Donck, Adriaen van der, Remonstrance of New Netherland and the occurrences there.

(Albany :  Weed, Parsons and Co.,  1856.)



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NOTE.    Page 20.

Rodenhergh^ hy the English called New Haven.

North of New Haven are two mountains, called the East and West Rocks. They are trap, composed of
hornblende and feldspar. Iron enters considerably into their composition ; hence during their decomposition,
iron rust gradually covers the exterior of the stone, thus giving it a reddish brown appearance. Barber's
Historical Collections of Connecticut, 149. From this appearance, the Dutch gave the place the very
appropriate name of Rodenhergh, err  " The Red Mountain."

NOTE.    Page 30.

People continue to complain with Jan Vergas, de clementid duds.

Alphonse Vargas, by birth a Spaniard, rendered himself infamous in the Low Countries by his cruelties
Although the Duke of Alba committed such unheard of severities as even to cause his recall, boasting as he
did, that he had had eighteen thousand persons put to death by the public executioner, Vargas, on returning
to Spain, declared that the Low Countries were lost to the King, his master, through an excess of clemency
and compassion on the part of the Duke.    Moreri—Dictionnaire Historique.

NOTE.    Page 64.

A learned and godly Clergyman.

Rev. Johannes Megapolensis, Junr., son of the minister of Coedyck in Holland, was born in the year
1603, and at the time of leaving his native country, was in charge of the congregation of Schoorel and
Berge under the Classis of Alkmaer. He came to America in the summer of 1642 with Matheld Willerasen,
his wife, and Hellegond, Dirck, Jan and Samuel, their children. He was the first minister in Fort Orange,
now Albany, where he officiated until 1649, when he was called to take charge of the church in New Amster¬
dam on the departure of Domine Backerus, It is supposed that he returned to Holland on the surrender of
New Netherland to the English in 1664. Rev. Mr. Megapolensis wrote in 1644, while minister of Rensselaers¬
wyck, a tract on the Mohawk Indians entitled, Kort Ontwerp van de Mahahuase Indianen in Nieuw Neder'
landt^ haer Lant^ Stature., Dracht^ Manieren en Magistraten^ beschreven in H jaer 1644 ; which was printed
■without his consent in 1651. A translation of it is to be found in Hazard''s State Papers, L, 17. He also
wrote a religious tract entitled, " Examination and Confession for the Benefit of those who are inclined to
approach the Table of the Lord."
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