Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 1)

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Pago 98,

the other, and then they reckon as the distance between
the two places a marclv of sucJi a number of days as the
caravan has altogether spent in marching to and fro.
It is only with the greatest exertion and caution that
we can to some extent correct the statements of the
Hindus. However, we could not make up our mind to
suppress that which we know on account of that which
we do not know. We ask the reader's pardon where
there is anything wrong, and now we continue.
From              A man marching from Kanoj to the south between

tlie Tree of the two rivcrs Jaun and Ganges passes the following
(Aiiahlbad) wcll-kuown placcs:—Jajjamau, \2farsaklh from Kanoj,
each farsakh being equal to four miles or one kuroh;
Abhctpitri, S farsaJili; Kuralia, ^farsakh; Barhamsliil,
^farsakh; the Tree of I^raydga, 12 farsakh, the place
where the water of the Jaun joins the Ganges, where
the Hindus torment themselves with various kinds of
tortures, which are described in the books about religious
sects. The distance from Prayaga to the place where
the Ganges flows into the sea is 12 farsakli (sic).

Other tracts of country extend from the Tree of
Prayaga southward towards the coast. Arku-tirtJia, 12
farsakh irom Prayaga; the realm Uwaryahdr,/\pfar¬
sakh;   tJrdahishau on the coast,  50 farsakh.

Thence along the coast towards the east there are
countries which are now under the sway of Jaur ; first
Daraur, 40 farsctkh from tJrdabishau; Kdnji, 30 far¬
sakh; Malaya, A^o farsakh ; KiXnk, -^o Jdrsakh,'^h.ich i^
the last of Jaur's possessions in this direction.

Marching from Bar! along the Ganges on its eastern
side, you pass the following stations:—Ajodaha (Ayo-
dhya, Oudh), 2^ farsakh from Bari; the famous Bctnd-
rasi, 20 farsakh.

Thence changing the direction, and marching east¬
ward instead of southward, you come to Shariodr, 35
fctrsakh from Banarasi; Bdtaliputra, 20 farsakh;
Mungiri, 15 farsakli; Janpa, '^o farsakh; Dugumpur,

From Bftrl
to the
month of
the Ganges.
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