Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 1)

(London :  Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.,  1910.)



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CHAPTER XVIII.                           205

its length comes to an end. Then it draws itself
together, and winds itself like a knot round the feet of
the prey, which is thus thrown off its legs and perishes.
A man who had seen the animal told me that it has
the head of a dog, and a tail to which there are attached
many long tentacles, which it winds round the prey, in
case the latter is not weary enough. By means of these
feelers it drags the prey towards the tail itself, and
when once firmly encircled by the tail the animal is

After this digression we return to our subject.

Marching from Bazana towards the south-west, you From na-
come to Anhilvara, 60 farsakh from Bazana; Soma- so'manath.
ndtli, on the sea-coast, ^O farsakh.

Marching from Anhilvara southward, you come to Prom Anhii-
Ldrdesh, to the two capitals of the country, Biliroj and h'arani.
Bihanjur, 42 farsakh from Anhilvara.    Both are on the
sea-coast to the east of Tana.

Marching from Bazana towards the west, you come
to Mil'tdn, ^o farsakh irom Bazana; Bhdti, i^ farsakh.           ,_

Marching from Bhati towards the south-west, you ■{'-, jm--'^ ■
come to Aror, 15 farsakh from Bhati, a township be¬
tween two arms of the Sindh River ; Bamhanwd Alman-
svbra, 20 farsakh; Lohardni, at the mouth of the Sindh
River, 2)^ farsakh.

Marching from Kanoj towards the north-north-west. From Kanoj
you come to Shirshdraha, 50 farsakh from Kanoj;
Binjaur, \% farsakh, situated on the mountains, whilst
opposite it in the plain there lies the city of Taneshar;
Dahmdla, the capital of Jalandhar, at the foot of the
mountains, i?> farsalch; Balldwar, 10 farsakh; thence
marching westward, you come to Ladda, 13 farsakh;
the fortress Bdjagiri, ?> farsakh ; thence marching north¬
ward, you come to Kashmir, 25 farsakh.

Marching from Kanoj towards the west, you come From Kanoj
to Diydmau, 10 farsakh irom. Kanoj ; ICuti, 10farsakh; p°age^ioi,'''
Andr,  10 farsakh;   Mfrat,   10 farsakh;   Bdnipat,  IQ
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