Stokes, I. N. Phelps The iconography of Manhattan Island 1498-1909 (v. 6)

(New York :  Robert H. Dodd,  1915-1928.)



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atteseed Copy taken from the Record thereof Lib, N.° 24 fol,
394 &c & compared & examined thoroughly by Ab. Lodge Con.
10^ or thereabouts."—Warren Papers,  1639-1795.

In the list of books in the office of the town clerk, in 1740,
No. 24 was a book of Grants from the City.—Af. C, C, IV;
486. The map was then at page 394. The pagination of
Liber B of City Grants seems to idenrify it as old Liber 24,
The map, however, is missing from Liber B.

Maps relaring to the Warren F.arm.

A survey of the Warren farm was made in August, 1773, by
Gerard Bancker, See Addenda Ph 5-b, Vol. HI, It is a beau¬
tiful map, showing the topographical features ofthe large farm,
the houses and gardens, names of adjoining proprietors, etc.
Like aU the Bancker maps it is extremely accurate. According
to a table of contents, the farm had an area of 268 acres, 3
roods, 38 perches, exclusive of the roads and also exclusive of
the ten acres granted to Warren by the city of New York.
Ic is inscribed:

No, I, A Map of the Lands Belonging to the Estate of the
Late Sir Peter Warren lying at Greenwich in the Out Ward of
the City of New York.

Surveyed in August, 1773, by G, Bancker, City Surveyor.

Map No. 2. "I dated 30th September, 1773 and Titled it
as above and wrote under the Title this Map was made to shew
some Alterations intended to be made with respect to the Road
and disposition of the lots in the South West Part of the Land,
By which Alterations there will be a saving of 2 Acres, occa¬
sioned by Shortening Greenwich Street and Caking in the
Road contiguous to the House now occupied by Col. Maun¬

The daca furnished to the surveyor for the making of chis
charming map is set forth in a memorandum In the De Lancey
Papers, 1647-1804 (in the N. Y, Hist. Soc), in Gerard Banck¬
er's writing: "Papers delivered to me by Col, De Lancey the
gth April, 1773,

"Bounds of Lands bot by Capt. Warren from Corn? Web¬

"Mr. Marschalk's Survey of the Road from Bowery Lane
towards Mr, Clarks, [See Chronology, May 26, 1762.]

"My Survey of the Land formerly occupied by Col. Maltland
[Col, Maunsell on the map.]

"A large map of Samuel Giles.

"Maerschalks Survey of Mandevills Land &c.

"My Survey ofthe Road between the Church Land and the
Land formerly occupied by Col. Maidand. [Col. Maunsell
must have occupied the Warren mansion. See Block 621-1,
Land Mark Ref. Key, III: 953. The road was the Skinner
Road, later Christopher St.]

"My Survey of the Land opposite John Tiebouts in Bowery
Lane [The Corporation grant].

"Maerschalks Survey of the Land Mr. Bayard has in pos¬
session belonging to Sir PeCer Warrens Estate. [South of the
Great KiU Road, west of Greenwich St.)

"Giles's copy of a Map of Bayard's Land.*

"Littleyears Survey of 50 acres beginning at James Hender¬
sons corner [Lawrence Le Tellier must have made this survey
before Sept. 20, 1737. See the deed from Sammon to Hender¬

"Mr. Corriandt's Certificate 27 July 1757.

"Bounds of the Corporation Land near John Woods—signed
by Mr. Lodge [Abraham Lodge, deputy clerk to the corpora¬

There is a crude copy of the map made by B. Taylor, Nov.
4 [Nov. 2], 1795, of part of the Warren land, in the Warren
deeds, 1691-1784, in N. Y. Hist. Soc. A beautiful copy of the
Taylor Map, labelled "A Map of a parcel of Land belonging to

the Estate of the late Sir Peter Warren lying at Greenwich.
Plotted to a scale of 200 Feet to an Inch. By B, Taylor, Nov,
2, 1795, A True Copy from the Original Map which said
Original Is filed in the Street Commissioners office in and for
the City of New York. March 27, 1826. (Signed) Geo, B.
Smith, Cicy Surveyor." (Fine hand-drawn map. Portfolio,
in N.Y, Hist. Soc.')

There is an excellent map, compiled by J. B. Holmes, in
September, 1864, showing the maps of 1773 and 1795, with
their relations to the city scree ts.—Holmes iVlaps in N.Y. P.L.

An original survey by Francis Maerschalck, dated May 24,
1762. The details of this map are very fully set forth in the
Chronology. A copy owned by Francis W. Ford's sons has
the monument added Co it, evidently by a later draughtsman.
The monument is not shown on the original survey.

An atCesCed copy of a "Survey dated 13 Oct. 1769, for the
Hon'^'^ Oliver De Lancey Esq.," by Gerard Bancker, city
surveyor. "Survey of a Piece of Land Granted by the Corpora¬
tion of the City of New York to Sir Peter Warren the 3rd May
1745."—Warren Papers, 1639-1795,

Sir Peter Warren died July 29, 1752, His last wiU, dated
July 26, 1752, superseded the will of Sept. 9, 1746, mentioned
inVol, IH; 866, There is an atCesCed copy of the lacer will in
the Warren Papers, 1639-1795,

Lady Warren's will dated Jan. 1, 1754, proved May 5, 1772,
An exemplified copy in Warren Deeds, 1691-1784, in N, Y.
Hist. Soc

There is a copy of the will of Sir Peter Warren also, in
Liber Deeds, XIX:  277 (Albany).

(Rose Hill)

Block   Check   List. 852-886-910-954-902-904-849-852.

The Watts farm was originally part of the Stuyvesant lands.

This tract fell to the share of Anna Pritchard, daughter of
Nicholas WilUam Stuyvesant, after a partition between herself
and her brother, Gerardus Stuyvesant, April 20,1742.—Lamb,
Hist, ofthe Cily ofN. Y., I:  654, noCe.

In the spring of 1746, che tract was advertised for sale;

"To be Sold, "The following Lots of Land and Meadow, viz.:

"[Parcel i.j One Lot of Land adjoining to Kipsborough and
fronting the King's Highway, having a very convenient Land¬
ing on the East River, being about two Miles out of Town, very
commodious for a Gentleman's Country-Seat or Farmer, con¬
taining One Hundred and Thirty-one Acres; to which belongs a
Swamp stored with Wood, which if cleared may be made good
Meadow-Land; with a convenient Landing to the East River.
[Then follows description of certain other parcels.] An indis¬
putable Title wUl be given by Anna Pritchard, living at the
Widow Brevoort's, near the French Church. Any Person in¬
clinable to purchase the Whole or any Part, may apply to the
said Anna, and know the Conditions of Sale."—A'^. Y, Post-Boy,
Mr 31, 1746 (No. 167).

AnnePritchard, of thecityofNew York, widow, to James
Delancey ("for the use and behoof of John Watts"). Deeds
of lease and release, dated June 23, 24, 1746. Not found of
record; recited In an old abstract in the possession of the author.

Conveys "AU chat certain lot or tract of land, bounded
northerly by the King's Highway, leading from che City of New
York to Harlem, easterly by land belonging to Samuel Kipp,
southerly by che East river, and land belonging to Gerardus
Stuyvesant, westerly by Charles Dawson's land and che
highway aforesaid. Beginning at a great stone on the east
side of the said highway marked                  and runs thence

along a row of pear trees, south 46°, east 10 ch. and 30 links.

n the Bayard-Hake-Lynch-Paper

n N. Y. Hist. Soc.

•On a copy of chis map the si
Edwin Smith, June 12, 1834.

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