Stokes, I. N. Phelps The iconography of Manhattan Island 1498-1909 (v. 3)

(New York :  Robert H. Dodd,  1915-1928.)



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Dutch Church (second s

van Couwenhoven 1656.—Liber HH (2): 58 (Al¬
bany); to De Foreest 1656.—iii^r Deeds, A: 71.
Shown on Pis. 6, 7, 7-a, 8, 9, Vol. I. Demolished
and house built on site by De Foreest prior to
1660 when Allard Anthony resided here.—Cal.
Hist. MSS., Dutch, 383; De Sille's List 1660,
He bought the house 1682,—Liber Deeds, XII:q3.
From 1626 to 1633, services were held probably
in the loft of a horse-mill.—See Chronology.

Fifth   Avenue   Collegiate   Reformed   Church
(Church of St. Nicholas).                      1264-1

Site: N. W. cor. Fifth Ave. and 48th St. Corner¬
stone 1869 {The World, May 26, 1869); dedi¬
cated 1873.—Wilson's Mem. Hist, of City of N. Y.,
111:538; N.,Y. City Directory, i8:73- Successor
to Church in the Fort. Shown in Appleton's
N. Y. Illustrated, 72.

First German Reformed Church (first site). 67-1
Site; 64-66 Nassau St. Erected 1753 for Hal-
lam's Theatre (description of Pl. 30, Vol. I);
used for church purposes 1758 (Greenleaf's Hist,
of the Churches, 25; Ireland''s Rec. of the N. Y.
Stage, 1:2, 15); demolished and corner-stone of
new edifice 1765 (Eccles. Rec, VI: 3982); sold
1833 (Liber Deeds, CLIX: 405; CCCVII: 552)
and South Bapt. Ch. occupied bldg. South Bapt.
congr. sold edifice 1834 {Liber Deeds, CCCXIV:
6, 8); bldg. used as Gosling's Dining Saloon; de¬
molished 1847 (Greenleaf, 27; cf. Smith's JV. Y.
in 17SQ, 158-9); congr. of First German Ref.Ch.
removed 1822 to 3i Forsyth St.—Goodrich's
Picture of N. Y., 222; cf. Greenleaf, 37. See also
Nassau Street Theatre.

First German Reformed Church (second site).

Site: 21 Forsyth St. Erected 1822 by congr.
formerly at 64-66 Nassau St.—Greenleaf's Hist,
of the Churches, 27; Goodrich's Pict. of N. Y., 233;
Colton's A Summary Historical, 39, and Map
(1836). Congr. removed to W, side Norfolk St.,
near Stanton St. 1861.—Haswell's Reminiscences,
201; Kelley's Hist. Guide to the City of N. Y., 135.

First German Reformed Church (third site). 354-1
Site: 149-153 Norfolk St. Erected 1861 (Smith's
N. Y. in 17SQ, 159; cf. Haswell's Reminiscences,
201); congr. came to this site from 21 Forsyth
St. (ibid.); congr. removed to 353 E. 68th St.—
Kelley's Hist. Guide, 135.

First German Reformed Church (present site).

Site:   353 E. 68th   St.    Erected   1897.—Kelley's
Hist. Guide, 135.    Congr. came from Norfolk St.
Greenwich Reformed Dutch Church (first site)

Site: E. side Bleecker St., bet. loth and Charles
Sts. Erected 1802; enlarged 1807; sold and
structure removed by Presb. Coner. to Waverly
PL, near Grove St., 1826; rebuilt N. E. cor.
Bleecker and W. loth Sts. 1827.—Greenleaf's
Hist, of the Churches, 30.

Greenwich Reformed Dutch Church (second site).


Site:    N.   E.   cor.   Bleecker   and   W.   loth   Sts.

Erected 1827.—Greenleaf's Hist, of the Churches,

30.   Zion M. E. Church now on this site.

Harlem Reformed Dutch Church (first site).

Bet. 1801-1803-1
Site: In i3Sth St., W. of First Ave. Begun
1665; completed 1667; abandoned 16S7. Archi¬
tects, probably Jan Gulcke and Nels Matthyssen,
"carpenters."-Riker's Hist, of Harlem. 247, 248.

Harlem Rj



t Ave.
■oh ably

Site: Bet. 124th and 125th Sts,, W. of Fir;
Begun 1686; completed 1687; architect, pr
William Hellaker, "carpenter"; destroyed during
Revoiurionary War; rebuilt 1788; demolished
1835.—Riker's Hist, of Harlem, 452 et seq., 459.
Pis. 39, 60, and 79, Vol. I; 86, Vol. III.

Harlem Reformed Dutch Church (third site).

Site: N, side 121st St., W. of Third Ave Erected
1835,—Book 3 of Church Minutes, 36-7; Riker's
Hist, of Harlem, igin; Corwin's Man. of the Ref.
Ch. in Am., 4th ed., looi. Removed 1886 to
N. W. cor. Lenox Ave. and 123d St.

Houston Street Reformed Dutch Church. 514-1
Site: S. W. cor. Houston and Greene Sts. Corner¬
stone 1833 (Eve. Post, May 3, 1823); completed
1835.—Greenleaf's Hist, of the Churches, 43.

Lafayette Place Reformed Dutch Church.

Site: N. W. cor. Lafayette St. and FourtV"^*
Corner-stone 1836; dedicated 1839 (MagJ Am.
Hist., XVI: 3-4); demolished 1887.—Corwin's
Man. of the Ref. Ch. in Am., 997. Shown in
Booth's Hist, of the City of N.  Y., 639.

"Marble" Reformed Dutch Church.           831-2

Site: N. W. cor. Fifth Ave. and 39th St. Corner¬
stone 1851; opened 1854.— Year Book of the
Collegiate Church (1893), 27. Shown in De Witt's
Historical Discourse, 90; Booth's Hist, of the
City of N. Y., 641. Successor to Church in the

Middle Reformed Dutch Church.                  45-1

Site: Nassau St., Cedar to Liberty St. Corner¬
stone 1727 {Eccles. Rec, IV: 2378, 2381, 2330-1);
opened 1731 (ibid., IV: 2551; see inscription on
Pl. 28, Vol. I); director of building operations,
John Van der Heul; remodelled 1764 (Greenleaf's
Hist, of the Churches, 13); prison and riding-school
for British during Revolution (ibid.); reopened
1790 (Wilson's Mem. Hist, of City of N. Y., Ill:
19); abandoned as a church 1844 (Greenleaf,
supra, 14}; leased as U. S, Post Office 1845 {Mem.
Hist., supra. III: 367); sold 1861 (Haswell's Rem¬
iniscences, 203); abandoned as Post Office 1875
(Eccles. Rec, IV: 2378); demolished and Mutual
Life Ins. Co. bldg, erected on site 1883.—Vol. I:
363; cf. Chronology. Shown on Pis. 36, 27, 37-a,
38 30, 31. 32, 33, 34, 3S, 4°. 41. 4?',44. 64, 7o,
Vol. I; Pis. 130-a, 130-b, 150-b, Vol. Ill; also
in JV. r. Mirror (1839), VII: 89; Greatorex's
Old N. Y., 58; Man. Com. Coun., 1868, p, 351.

Middle Ref. Dutch (Collegiate) Church (second
site).                                                       448-1

Site: S. E. cor. Second Ave. and 7th St. Erected
1892 (Corwin's Man. Ref. Ch. in Am., 999).
Shown in Pelletreau's Historic Homes and Insti¬
tutions, I: 89.

North Ref. Dutch (Collegiate) Church. 91-1
Site; N. W. cor. William and Fulton Sts. Corner¬
stone 1767; architect, Andrew Breested; opened
1769; used for military purposes during Revolu¬
tion; remodelled 1842.—Greenleaf's Hist, of the
Churches, 14-16. Demolished 1875.— Year Book
of the Holland Soc, 1916, pp. 43, 59. Shown on
PL 146-b, Vol. Ill; sketch, Greatorex's Old N. Y.,
opp. p. 42.

Northeast Reformed Dutch Church.           380-1

Site: N. W. cor. Market and Henry Sts. Erected
by Col. Henry Rutgers and dedicated 1819; congr.
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