Stokes, I. N. Phelps The iconography of Manhattan Island 1498-1909 (v. 6)

(New York :  Robert H. Dodd,  1915-1928.)



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Planisphere ot Mantova.   See Castiglioni

Map, 1323
Popple, Wm. Henry. Draught of N. Y.
harbour by. l:  263;  map of the British
Empire in Am. by. 1732
Pring. Martin.  See under Explorera
Prototype Map (PI. 7-a), described, i: 121
Ptolemy,  Firat issue ot,  with American
maps, 4 A 1508;   of Slobnicza (1512)
contains worid-map showing Vcspucclus-
type of coaat-llne, 3:  8;  first Straahurg
ed,   of,   with   the   "Admiral'a   Map,"
4 A 1513;  of 1323 contains world-map
showing Veapucciua-lype of coast-line,
2:  8;  ot IS30 contains map of America
showing "Verrazzano-sea" and  "Fran-
'■■'■ra," 3:   16;   ot Gaslaldi (1348) con-
is Carta Marina showing Verrazzano

Sea, s


7-Jl 8

drawn by Gaslaldi from original infor¬
mation, 14; description ot, 134; third
vol. ot Navigazioni el Viaggi pub.. 1336

Reid. John, Map of the Raritan River,
first American engraving on copper,
engraved by R. Simson trom plat or
drawing by. l: 243 n'. 1683. Pl. 84-a

Reinel, Pedro. Map ot Atlantic Ocean
(C. PI. 4) has elaborated coasl-line. a:
9; description, 132

Rest itutio-Allardl Map. The, a map of
"New Belgium," etc., embracing New
Netherland and entitled "Totius Neo-
belgii Nova et Accuratiaslma Tabula,"
reproduced aa Pl. i6-a, v. 1; deacribed,
i: 321-33; date depicted (1673) and
date issued {1674), 221; with insel
view of New Amalerdam, 221; pub. (and
probably alao engraved) hy Carolua
Allardt (Allard), 221;  variant states of.

Ribero, Diego, Map ot 1529 (C. PL 10);
Dlallnguiahing teaturea ot, 3: 16; men¬
tions discoveries ot Gomez. i8, 1333;
"cosmograto" of the Casa de Contra-
tad6n, 18, i52g; official or copy ot a
padron real, 3; 18, 20; two characteris¬
tics of map. 21; In junta to revise porfrort
real, 21; word of. 26; Italian carto¬
graphers adhered to, 2g; description of
mapa, 133

Roggeveen. Arent, Charts {1675) ot New
Neth, by. described. (C, Pis. S3. 34) 2:

RoseUi Map.   See Contarini, J. N.. supra.

Ruesta. Sebastian de. Chart ot eastern
coast of North Am. (C. Pl. 46) showa
Manhattan I., 3:  125;  described, 133

Ruacelli, G., Map ot 1544, ahowa Verraz¬
zano Sea, 2: 16; map no. 33 of 1561
(C. Pl. 17) resembles Ramusio Map,
3:  16

Ruyach, johannea, Map 1508 (C. Pl. 2)
shows Cabot and Veapucdus-type ot
coast. 2;   8;  description, 132

Salviali Map (C. Pl. 18), later than 1536,
2: 27, 133

Sanchez, Antonio, Ms. map ot North Am.
(C. Pl. 37). 1641. 2: 123; description ot

SchSncr. Two globes by, 1513 and 1320,
allow Vespuccius-lype coaal-line, 2; g;
name Paria found on. 1497 My 10

Scott, Capt. David, made raap of the
province, 1779 Ap 24: his opinion of
Sir Henry Clinton, S 8

Seller, Jolin, The Seller Map ("A Mapp of
New Jaraey"), dated c. 1664, pub. in hia
.41(01 Maritimus (1675), reproduced (Pl.
tl-a, V. i). and described, i; 213-14;
thia the earlieat Eng. raap «ith view
(Viaacher) ot N. Y.. 213; appointed
"Hydrographer in Ordinary" (1671).
213; "Map ot New England" (1675) re¬
produced (C. Pl. 52. V. 2) and described.
2: 157; "A Mapp of New Jersey In
America" pub. by. and Wra. Fisher,
reproduced (PL it-b. v. 1) and des-
scribcd aa third state of the Seller Map,

Sent ter Map. The. a map of "New Bel¬
gium" erabracing New Neth., etc.. and
entitled "Recens edlta totius Novi
Belgii. in America Septentrionali."
reproduced as PI. i6-h. v. 1; described,
i; 223; date depicted {1673) and date
issued (c. 1740). 223; contains inset
view of New Amsterdam. 223; Matthew
Seulter the aulhor of. 333

Sherman & Smith. "Map ot New Nether¬
land, According to the Chartera granted
by the Stales General" {ini6i4and 1621)
drawn and engraved by, and pub. in
Brodhead's Hist, of Ihe Stale of N. Y.
(1853), 2: 160: authors of raap of
N. Y. City, 1843

Smith, Capt. John, Ms. map of Va. hy,
2: 4S; raaps at disposal of, 61; made
accurale map of New England, 1614
(4:  41).  See olso under Explorers

Southack, Capt. Cyprain (Cyprian), Chart
or map ot sea-coast trora Newfoundland
lo Florida made by, 1717 Je 34; pub.
and sold in Boston, Je 24; chart ot sea
coast from Cape Cancer to Sandy-
Point finished, 1718 My 26; author of
The New-England Coasting Pilot, 1734

Slobnicza, Worid-raap of, in  Ptolemy ot

Tatton! Gabriel, Chart by (of North
American coast), pub. in London in
1602, is reproduced on C. Pl. 20, 2:
38,  134

Tavernier, Melchior, World-map pub. by,
2; 96. See Danckertz, Com. and
Tavernier, M.

Tcixera. joSo, Dedication to a collection of

Telxdra. Domlngos, Map of 1573 by, (C.

Pl. IS) of Chaves-type, 2:   29. 134
Thome, Robt., Map (C. PL 17). 2:   23,

132.  162;   promoter  ot   expedition   In

two Eng. ships In 1527, 23
Thornton, John, Map of c. 1680 by, {C. Pl.

56) described, 2:  138
"Totius Neobelgii Nova et Accuratissima

Tabula."    See Restitutio-Allardt Map,

Turin Map (1323), shows Florida in place

of Vespuccius-re presentation, 2:   10
Ulpius Globe (C. PL 17) shows Verrazzano

Sea, 2:


Vadlanus, World-map In his Epitome. 1534,
antiquated, 3:  9

Vallard Map, of Chaves-type, 2:  27

Vander Donck Map, an engraved map ot
L New Netherland entitled "Nova Belgica
slvc|e] Nieuw Nederiandt," with inset
view of New Amslerdam entitled
"Nieuw Amsterdara op t Eyiant Man¬
hattans," reproduced as PL g. v. i;
described, 1: 154-55; date depicted
(1651-3) and date issued (1656), 154;
frora Vander Donck's Beschryvinge (elc.),
154; pub. by Evert Nieuwenhof, 134;
compared wilh later isaue and with
N. J. Visscher Map. 15s; copied from
the N. J. Visscher Map (g. v.). iSS

Van Haerlera. Philips Jansen. made maps
of Rensselaerswijck. 2: 116; piloted De
Vriea from Sandy Hook to New Amster¬
dam. 116

Van Keulen, Johannes, Chart ot New
Nelh. ot c. 16S3 (C. Pl. 37) described, 2:
138-59; edition of Pieter Ckios's chart
by, 139

Van Langren, Arnoldus Florantiua, Globe
of, (C, Pl. 30-b) 2:  83, 139, 141

Van Langren, Jacobus Florenlius, Greno¬
ble copy ot globe ot {1630), 2: xxix, 86;
fantastic representationa on, 60; globes
ot, variations trora globe ot Blaeu, 85-
86;  later than Blaeu's "Paskaart," 86

\''an Schendel, Gillis. made raap of Rensse-

Velasco, Alonso de. Letter to Spanish
king with map (1610), 2; 31, 63, 135;
sent spies to Virginia, 31; had early
newa ot Hudaon'a last voj'age, 31

Velasco Map of 1610, (C. Pla. 22, 22 A),
diacovered by .^lex. Brown in archivea at

coloura firat brought oul by The Iconog-
raphv, xxix; described by an English
surveyor, 31-60. 13S-36; gives accu¬
rately tratt explored by Hudson. 32-36;
1610-Ag 22; compared with Virginia Co.
chart. 53. 60; agrees wilh Juet's descrip-

work of unknown surveyor on. 1610
Ag 22. 2: 51. 57-58; shows Mohawk
River and great sea in blue on intorraa¬
lion trora the Indians. 38, 129; a copy
of Hudson's chart, 38; meaning of
coloured shading on, 59-60; based on
Hudson's map, 39; importance ot, 60;
Dutch had no knowledge ot origin of,

68; gives the naraes "Manahata" and
"Manahatin." 1610 (4: 37), 2: 77; orig¬
inal of, lost, 162; sources of intormation,
1610 (4: 37)
Venice Map of 1534 (C. Pl. 7). ascribed lo
Nufio  Garela de Toreno,  2:   26;   de-

\"erraz2ano. Giovanni da. Discoveries of.

shown on  Maggiolo  Map  {C.   Pl.   12).

map of GIrolarao da Vertazzano (C. PI.

13), Rarauslo (C. PI. 14), etc., 2;   13.

See also Explorera
Verrazzano,   Glrolamo  da.   Sea-chart   ot

the worid (1529) by, C. PI. 13;   second

shoiving   discoveries   by   his   brother,

1524 Ja 17-Jl 8, 2;   13, 15:  coast-line
;   description ot, 133;
-       -------3oj


shown on the Cantino Chart (C.'PI. 2)!
the Canerio Chart (C. PI. 3), the Wald-
seemtiller Map (C. Pl. 3). etc., 2: 6. 7.
8.  See also Explorers

Vespuccius, Juan, pilot major, drew padron
real of 1326, 2: loii- cf Castiglioni
Map of 1525. 19; planisphere cf. nol a
padron real, 162: had original journals
of Americus Vespuccius, 1497 My 10

Vingboon (Vingboons. Vlngboom). Johan¬
nes, named as aulhor of Harrisse copy
ot Manalus Map, 2: 176; other maps
by. 177-79; authorehip not proven. 178-
79, 182; Atlas by. discovered in Vatican
Library hy Dr. Wieder. which shows
Ihat Vingboon was after al! copyist of the
maps long attributed lo hira. 6 A 1665;
copy ot survey of N. Neth. in time of
Minuit made hy. (PI. 8i.b, ■ v. 6)
6 A 1663

Virginia Company Chart (C. Pl. 21-A),
2: 134; newly diacovered Ms. recording
information we suppose Hudson pos¬
sessed. 2: xxvi. 49-50. 1608. i6og Ap
•t (4:   29);  spedal features, colouring ot



1 of, I

map material, 50-51;
smaller scale than, probably antedates,
Velasco Map, S3; Importance of, 60;
Velasco Ma;i compared with, 60;
throws new light on Hudson's career,
60; representation on Greuter Globe
resembles the, 128; description ot, 134;
first accurate coast-line on, 1608

Visscher Mao, The N. J., embracing New
Netherland, etc., entitled "Novi Belgii
Novasque Anglire Nee Non Partis Vir-
ginise Tabula" (etc.), reproduced as
PI. 7-b, V. 1; description of, 1; 147-48;
date depicted (1631-5), 147; containing
inset view ot New Amsterdam. 147;
pub, by Nicolas Joannls Visscher, 147;
corapared with Jansson or Janssonius
Prototype. 143-43; an early isaue of. de¬
scribed and corapared with the Danckers
raap (g. v.). 150-31. A. PI. i-a (v. 3).
3; 861; the Janssonius-Visscher group
ot maps, 2;  153

Visscher (Nicolaas) Map, 1;  148

Visscher mapa, baaed on aurveys lost in the
"Princess," 1647

Vopell, Gaspar, (jlobe-eores of 1543 influ¬
enced hy mixed type coast-line, 2: 9-10

WaldseemUller, M., cartographer, aulhor
of the "Cosmographia" or large raap of
the world, 1307, 4 A 1307; C. Pl. s-a
gives Vespucdus-type of coast, 2: 7;
same on his Hauslab-gorea (1507) and
Carta Marina, 1516, 2: 8, C. PL s-b;
description of the two maps, 131-32;
Cosniogra^lii'aeiB(roduc(io relates the tour
voyages of Vespuccius, 2; 7; firat to give
name America to Western Hemisphere,
1307 .^P 25

Weimar Map, anon. 1527 (C. Pl. 9) em¬
bodies discoveries ot Goraez. 1525, 2: 18,
19; made in 1527 (9. v.); offidal or copy
of a padron real, 20; description, 132

"West Indische Pascaerte," Second (C. PI.
28), by W. J. Blaeu. 2: 80; described.
83-83, 138; new nameaon, 82; many edi¬
tions ot, 83; description of Anthony
Jacobsz's reprints of, 138 n', 130-32;
first edition of, lost, 163. For Blaeu's
Firat Weal Indian paskaart, see Paskaart

White, John, Sea-arm firet appears on Ms.
map of Virginia by (1585), 2; 38; made
IWO charts ot Virginia, 1384 Ap 27 /My 7;
left colonists on Roanoke Island, Ap
27/My 7; in 1590 could find no trace of
colony on Roanoke Island, Ap 27 /My 7;
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