Stokes, I. N. Phelps The iconography of Manhattan Island 1498-1909 (v. 5)

(New York :  Robert H. Dodd,  1915-1928.)



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1890   Bridge Co. tor the purpose of constructing and maintaining a
Apr.   permanent bridge across the North River between N. Y. City

30 and New Jersey. The bridge is to be commenced on or before
Jan. I, 1892, and to be completed on or before Jan. 1, 1897. Its
terminus in New York City Is to be somewhere between loth
and i8ist Sts.—Laws afN. Y. (1890), chap. 233. On March 3,
1896, the time tor completing the bridge was extended to Jan. i,
1907.—Ibid. (1896), chap. 67.

"          Ground is broken for the permanent Washington Memorid

Arch.—JV, Y.Herald, My 1, 1890. See My 30.
May         The Astor Place Opera Houae, which has been used fay the

— Mercantile Library Association since April 19, 1854 (q.v.), is de¬
molished and a new library building begun on the same site (see
Jl 16). This was completed Nov. 9, 1891 (q. v.).—7isi Ann. Rep;
Merc. Library Ass'n (1892); L. M. R. K., IU: 956; Harper's
Weekly, XXXIV: 347, 348, See dso Sun, N 2, 1920, and N. Y.
Times, N 7, 1920.
6         A third act Is paased by the legislature (for earlier ones, see

My 18, 1888, and Mr 27, 1889) looking to the construction of a
municipal building. The commissioners of the sinking fund,
together with the surrogate, the clerk, and the register, are to be
a board ot commissioners, which board shdl choose a site, "but
not in the city hdl park" (see S 18, 1889), advertise for plans,
and award contracts. The contracts are to be carried out "under
the direction and supervision of the commissioner ot pubUc works."
—Laws afN. Y. (1890}, chap. 299.
8         An act ia paased to create a commlasion to inquire into the

expediency ot conaoUdating the various municipalities in tbe
atate ot New York occupying the several islands in the barbour
ot New York.-J^onii o/JV. Y. (1890), chap. 311; Foord, Life and
Public Services of A.H. Green, 186. The commissioners of inquiry
appointed under this act were John Bogart ot New York City,
state engineer; John H. BrlnckerhotF, ot Queens County; George
R. Cathcart, Frederic W. Devoe, Andrew H. Green, John L.
Hamilton, and Calvert Vaux, of New York City; George Wm.
Curtis, of Richmond County; Edward F. Linton, J. S, T. Stran-
ahan, and Wm. D. Veeder, of Brooklyn; and Charies P. McClel¬
land, of Westchester. The cororolssion organised with Andrew H.
Green as president.—JiiiJ., 186-87.  See Ja 25, 1893.

13         The dept. of pub, worka issues propoaala to contractora "for

furniahing materials and performing work In the repairing the
north front of tbe City Hall with artifidal stone, and painting
the same." The contract was let on June 4, and called tor com¬
pletion ot the work in 60 days. The specifications called tor the
repair ot cornice, balustrade, urns, carved caps, windows, doors,
etc., and painting the entire north front. The totd cost is afaout
85,000.—From the original contract In auditor's office, dept. of
pub. works.  See S 20, 1830 and Ap 1, 1833.

"          The corner-stone ot Carnegie HaU Is laid hy Mrs. Carnegie.—

JV. Y.HeraId,My 14, 1890. On May 5, 1891 (q.v.), the haU was
opened.    See also L. M. R. K., UI: 983.

iS         Announcement is raade that "Helen Kdler, aged ten, a deaf,

dumb, and blind girl troro Tuscumbia, Ala., whose remarkable
mentd devdopment in the face ot the tremendous handicap im¬
posed on her fay nature, has faeen the therae of much deUghted
comment, has within the last six weeks been taught to speak
inteUIglfaly." Her education is described.—N. Y. Times, My 25,

19         Richard Mansfield appears at tbe Madison Square Theatre in

the title-role ot "Beau Bruramdl." The Impersonation proved a
distinct achievement in New York's dramatic aimala.—Brown,

27         Wro. Waldorf Astor intends to erect a roonster hotel at 33d

St. and Fifth Ave., on the site of the old Astor residence. It will
he under the management of George C. Boldt.—JV. Y. Times,
My 28 and 29, 1890. The hotel became the Wddorf.—Harper's
Weekly,XXXV: 192. For an account ot 12 new hotds which are
about to be built In the city and of tbe chief ones now exiatlng,
seeJV. r. Times, O 19, 1890.

30         The corner-stone of the permanent "Washington Meroorial

Arch" (see Ap 30) is laid at the lower end of Fifth Ave.—A^ Y.
Herald, My 31, 1890; L. M. R. K., Ill: 965. The arch was dedi¬
cated on May 4, 1895 (}. v.).
June         The new Madiaon Square Garden designed by McKim, Mead

16 & White, one ot the largeat balls ot public entertainment in the
world, is opened with a concert by Strauss's orchestra at which

at least 10,000 people are present. The building eitends from 26th
to 27th St. and from Madison to Fourth Ave.—JV. Y. Times,
Je 8 and 17, 1890; Harper's Weekly, XXXIV: 281, 282. The
original building on this property, erected in 1863 as a passenger
station for the N. Y., N. H., ic H. R. R., was leased to P. T. Bar¬
num and others in 1873 as an amusement place, and was succes¬
sivdy used as a museum, religious roeeting place, circus, and con¬
cert haU. In 1879 (q.v., My 22 and 29), it was named the Madison
Square Garden, and In 18S9 (q.v., Ag 7) it was demolished prior
to the erection ot the new Garden.—Brown, Hisl. of tke N. Y.
Slage, III: 88-89; L. M. R. K., Ill: 984-85. See also descrip.
otPl 168, III:  851.

The People's Municipal League is organised.—JV. Y. Times,    :
Je 25, 1890.

The corner-stone ot the Judson Memorid Baptist Church Is ;
laid at Washington Square and Thompson St., in honour of Adonl-
rara Judson, the first American missionary to foreign lands.—
JV. r. Times, Jl i, 1890; L. M. R. K., IU: 928. See alsoHarper's
Weekly, XXXIV: 905, 906. The church was completed in 1892.—
King'sHandbook (1893), 379.

Alterations were made at this time In Fraunces Tavern. The ^
"whole first story was ripped out, some ot the origind first-floor -
timbers which had survived the fire ot 1852 being sold tor sou¬
venirs. Hitherto the first floor had faeen a tew steps above tbe
street level. It was now brought down to the levd of the side¬
wdk, and in place ofthe origind first story waUs on Broad and
Pearl streets, iron columns and plate glaaa windowa were inserted."
—121A Ann. Rep; Am. Seen. & Hist. Pres. Soc. (1907), 72; descrip.
of Fl. 167-b, III: 850; L. M. R. K., IU: 978. See Je 5, 1904, and
Ag, 1906.

The Sherman Anti-Trust Act becomes a law.—Macdondd,
Select Statutes, etc., 395-97.

The city acquires fay condemnation proceedings the land on the
east sideof Fourth Ave. between 33d and 34th Sts. Here the armory
ot the 71st Regiment waa afterwards built.—Prendergast, Recardof
Real Estate (1914), 139.

The new aqueduct from Croton Lake, "begun in 1S83" (error tor
1885), is opened, though not quite corapleted, and the water Is
let Into the big double reservoir in Centrd Park, starting trora
the gate-house at 135th St. This reservoir holds 1,000,000,000
gallons. The aqueduct bas a capacity ot 318,000,000 gallons a
day to Jerome Park, where a receivmg reservoir ia built tor supply¬
ing the annexed district. Bdow Jerome Park, the capacity is
250,000,000 gallons a day to 135th St., the southerly terminus.
From this point eight 48-inch pipes carry the water. Four ot the
pipes go to Central Park; the other tour branch off to direct con¬
nections with the city"s distributing mains, one at 125th St., a
second at Manhattan Ave., a third at 110th St., and the fourth
at looth St.—JV. r. fPorW, Jl 15 and 16, 1890. For a detailed
description of the work ot construction, see Wegmann, op. cit;
115-87; Century Mag; XXXIX: 205. Tbe new aqueduct was
finally corapleted on June 24, 1S91 (q. v.).

The comer-stone of a new Clinton Hdl (the third) is Idd for    :
the Mercantile Library Association on the old site at Aator Fl.
and 8th St. (see My).—JV. Y. Times, Jl 17, 1890. The aaaodation
moved into the new building on Nov. 9, 1891.—Ibid; N 10, 1891;
71st Ann, Rep; Merc. Lifarary Ass'n (1892).

The Western Union Telegraph building, al the n. w. cor. ot    :
Broadway and Dey St., is almost destroyed hy fire, and tdegraphic
communication with the dty is cut off.—JV. Y.Times, Jl 19, 1890.
See also Ibid; Jl 20-26, 1890.

The 155th St. viaduct is commenced. It was completed Oct. 2,   j
1893, having been erected under plans approved fay tbe faoard ot    1
estimate and apportionment, pursuant to chap. 576 of Laws of
1S87.—JV. r. Times, Ag 15,  30,  and   31, 1890;  also  tablet  at
east end of viaduct.  See also raaps filed In faureau ot topography,
horough preaident'a office, as maps No. 3535 and 4176.

Tlie Democratic Cluh of the City ot New York is incorporated.
Its dub-house waa at 617 Fifth Ave.—Club Book (1891). This waa
demolislicd in 1925 to make way for partot the Saks & Co. building.

The new Garden Theatre at Madison Ave. and 27th St., one   '.
ot the departments ot the Madison Square Garden enterprise, is   ;
opened with a pertorraance ot "Dr. Bill."  Wilton Lackaye plays
the title role.—JV. Y. Times, S 14 and 28, 1890.

A tablet ia placed fay the Holland Society on the waU of No. 4   :
Bowling Green to mark the site of Fort Amsterdam and of the
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