Stokes, I. N. Phelps The iconography of Manhattan Island 1498-1909 (v. 3)

(New York :  Robert H. Dodd,  1915-1928.)



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tended to Chatham St. 1811 (ibid., XXIII: 306);
extended to James Slip (New Chambers St.) i860.—
Pro. Bds. Aid. and Councilmen, XXVIII: 175, 194,
198.                                                IP7. 174: 111-139]

Chapel Street. Shown from Barclay to Reade St.
1767 (PL 41, Vol. I), but un-named; called Chapel
Street 1797 (PL 64, Vol. I); regulated from Leonard
to Lispenard St. 1810 (M. C. C, MS., XXII: loi);
enlarged, improved and opened to near Leonard St.
1816 (ibid., XXX: 235-8, 360); bet. Murray and
Barclay Sts. called College Place 1831 (ibid., LXXV:
332); later, called West Broadway, which now In¬
cludes the northern extension, formerly South Fifth
Avenue (Laurens Street). Shown on Pis, 42, 64 and
70, Vol. I.                        [PL 174: 135—PL 175: 211]

Chapel Street. Former name of Beekman Street.^
Post's Old Streets, 10.

Charles Alley. Former name of Charles Lane.—
Post's Old Streets, lO.

Charles Lane. Extends from 692 Washington
St,, W. to West St,—City Directory.      [PL i75- 637]

Charles Street. Laid out prior to 1799 (Pl. 70,
VoL I); regulated from Greenwich St, to the State
Prison 1810 (M. C. C, MS., XXII: 318); regulated
\8i7.—Ibid., XXXIII: 303-3.         [PL 175: 613-637]

Charles Street. Bet. 4th and Bleecker Sts.; name
changed to Van Ness Place 1866.—Pro. Bds. Aid.
and Coun., XXXIV: 7.                          iP7, I75- 621]

Charlotte Street. Laid out prior to 1797 (PI. 64,
Vol. I); name changed to Pike Street 1813.—M. C. C.
(MS.), XXVII: 331,         [PT. 174: 248—PL 175: 383]

Charlton Street. Laid out as Hetty Street prior
to 1799 (Pi. 70, Vol. I); opened to Hudson River
1806 (Trinity Minutes); ceded by Trinity Church
1808 {M. C. C, MS., XVIII: 37-9); again 1813
(ibid., XXVII: 143); regulated 1817-8.-/*)^.,
XXXIII: 333; XXXVI: 332. Somerimes known as
Burr Street.                                     [PL 175- 5^9-59^1

Chatham Scuare. Surveyed 1790 (M. C. C,
MS., X: 287-90); enclosed In fence 1811 (ibid.,
XXIII: 369, 370, 389); a park 1813 (ibid., XXV: 9);
park and fence around it ordered removed and same
regulated and paved 1816.—Ibid., XXX; 324~5-
Shown In Man. Com. Coun., 1866, p. 607; litho. by
N. Currier, Eno Coll., N. Y. Pub. Library. Shown
but not named on Pl. 41, Vol. I.            [PL 174: 162]

Chatham Street. Laid out 1759 (M. C. C, VI:
165-6); named Chatham Street 1774 (ibid., VIII: 37);
surveyed and regulated 1788-90 (ibid., MS., IX:
160, 317, 345, 249, 252, 363, 371, 322, 336, 341,
436-7); name changed to Park Row 1886.—M. C. C,
LIV: 80-1. Shown on Pl. 37, Vol. I as High Road to
Boston.                                             [PL 174: 90-161]

Ckeapside Street. Former name of Hamilton Street.
—Post's Old Streets, 10.    Shown on Pl. 64, Vol. I.

[PT. 174- 353]

Chelsea Cottages. Formeriy p. o. West Twenty-
fourth Street, bet. Ninth and Tenth Aves.—Post's
Old Streets, 10,                                        [PT. 176: 722]

Chelsea Square.—Block bounded by Ninth and
Tenth Aves., 20th and 21st Sts., to be known and
designated as "Chelsea Square" 1886.—Pro. B'd
Aid. {App'd by Mayor), LIV: 36.            [PL 175: 7^8]

Cherry Street. Laid out and named prior to
1730.—Pis. 26, 37, 37-a, Vol. I. Continued to
Rutgers Slip 1790.—A/. C. C, (MS.), IX: 390,
Shown In Man. Com. Coun., i860, p. 468.

[PL 174: 353-PL 175- 264]

Chester   Street.     Former   name   of   West   Fourth

Street, bet. Bank and Christopher Sts,—Post's Old
Streets, 10.    Shown on Pl. 70, Vol. I.

[PT. 175: 610-614]

Chestnut Street. Laid out but not named
prior to 1767 (Pis. 41, 42, Vol. I); regulated by name
i78g-go,—Tl/. C. C. (MS.), IX: 241, 361, 394,

[PL 174:115]

Chestnut Street. Former name of Howard Street,
bet. Broadway and Mercer St.—PI. 64, Vol. I.

[Pl. 175: 331]

Christopher Street. Laid out prior to 1799
(PI, 70, Vol. I); ceded by Trinity Church 1813
(Tl/, C. C, MS., XXVII: 143); regulated 1817 (ibid.,
XXXIII: 209, 231); extended from Washington St.
to West St. 1825.—/4»<T., LVI: 56.

[PL 175: 610-636]

Chrystie Street, See First Street. First Street
shown on Pl. 41, Vol. I.                  [PT. 175:289-427]

Church Street. See Lumber Street. Lumber
Street shown on Pl. 23-a, VoL I.

[PT. 174: 30—PL 175: 211]

Cingel (The). In Dutch times the S. side of Wall
Street. Menrioned 1657 In Rec. TV. Am.. VII: 166.
Shown on C. PL 82, Vol. II.              [PT. 174: 40-51]

City Hall Lane.    See Coenties Alley.

City Hall Place.    See Augustus Street.

City Hall Square. Space fronting the Park, bet.
Tryon Row and Ann St, so designated 1848.—Pro.
Bds. Aid. and Assts.. XVI: 249.         [PT. 174: 93-121]

Claremont Avenue.

[PL 17S: 19S9-PL 179- ^993]

Clarke Street.                                [PT. 175:490]

Clarkson Street. Ceded by Trinity Church
l8o8 (M. C. C. MS., XVIII; 37-9); further cession
by Church 1813 (ibid., XXVII: 143); regulated 1817.
—Ibid., XXXIII: 302-3.                 [PT, 175; 583-601]

Clendening's Lane. Formerly ran from Eighth
Ave. and losth St, westerly along the southerly line
of losth St. to a point abt. 300 ft. W. of the Ninth
Ave.; thence south-westwardly to a point bet. I02d
and 103d Sts. abt. 75 ft. S. of 103d St. and 100 ft. W.
of Tenth Ave, thence north-westwardly to the Bloom¬
ingdale Road at a point abt. 55 ft. S. of lo^d St.—
Post's Old Streets, lo-ii.    Shown on Pl. 86, Vol, III,

Clermont Street. Former name of Hester Street
(Post's Old Streets, n); of Howard Street (ibid.); of
Mercer St.—Ibid.

Cliff Street, Named for DIrck van der Clyff";
shown on PI. 26, Vol, I, 1730; opened from Golden
Hill (John) St. to Beekman St. 1786.—Ttf. C. C.
(MS.). VIII: 411.                              [PT. 174: 75-105]

Cliff Street.    See Skinner's Lane.

Clinton Street. Formerly called Warren Street
(q. v.).    See also Arundel Street.

Coenties Alley. Formerly called Hall Lane,
StaU House or City Hall Lane.—Liber Deeds, XIII:
39; see C. PI. 82, Vol. II.                        {PL 174: 39]

Coenties Slip.   Shown on Pl. 64, Vol. I.

[PL 174: 5-7\

Coffee House Slip. Wall Street, from Peari St: to
the East River,—City Directory, 1826-7. Shown
on PI. 99, Vol, III,

Colden Street. Former name of Duane Street, bet.
Rose St. and Broadway (Post's Old Streets, n; Pl.
70, Vol. I); name changed to Duane Street i8og.—
M. C. C. (MS.), XX: 15. See also Barley Street,
Duane Street.                                 [PL 174: 118-154
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