenleaf, supra, 226;
unrecorded deed Francis Browne to Emm Berjeau,
dated Aug. 4, 1758, in abstract quoted supra.
Bldg. srill standing 1865.—See Chronology.
Shown on Pis. 36, 27, 27-a and 34, Vol. I. See
Churches, First Baptist, infra.
First Baptist Church (first site).                     77-1

Site: 35-43 Gold St. Corner-stone 1759; opened
1760 (Greenleaf's Hist, of the Churches, 336); used
as a British military stable during Revolution;
repaired and reoccupied 1784 (ibid., 227}; de¬
molished 1801 (Benedict's Gen. Hist, of the Bapt.
Denom., I: 51I0); rebuilt, opened 1803 (Eve. Post,
May 1, 1802); demolished 1840.—Greenleaf, 229.
Congr. removed to cor. Broome and Elizabeth
Sts. Shown on Pis. 40, 41 and 42, Vol. I.
First Baptist Church (second site).                478-1

Site: N. E. cor. Broome and Elizabeth Sts,
Erected 1841 {Greenleaf's Hist of the Churches,
339); removed to cor. Park Ave. and 39th St.—
Benedict's Cen. Hist of the Baptist Denomination.
Shown in Francis's A Picture of N. Y. (1846), 127;
Belden's Past, Present and Future {i84.g), opp. p. 84.
First Baptist Church (present site).             1227-1

Site:   N.   W.   cor.   Broadway  and   W.   79th   St.
Corner-stone 1891 (Vedder's Hist, of the Baptists;
Liber Deeds, MMCCCL; 78); completed  1893.
JuDsoN Memorial Baptist Church.                541-1

Site: S. W. cor. Washington Sq. S. and Thomp¬
son St. Shown in Am. Architect (1893), Vol. XL,
No. 907.
North or North Beriah Baptist Church. 580-1
Site: N. side Vandam St,, bet. Varick and Hudson
Sts. Erected 1810 (Goodrich's Picture of N. Y.,
333); destroyed by fire 1819 (Greenleaf's Hist, of
the Churches, 341); congr. removed to McDougal
St., near Vandam St.—Ibid., 341-3.
Rose Hill Baptist Church.   See First Moravian

South Baptist Church.                _                    67-1

Site: 64-66 Nassau St. Occupied bldg. formerly
1 of German Ref. congr. 1822 (Greenleaf's Hist, of
the Churches, 346-7; Liber Deeds, CLIX; 40^);
removed to bldg. of Assoc. Presb. congr. E. side
Nassau, bet. John and Fulton Sts. 1824.—Green-
leaf, 313, 347.
Third, Fayette, or Oliver Street, Baptist
Church.                                                 379-3

Site; N. W. cor. Henry and Oliver Sts. Erected
1795 (Greenleaf's Hist, of the Churches, 236); re¬
built and opened 1800 (The Spectator, Nov. 8,
1800); again rebuilt 1819; destroyed by fire 1843;
rebuilt 1844.—Greenleaf, supra, 236 et seq. Bapt.
Mariners' Temple now occupies bldg. Shown in
Man. Com. Coun, 1863, p. 738.

opened 1836; sold 1840,—Greenleaf's Hist, of the
Churches, 179-181; became Congr. Ch. 1841 (ibid.,
363); demolished 1856 (Stone's Hist, of City of N.
Y.,ig4n); shown in Man. Com. Coun., 1865, p. 591;
litho., drawn by D, H. Arnot, Pyne Cat., No.

Broadway Tabernacle (second site).             836-4

Site: N. E. cor. Sixth Ave. and 34th St.; erected
1859; remodelled 1872.—King's Handbook (1893),

Broadway Tabernacle (present site).           1028-3

Site: N. E. cor. Broadway and s6th St. Corner¬
stone 1903; opened igos.—The Greatest Street in
the World, by Stephen Jenkins (1911), 272. Shown
in Am. Architect (1905), Vol. LXXXVII, Nos.
1531, 1524.

Church of the Puritans.                                843-3

Site: S W, cor. Broadway and i^th St. Archi¬
tect, James Renwick. Shown in Greaiorex's Old
New York, opp. p. 71; see Pis. 135 and 136, Vol.


Friends' Meeting (first).                                  64-3

Site: Liberty PL, near Liberty St. Erected
c. 16^8 (Liber Deeds, XXIII: 34); congr. removed
to Liberty St. prior to 1755 (Pl. 34, Vol. I;
Liber Deeds, XXXI; 5; Liber Deeds, XXI; 171,
Albany). Shown on Pis. 36, 27, 37A-a, 30 and 33,
Vol. I.

Friends' Meeting (second).                              64-1

Site: Liberty St., 40 ft. W, of Liberty Pl. Erected
prior to I7SS (Pl. 34, Vol, I); demolished c. 1802
(Greenleaf's Hist, of the Churches, 116-7; ^'her
Deeds, LXXVI:43i). Shown on Pis. 34, 40, 41
and 42, Vol. I.

Friends' Meeting (third).                                 64-4

Site: Liberty St., 60 ft. W. of Liberty Pl. Site
purchased 1790 (Liber Deeds, XLVI: 290); third
meeting-house erected 1803.—Greenleaf^s Hist, of
the Churches, 116-7); sold to Grant Thorburn
1826 {Liber Deeds, CCIU: sag); demolished 1835.
—Thorburn's Reminiscences, 134.

Hester Street Friends' Meeting House. 239-1
Site: N. E. cor. Elizabeth St. and Bowery.
Erected 1819,-Greenleaf's Hist, of the Churches,
117; Goodrich's Picl. of N. Y., 237 and map.

Orchard Street Friends' Meeting.               399-1

Site: W. side Orchard St., bet. Hester and Canal
Sts- Erected 1839 (John Cox, Jr.'s MS. Cata¬
logue); removed 1857 to 144 E. 20th St. (present
site).—-Chronology 1839.

Queen Street Friends' Meeting.                   112-1

Site: Peari St., bet. Franklin Sq. and Oak St.
Erected 1775 (Goodrich's Picture of N. Y., 227);
demolished 1824.—Greenleaf's Hist, of the
Churches,  116-117.

Rose Street Friends' Meeting.                     119-1

Site: 50-54 Rose St. Erected 1824 (Greenleaf's
Hist, y the Churches, 117); demolished 1856, when
New Chambers St. was opened through the plot.
—Records of the Title Guarantee & Trust Co.

Rutherford Place Meeting,                          897-3

Site: Rutherford Place, bet. isth and i6th Sts.
Shown in Pelletreau's Early N. Y. Houses, Pl. 42.


Broadway Tabernacle (first site).                  170-3

Site;   Worth St., E. of Broadway.    Begun 1835;

Hebrew Congregation Bnai Jeshurun.        1379-1
Site:  E. side Lafayette St., S. of Howard St.   Oc-
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