Stokes, I. N. Phelps The iconography of Manhattan Island 1498-1909 (v. 6)

(New York :  Robert H. Dodd,  1915-1928.)



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thence South Easterly 56° by the Land of Johannes Cowen¬
hoven, 65 r,; ranging thence Southwesterly 34° 75 r. to the
land of Peter Jacobsen, rangeing thence Northwesteriy 56°
65 r, to the Rear of the Land of ye above said Garrett Rama¬
son, Containing in all, 30^ Acres, 35 r., as by the Returne,
of the Surveyor,"

Survey by Robert Ryder, dated Dec, 5, 1679, for Casper
Caster. Same as grant.  ?>te Land Papers,!: 160 (Albany),

Karsten Karstense to Jacob Van Cowenhove, Deed
dated June 2, J69S.—Liber Deeds, XXIII; 224 (New York).
Consid,, 4500 guilders.

Conveys same tract.

This was called the land of the widow Couwenhoven in
August, 1750, See deeds from the heirs of Egbert Hereman,
ante. No title has been traced into Col. John Maunsell. He
probably bought from the Couwenhoven heirs.

John Maunsell, Esq,, Lieutenant Colonel of his Majesty's
twenty seventh Regiment of Foot, and Elizabeth, his wife,
to John Morin Scott, Esq, Deed dated Sept, 12, 1764,
—Liber Deeds, XX:  388 (Albany).

Conveys, with other land, a parcel of land on the west side
of the road to Greenwich,   The description follows a survey.

This parcel was devised to Mary MoKnight, daughter of
John Morin Scott.

Wil! of John Morin Scott, dated Sept. 2,1784; proved Sept.
28, 17B4,—Liber Wills, XXXVII:  236 (New York).

Mary McKnight, wid., to Mary Clarke. Deed dated
Sept.  22,  jj^i.—Liber Deeds, XLVIII:   235  (New York).

Conveys 12 acresof land as now enclosed in fence. Bounded
south and west by the land of Mary Clarke; bounded
north by land of Lewis A. Scott; bounded east by the road
from Greenwich to the Great KiU.

Same as devised by John Morin Scott to Mary McKnight,

Thomas Clarke's will is dated Nov. 6, 1776. Proved Oct.
21, ly-jj,—Liber Wills, XXXI: 191 (New York). The exact
date of his death has not been ascertained. While he was
bedridden, the house he lived in was burned down, and he
had to be conveyed to a farm house. "The house lately pulled
down [Chelsea House] was not built until after his death."—
Man. Com, Coun. (1854), 536.

The house of Capt. Clarke shown on the Ratzer Map was
just west of the road. The map shows the gateway, gardens,
outhouses, etc.  This was the house of 1750.

The Ratzer Map is remarkably accurate. The lithographed
copy, published 1853, scales about 833 ft, to an inch. This
measurement has checked up with later maps almost invari¬
ably. Therefore, the earliest farm house stood on the west
sideof the road, south of 24th St., about 100 ft. west of Eighth
Ave, The L. M. R, K. and all local histories seem to have
been in error. Chelsea House was not built upon the site of
the old house, but much nearer the river.

(Sharos Farm)

Block. Check List,   1857-1838-1834-1854-1857.

The Clendening farm included all of Eve Benson's land (part
of the Lawrence Kortwright farm) west of 8th Ave., together
with about fifteen acres of the Le Roy farm.

The early history set forth under the Le Roy Farm.

Eve, daughter of Lawrence Kortwright, married Adolph
Benson. Her son, named for his maternal grandfather, con¬
veyed all of the farm west of 8th Ave. by the following deed.
The remainder was afterwards included in Central Park.

L.*wRENCE Benson, Gentleman, to John Clendening,
Merchant. Deed dated May 2, 1814.—Liber Deeds, CVI: 257
(New York).

Conveys "All that certain Tract or parcel of Land   .   .   .

Beginning at a stake in the middle of the Eighth Avenue thence
running along the middle of said Avenue S. 34° 30' W. 15
chains 78 links to the land of Dr. Williamson, Thence along
his land, and the land of S. Boyd and W. A. Davis, N. 54° W. 26
chains, 48 links to the land of B. Vroome. Thence along the
same N. 39° 30' E. 7 chains 60 links to land of W. & G. Post-
Thence N. 36° E, 7 chains 90 links along the same and . . .
Hicks land to land of Dr. Burrows. Thence S. 55° E. 20 chains
75 links along said Burrow's land and said John Clendening's
land to the place of beginning.

"Con, 32a, 3roods, i iperches."

Clendening already owned about 10 acres north of the
Benson land, being lots 5 and 6 of the Le Roy farm.

Herman Le Roy to John Goodeve & James N. Brown.
Deed dated July 19,1786.—Z,(i«-Dff^j,CV: 591 (New York).

Conveys Lots 5 and 6 ofthe Le Roy farm as shown on the
map by C. Th. Goerck, Feb. 6, 1796.

Lot 5 contained 5 Acres, 1 Rood, 36 Perches.

Lot 6 contained 5 Acres, i Rood, 7 Perches,

James N. Brown sold his }4 interest to John Goodeve, July
9, 1S02.—Liber Deeds, CV:  594 (New York).

John Goodeve then sold both lots to John Clendening, Jan.
20, 1S08,—Liber Deeds, CV; 633 (New York),

After he had made his will, John Clendening bought lot 7
ofthe Le Roy farm from the Phoenix Insurance Co., which had
taken it upon foreclosure of mortgage.

The Phoenix Fire Ins, Co, to John Clendenning. Deed
dated May 10, 1832.—Liber Deeds, CCLXXXVI: 97 (New

Conveys Lot 7, of the Le Roy farm, as shown on the map
by C, Th. Goerck, Feb. 6, 1796. 4 acres, 31 perches.

John Clendening died Jan. 27, 1836. By his will dated July
23, 1829, proved Feb. 21, 1836 {Liber Wills, LXXVIL 137,
New York), he devised "My farm called Sharon" to his wife,
together with an annuity.   Remainder to his children.

The Randel Map shows the Clendening mansion in 1819, A
fine house fifty feet square standing 250 feet back from Clen¬
dening's Lane, which was the outlet to the old Bloomingdale
Road, The driveway gate was at the southwest corner of
105th St. and gth Ave. The mansion was south of 104th St.,
partly in the bed of the avenue. See map.

There is a charming picture of the house in 1863, in Mott's
The New York of Yesterday, page 336.

The atlas of 1867, Dripp's, shows a large house on the corner
of 104th St. and gth Ave. Perhaps the old house had been
moved back.


Block Check List.    69-70.

Willem Kieft, Director, etc., to Laurens Cornelissen
[vander Wel]. Ground-brief dated Sept. 7, 1641.—Liber GG:
43 (Albany).

Conveys "A certain parcel of land lying by Smit's Valley
on the Island of Manhattans where on the east it bounds on the
lands of Cornelis van Tienhoven and west on the Highway
running betwixt the said piece of land and Hendrick Snijder's
palisades, which in the measured breadth both on the side and
before on the beach shall remain, with the express condition
that the said Laurens Cornelissen shall repair the road leading
from the farm of Cornelis van Tienhoven to this beach fit for
the use of wagons and when once repaired at the costs of the
aforesaid Laurens Cornelissen it shall henceforth and forever
be maintained and kept up by the said Laurens Cornelissen
and Cornelis van Tienhoven half and half."

The road to the beach was the present Maiden Lane.

Willem Kieft, Director, etc., to Sander Leendertsen.
Ground-brief dated July 2, 1646,—Liber GG:   152 (Albany),
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