Rawlinson, H. G. Intercourse between India and the western world from the earliest times to the fall of Rome

(Cambridge :  University Press,  1916.)



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182                      Bibliography

Travellers {J.R.A.S. 1861-2). Rawlinson, H. G., Baktria.
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Ancient Geography of Kashmir: Sand Buried Cities of
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and Navigation of the Ancients. Yule, Marco Polo:
Cathay and the Way Thither. Watt, Commercial Products
of India.    Wilson, H.  H., Ariana Antiqua.

III.     Indian Literature, Religion, and Art. Bohlen,
Altes Indien. Bournouf, Sciences des Religions.
D'Alviella, Ce que I'Inde doit a la Grece. Droysen,
Hellenismus. Goldstiicker, Panini, His Place in Sanskrit
Literature. Foucher, L'Art du Gandhara. Hopkins, H.,
India, Old and New: Religions of India: Great Epic
of India. Jacobs, J., Barlaam and Josaphat. Keith,
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(Oriental Congress, 1880). Levi, S., Theatre Indien.
Lorinser, Der Bhagavad GUd. Macdonell, Vedic
Index: History of Sanskrit Literature. Oldenburg,
Ancient India.    Rapson, Ancient India.    Smith, V. A.,

___   Graeco-Roman Influence on Ancient Indian Civilization:

History of Fine Art in India and Ceylon. Tarn, Hellenism
in Bactria {J.H.S. 1902). Telang, Bhagavad Gitd {S.B.E.
viii.). Weber, Indian Literature: Indische Skizzen:
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Indian Drama.     (Fifth Oriental Congress, Berlin, 1882.)

IV.    Numismatics. Gardner, Catalogue of the Coins of
i; Greek and Scythic Kings of Bactria and India in the British
f Museum.    Rapson, Indian Coins:  Coins of the Andhras.

Sewell, Roman Coins found in India {J.R.A.S. 1904).
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Calcutta. Stein, Aurel, Zoroastrian Deities on Indo-
Scythian Coins. Thurston, Catalogue of Coins in the
Madras Museum.
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