Stokes, I. N. Phelps The iconography of Manhattan Island 1498-1909 (v. 6)

(New York :  Robert H. Dodd,  1915-1928.)



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the iconography of MANHATTAN ISLAND

to east of Hans Kiersted, beginning at one end of Tosyn Briell's
land; thence to other negroes' land, containing east-and-by-
south to the wagon-way 83 rods; thence along the wagon-way
towards the west, 32 rods; thence north-west to a mark at the
corner or hook of T. Briells land, 72 rods; being triangular in

Richard Ashfield and Mary, his wife, to Jacob Stille.

Deed dated Jan. 11, j6^y.—Ibid., XXI: 261 (New York).

Conveys same premises.

Petrus Stuyvesant, Director etc., to Antony Antonys.
Ground-brief dated 1659-60. Not found ofrecord; recited In
the following confirmation.

Richard Nicolls, Governour, etc., to Antony Antonys,
Confirmation dated Oct. 16, 1667.—Liber Palenls, II: 124

Conveys a ground-brief by Director Stuyvesant to said
Antony Antonys, made in 1659-60, of a "parcel of land having
no name lying between Christoffell Santomes and Manuel de
Spang, containing before in breadth toward the 'Wagon Path,'
16 rods, behind 30 rods;  and in length on each side, 55 rods."

The deed to "John Theunis of the Bowery" has not been

William Jansen Roman and Maritie Jans, of this dty,
heretofore widow of John Theunis, of the Bowery, to The
Deacons of the Reformed Church of This City. Deed
dated April 20, 16S0,—Liber Deeds, VI:   183 (Albany).

"Whereas Anthony Anthony, of the Bowery aforesaid, on
this Island Manhattan, stood poss'st of a certaine parcell of
land lying alongst the high-way, being between Christopher
Santomes and Manuel D. Spaynies, containing before towards
the waggon Path 16 r. and behind 30 r, in Length on each side,
55 r, as by grant from Governour Stuyvesant and pattent of
confirmarion from Governour Nicolls doth and may appeare
and the said Anthony Anthonys having since sold all his right
and interest to the land afore spccifyed and premises unto
John Theunis, deceased, the which is since devolved upon
Maritie Jans, his widow, and WUUam Jansen Roman, her
present husband,"

Consid., Support and maintenance of parties ofthe first part
by party of the second part.

Note: William Jansen Roman, widower, and Maritie
Jans, widow, were married, April 12, 1676.—Marr, in Ref,
Dutch Ch., 41,

Deacons of the Reformed Dutch Church to Jacob
Stille. Deed dated April 22, 1696. Not found of record;
recited in Liber Deeds, XXI:   143 (New York),

Conveys same premises.

Jacob Stille and Mary, his wife, late widow of Henry
Bastionson, deed, and John Brevoort, tutor to chUdren of
Henry Bastionsen, deed., to Richard Ashfield, Deed
dated April 23, i6g6.—Ibid., XXI:   143 (New York).

Conveys same premises.

Richard Ashfield and Mary, his wife, to Jacob Stille.
Deed dated Jan. 11, 1697.—«/</., XXI:   211 (New York).

Conveys same premises,

;ob Stille later assumed the name of Woer-
L  A'.   Y,   Geneal, and Btog. Rec (1876),

One Cornelius Wortendyck died seized of the land in 1775,
By his will dated Nov, 18, 1768; proved AprU 29, 1775 {Liber
Wills, XXIX; 370, New York), he left his entire estate to his
only child, Mary Tucker, for life. After her death to three
grandsons, James, Thomas, and Robert Tucker, equally.

The surviving devisees had the farm surveyed July i, 1790,
by Casimer Th. Goerck, He divided it into two equal plots, A
fine copy of the survey is annexed to Liber Deeds, XLVI; 191
(New York),

The southerly lot vested in Thomas Tucker "Gentleman

The sons of Jac

Late of the City of New York;" the northerly lot in Robert
Tucker, formerly of the city of New York.

There are no houses on the survey. Ratzer shows a house
near the north boundary of the farm, quite a distance from the
road. The Taylor-Roberts Plan of 1796 (Pl. 64) gives the
outline of the farm; shows a good house at its north-east
corner, and another on the south half of the farm, on Winne
(Mott) St, Doubtless the houses mentioned in the deed of

Thomas Tucker, gentleman, one of the grandsons and de¬
visees of Cornelius Wortendyck, to Robert Tucker,
the other grandson and devisee of Cornelius Wortendyck,
deed. Partition deed dated July 2, 1790.—Liber Deeds, XLVI:
191 (New York).

Conveys "a messuage and tenement, etc. in the Outward,
beginning at the corner of land hereinafter conveyed
to the party of the first part; thence running along Bowery
Lane N. 17° 20' E. 4 ch,, 2g}^ I. to land of the heirs of John
Dyckman; thence along land of Dyckman, N, 67° 12'W, gch.,
75 I,; thence S. 26° 48' W. 3 ch,, 65 I. 240.90 (!•); thence along
land conveyed to the party of the first part S. 64° 30' E, 10 ch.,
40 1. to beginning; containing 3 acres, 3 roods, 38^ perches."

Robert Tucker, grandson and devisee of Cornelius
Wortendyck, to Thomas Tucker, Parrition deed dated July
12, 1790.-B/W., XLVI:   191 (New York).

Conveys "a messuage, tenement, and land in the Out Ward,
beginning at the north-east corner of Princess St.; running
thence along Bowery Road N, 17° 20' E, 4 ch., 2gJ^ 1. to land
described in parcel i (preceding instrument); thence along the
same N. 64° 30' W. 10 ch,, 40 I; thence S,, 26° 48' W, 3 ch.,
15 1, to Princess St.; thence along the same, S. 57° 50', E. 11
ch., 8 1. to beginning; containing 3 acres, 3 rods, 38^^ perches."

Formerly of Col. Abraham de Peyster

Block Check List. 456-417-416-427-456,

For some reason, that possibly wiU never be discovered,
bouweries three and four of the Dutch West India Company
did not adjoin each other at the road, although they were
conriguous "where three wayes meete at the Cartpath within
the ffence,"

The forty acres along the road which separated the bou¬
weries may have been swampy, "Which sort of land itis well
known was not Anriently esteemed worth patenting."—
M.C.C,,Vh 200.

This tract first granted in March, 1647, to three free
negroes, In nearly equal farms. The most northerly parcel,
patented to Francisco, became the Van Corriandt farm. The
other parcels belong to the De Lancey farm.

Willem Kieft, Director, etc, to Francisco, a free negro.

Ground-brief dated March 25, 1647.—Liber GG: igg

Conveys "Piece of land on the public wagon road, contain¬
ing 200 by 335 p.-ices; bounded east [westl by the public wagon
road; on the north by Gerrit Hendricksen; on the south by
Anthony Negro."

Richard Nicolls, Governour, etc., to Francisco, a free
negro. Confirmation dated Oct. ig, i66y.—-Liber Patents, II;
127 (Albany).

Confirms same tract.

Francisco was still in possession here Jan, 11, 1674/5, when
he mortgaged his farm to Asser Levy, for 400 guilders in
wampum.—Liber Mtges., (1664-1675), p, 207, in city clerk's
office (New York).

No ritle has been traced into Thomas Eckers, the next owner
of the land.

Thomas Eckerse, of the city of New York, vintner, to
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