Stokes, I. N. Phelps The iconography of Manhattan Island 1498-1909 (v. 6)

(New York :  Robert H. Dodd,  1915-1928.)



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thence south 25°, west 3 ch. and 45 links, thence south 60°
30'east to thecorner of a fence where three greac stones lie in an
angle 8 ch. and 11 links, thence south 6^" 15' east 32 ch. and
20 links to the east river, thence north 36' and 30', east 3 ch.
to a rocky point near a small meadow; thence north 9 ch. over
said meadow, thence north 10°, west 2 ch., thence north ig°,
west 5 ch. thence north 18" and 15', west 2 eh., thence north
4°, 30', 2 ch., thence north 3" and 30', east 5 ch., chence
north y" east 6 ch., chence north 50° and 30', wesC 5 ch. and
67 links, thence north 3° and 30', west 8 ch. to the corner of
Samuel Klpp's land by his gate, thence along che highway,
south 86° and 30', west 6 ch, and 40 Unks, thence south 73°
and 15', west 14 ch, and 40 links, thence south 70°, west 14
chains, thence south 21 "and 30', west 2 ch, and 33 links, thence
south 18°, west 4 ch. to che great stone set up by the fence at
the place of beginning, containing 131 acres, 2 rods and 15

James Delancey, of the city of New York, Esq., co John
Watts, of the said city of New York, merchant. Deeds of
lease and release, dated Nov, 12-13, '747- ^°' found ofrecord;
recited in an old abstract of title in che possession of the
author,   Consid., £700.

Conveys same premises.

The Watts estate, as pictured on the Ratzer Map, must
have been a delightful councry home. From the Post Road a
long driveway led to the mansion house. On either side of the
driveway was an orchard flanked by fields and woodland.
Behind the mansion, a formal garden in the old style. The
house shown on the Ratzer Map (built after 1747) was de¬
stroyed by fire, Sept. 28, 1779.—-See Chronology,

Undoubtedly "the dweUing house 50 by 37 feet"
which, with che farm of 92 acres, was advertised for sale Feb,
I, 1790, had been built on the same site. This house is shov/n
on the Randel Map on the north side of 24th St., 170 ft, west of
Second Ave, The long driveway is not on the Randel Map, but
the circular gateway where it ended at the Post Road is still
shown on Map 26, register's office (New York),

By an ace of the legislature of New York, passed Oct. 23,
1779 {Laws of N, Y,, 1779, ch.ap. 25), John Watts, Sr, was
attainted of treason and his estates were forfeited to the people
of the state of New York and vested in them. By an act passed
May 12, 1784 {ibid., 1784, chap. 64), the commissioners of for¬
feiture were authorized to release this farm to Robert Watts
and John Watts, Jr.

Isaac Stoutenburgh and Philip van Cortlandt, com¬
missioners of forfeiture, to Robert Watts and John Watts,
Jr. Commissioners' deed dated June 16, 1784.—Liber For-
felted Estates, ll: i.

Conveys farm in the Out Ward formerly belonging to John
Watts, Sr., and by him forfeited.

Robert Watts and Mary, his wife, to John Watts, Jr.
Release dated Feb. 20, iy&6,—Liber Deeds, CCLXV; 488
(New York).

Releases one moiety or half part of above premises.

The triangular lot north of the road, shown on Map 26, was
not part of the Rose Hill Farm. Ic was a lot of the Common
Lands, and was conveyed by the city to Nicholas Cruger in
jygy.-Ibid, CXXXIII:   58.


Block Check List.   118-279-278-115-118.

Wolphert Webber's grant was south of the highway (Cha¬
tham St., Park Row), north of the meadows, west of Bouwery
No. 6, and east of a hilly ridge between Pearl and Roosevelt

So much of the tract as fell west of the "Fresh water litrie
creek" had originally formed part of Loockermans' grant.  It

may have reverted to the government because of noncultiva-

The land west ofthe hills over to the line ofthe road (a Uttle
to the east of Pearl St.), though not in the granc, was later
included in the cract,

"Wolphert's Meadows" never belonged to Webber, though
he probably occupied them. They were sold by the heirs of
Loockermans.   See that farm,

Petrus Stuyvesant, Director etc, to Wolphert Webber.
Ground-brief dated April 2, 1650. Not found ofrecord; recited
in patent following.

Francis Lovelace Esq, co Anneken Webber, widow of
Wolphert Webber.

Confirmation, dated June 18, i6yo.—Liber Patents, III:
93 (Albany),

For "A piece of land upon this Island Manhatans, lyeing
beyond ye fresh Water betweene ye Land of Cornelys Jacobs
Scillers Land & ye valley or Meadowe ground being in Length
from ye beginning of ye Kill alongst ye highway to ye marke
which divides Cornelys Jacobs Land one & fifty Rod Stretching
North East further In Length alongst ye said srilles land to
ye Valley forty Rod South & by West alongst ye valley to
ye Hooke four & forty Rod Northwest then alongst ye HiUs
to ye first beginning Eight & forty Rod Northerly, Now ye
said Wolphert Webber being deceased," (this confirmation
is to the widow etc.).

Anna Webbers, widow, to Abram Lambertsen Mol.
Deed dated March g, 1671,—Book of Records of Deeds &
Transfers (1665-1672), ig4, in city clerk's office.

Conveys same property.

Abram Lambertsen Mol, to Aernout Webber. Deed
dated March 9, 1671.  Ibid., 195.

Conveys same property.

Aernout Webber to Laurens Colvelt. Deed dated May
1, 1680.—Liber Deeds, VI;   172 (Albany).

Conveys same property.

Laurens Colvelt to William Merritt. Deed dated May
4, j6So,-~Liber Deeds, VI:   170 (Albany).

Thomas Dongan, governour, etc, to William Merritt.
Patent dated Nov. 25,1686.—Liber Patents, VI: 64 (Albany).

"Whereas Petrus Stuyvesant, late Director, &c., the 2d
day of April, 1650, did grant unio Wolphert Webber, deceased,
one certain piece of land situate & being upon the Island Man¬
hatans, on the further side ofthe ffresh Water, Lyeing between
the land of Corneliss Jacobse Srille & the Valley or Meadow
Ground, being in length from the beginning of the Run or Creek
along the Highway N. E. to the marke which Divides Cornells
Jacobsons land 51 r.; thence in length along the said Srilles
land to the Meadow S. & by W. 40 r,; chence along che Meadow
to the Corner or Angle N, W. 44 r. and thence along the HUls
N'ly to the first Beginning, 48 r. And Whereas the said piece
of land with the Appurtenances by Diverse Conveighances in
the Law from the Assignes of the said Wolphert Webber hath
been conveighed to WilUam Merritc of che City of New York,
Marriner, who is now in Peiiceable & Quiett Seisin & Posses¬
sion thereof and hath m.ide his appUcation unto me for a Grant
& Confirmation &c. &c Now, &c." Includes messuages,
tenements, houses, stables, &c.   Quit-rent, 9 pence.

William Merrit, Esq., mayor ofthe city ofN. Y., to Wil¬
liam Janeway, purser of his Majesty's ship the Richmond,
Deed dated May 10, i6^B,—Liber Deeds, IX:   474 (Albany).

Conveys same property.

William Janeway, Gent., to NoY Willy, apothecary, of
London, England. Deed dated March 14-15, 1700.—Liber
Deeds, XXXI: 399, 402 (New York).

Conveys same property.

NoY WiLLEY to Christopher Bancker, Deed dated July
31, iy3i.—Liber Deeds, XXXVII:   138 (New York).
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